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Ok, after my whine and cheez party last night, today was a new day.

The fitting I did at 12:30 once the clients got into town was a huge success; with the advance warning of "oh hey, way too thin of fabric" there was no false expectation so when I helped him into it, his first reaction was utter delight. He's a big guy and held out his arms at full length with sleeves that hit his knuckles, perhaps a first for him that sleeves were more than long enough. I had to add a pleat at the back so the neck/collar would be the right circumference but it really looked nice on him. We were all groggy and exhausted but in good and amicable spirits. His reaction to the weight problem was, "Hey, I'll wear long johns" so it was all good. Sure I wish it was heavier but it looks really good. We concurred that using a binding rather than piping was the way to finish it off, especially since that meant that I wouldn't have to rip out the basting plus binding costs a lot less than piping, as in the difference between $8.48 and 66.75. I will return the piping since I'd bought the whole bolt of it yesterday.

That meant I came home in a much better mood than earlier in the evening. I always get grumpy in the "holy shit, is it ever going to work" phase of a project but as always, venting about it and getting it out of my head and into writing really does help.

So I slept well and got up early enough to set my hair, have a quick breakfast and get to the chapel for the wedding rehearsal. I met the owner/coordinator and was initially most impressed. The facility was lovely and clean and well organized and the nice young gal had all the details down on the clipboard she was carrying around, was personable and pleasant and so things got underway. I think it's a family business, with her as the coordinator and her husband as DJ and sound guy but I didn't catch their names. I told them that I had 45 minutes and so we moved right along. They had a couple questions for me as well and it was quickly apparent that they were also impressed with my efficiency and professionalism; so a great contact was made and I was able to leave to go to Central Pres with plenty of time.

Rehearsal at Central Pres with the bell choir went well; why more people don't come to church there is beyond me as the preaching is wonderful, the folk are friendly and the music is absolutely top notch. Gabi and I are doing a duet with just hand bell accompaniment and it sounds really nifty. (And I'm so pleased that I *can* tell a difference in my voice now that I'm working with Lamar; it's richer and more assured and I'm not clinching at the higher notes. Now I need to work on proper breathing 'cause I'm just running out too soon. But Lamar says to be patient with myself, that I'm doing really well. I'm just not used to such kind and encouraging vocal instruction that is so productive; it's just amazing.)

That done, I ran home and changed and made it back to Rhapsody right on time. Everything went well; what I'd chosen to wear went perfectly with their colors and everyone was where they needed to be. I was standing there waiting and felt arms coming around my shoulders and realized that it was my dear friend, Yolonda Lee, the egg lady, so I turned and gave her a HUGE hug. Her hubby, Joe, was out there so I ran for a hug from him; he's one of my absolutely favorite people. And then Chris McCauley was the photographer so it really was old home, or rather, old faire event. The whole ceremony went like clockwork, including little flowergirl (groom's cute little girl) doing the whole job like a pro and just adorable. I spoke well and clearly and didn't drop the rings and got them married off in top form. I'd intended to take off pretty quickly because I needed to work on the cloak but with a whole table full of fun and congenial folk who wanted me around, I decided to just relax and enjoy myself for awhile. And the food was really, really tasty and well presented; catered by HyVee and was very impressed indeed.

So I said my good-byes, hugged a bunch of folk and left about 5:30, headed to Joann's to get the seam binding and home to work quickly on the cloak. They called about 7:30 and I told them to come on ahead; I finished JUST as they pulled into the driveway. We tried it on him and he looked fabulous. He was beaming and it's just so much fun to see that. I tallied up the total and Erin wrote out the check and they headed to the party. I decided I was just too tired to go and that was a good decision.

The Chip stuff will just work itself out. I have got to remember that being a Dad is his top priority and that I wouldn't want it any other way. At least I *have* someone nice to think about, no matter what happens.

And as for the holidays, I just might host a Thanksgiving here at my house. That might be an incentive to finally get curtains up and do a thorough cleaning. It bears some thought.

Now I must think of what I'm going to take to the pot luck tomorrow and get some sleep.

Date: 2014-11-02 10:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm so glad today was a good day! *hugs*

Date: 2014-11-03 01:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks hon, me too! I get tired of being a Grumpy Gus but at least I'm being honest with my emotions. Having come from a family where everything 'negative' was stuffed and passive aggression ran rampant, I'll view it as a victory even when the feelings suck.

And I'm taking tomorrow OFF! And then I'm cleaning my sewing room!

Date: 2014-11-05 03:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I would go to church there, were I ever in the area. It sounds like a pleasant place to be!

Yolanda! Oh, she's so nice, and I love the custom egg she made for me last spring.

I'm pleased to hear things are smoothing out in a happier way ^*^

Date: 2014-11-05 04:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It is such a slow upward spiral that it sometimes gets frustrating but at least is IS an *upward* spiral, right?

If you ever come up this way, please do come visit! And if you love gorgeous turn-of-the-century architecture, this place deserves a look; really lovely white stone structure with gorgeous stained glass windows. And the people are SO very nice and accepting. I just wish they were more supportive of the music program; I think they're a bit complacent and could do SO MUCH more to encourage new membership by promoting the music program there. I'm hoping that when the renovation is done, that attitude might change.


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