Aug. 7th, 2015 05:39 pm
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Frustration is the name of the game, yesterday and today.

First is with my #$^#%&^ laptop which freezes up *all* the time with the "unresponsive script" crap. I SO need a new laptop!

Second is with my goddamned car which is the last piece of shit leftover from the marriage. If I had the money, I'd just dump it and get something else. I need to have it taken in to see why metal is grinding against metal, or someone to come and look at the damned thing, someone who knows what they are doing and will follow through with diagnosing it. I'm terrified that whatever-it-is that's wrong is just going to snap and I'll be in a horrible accident and kill other people. It really is that bad.

Third is the glasses thing; I tried ordering online but get stopped time and again with either stuff I don't know, like my distance between my pupils and then once I get that figured out, the glasses I want aren't available in the DP number and I can't figure out what to do about it.

Fourth is my sewing machine which occasionally just randomly goes into a decorative stitch that goes backward and then forward. I CANNOT AFFORD to not be without it and this is the one that supposedly was just repaired; the newer one needs to go in but I can't afford that either.

Can frustration be terminal? If so, I'm close. I can't take much more of all my shit not working at the same time, all of it.

EDIT: I should have fucking called the glasses site yesterday. Apparently I can't order anything from them with a difference in my PD in gradient bifocals. FUCK! Why does everything have to be so hard!
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