Dec. 22nd, 2014

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Let it not be said that I don't have great friends, in fact, I have the bestest friends in the whole Universe..

Sunday afternoon at GAIA, after a lovely Yule ritual, we had our usual High Holiday pot-luck. I'd fixed cheesy potatoes and ham with mushrooms and onions and it went like the proverbial hotcakes; I should have fixed more but I wasn't sure how much the potatoes would cook down.

We were all sitting around the tables and various friends were passing around boxes of goodies for Yule (and I was internally working on not feeling guilty over not having anything to pass around.) I'd sat at the table with Matt Shrivner and his cute but shy wife, Amy. (Matt is a new member and an opera singer, a geek and an absolute hoot and he and I will be starting the new Excellence In Ritual class sometime this year.) Kitty D. also came and sat with us, saying, "It's a whole table of singers!" Then David and Kimberly came and sit to my left, having joined us a bit late due to putting away the stuff used in the ritual. David, I think it was, put down an envelope next to my plate. I thanked him and continued to eat but soon he tapped it and said, "why don't you open it?"

So I did; it was a lovely Christmas card with a bunch of writing. It said this,

"Dear Susi,
The repair bill on your Bernina has been paid off by a roving gang of houligans people who love you. Just go down and pick her up from the shop! Happy Holidays from..."
And then followed a list of about 38 people, not all of whom probably want to be list publicly.

Then Neb explained that the initial intention to pay off the machine repair bill had been more than anticipated, so they turned to friends on Facebook to help make it up. But after Games Night on Friday, the amount collected had turned into more money while they were at dinner. I started leaking tears like crazy and looked over to see others wiping their eyes as well. David said, "Yep, pretty much the whole room knows about it" and I looked around to see everybody looking at me and grinning. All I could say was, "Wow!" and David said it wasn't too often that he'd seen me made speechless. That's about right. Kimberly said that the rest of the amount would be PayPal'd to me, as it was yesterday.

The remainder was $150 which is SO greatly appreciated! It may be just about enough to get an eye exam, since Costco does glasses and contact lens exams separately. I'll go right after Christmas and see if I can get an appointment. It won't be enough to get both exams and glasses but it's a start. I'm still going to have to do a GoFundMe to get it accomplished, I think. But this was SO very kind and considerate and showed me that I'm loved in a way that I can't deny.

That really made my whole day; best Yule I can remember in a long time.

There's more on my mind but I wanted to at least make a happy post for once.


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