May. 17th, 2015


May. 17th, 2015 10:53 pm
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I wonder if barometer pressure has any bearing on my moods? Last night's storm was pretty amazing; could hardly see out the windows at one point for how hard it was raining. The power went off a couple times and well, I'm smart enough to shut down my sewing equipment when there's a thunderstorm. Yes, and unplug them, too. And this morning I looked out my bedroom window to see a huge branch that had come down and embedded itself into the ground like an arrow....a 6" in diameter arrow! But better than than down on or through my roof! We'll see if I can get it out tomorrow or if the kids will next time they mow.

I do know for a fact that burn-out is a big factor in my moods. I know I get cranky when I have to rush for a fitting to finish last-minute projects, no matter if the rush is due to my procrastination or merely a short schedule. I am getting better at charging more for a last minute job and clients seem to not mind. I know, I know, that's reasonable. But the few bad clients I have had have become a sort of composite work-PTSD sort of thing that my depression plays into. Weird but I hope that recognizing it is part of figuring out how to deal with it.

My recent clients are all paying cash which is sort of odd but ok. And I am keeping good records on the job sheet when they pay so that I know how much they've paid and which job the cash belongs with before I deposit it into the business account.

This morning was odd but ended up alright. The power was out downtown where Central Pres is located, around Armour Blvd and Campbell, near Paseo and 31st Street. And Leslie was scheduled to out of town so Michael was drafted to come and play for the service and direct the choir. But Gabi came in and just took over, was REALLY bossy and pushy and annoying everyone, to the point that I said to him, "Well, what do you want to do, since you know, Leslie left YOU in charge." He's really mild mannered and actually very much of a pushover but she was totally out of line. She backed down a bit when I said that, and a bit later commented, "Well, I know you all think I'm bossy but I just want to get things done." I just looked at her and didn't say anything. But she did calm down a bit. There were very few people there for choir and Josh was VERY late, I insisted that we call him but my phone wasn't letting me call out so Gabi did it. We rehearsed in the sanctuary because it was the brightest room, due to the big stained glass windows so we eventually got the music shaped up and Gaby shushed up from wanting to run it "one last time" because we were OUT of time and he needed to start the prelude. Gods, that woman drives me nuts! But I refused to let her get to me after I realized that I wasn't the only one she was bothering. The service was very nice if very sketchily attended. Michael had brought his mother (who is very Baptist but nice) and it was good to meet her. She was a little unsure being in a totally new place but is the sort to chat people up. So afterward I chatted with her and so did others and she seemed to enjoy being there.

Heidi's sermon was amazingly dead on with what I needed to hear, but of course, it wasn't recorded because of the power outage. I may ask her if she'd give me the text or outline, betting she would. Basically, "You are the only one of you that there is. The only gift you can give to the world is you; you are the only one with that particular, unique soul who can give that gift." While it isn't at all new information, it was what I needed to hear, along with her other words about being Authentic. Gods know, I am that; what you see is what you get. And not everybody likes that but that's ok, too. Others' approval isn't necessary and doesn't stop from being what I have to give, and knowing it is valuable.

I had to rush home to finish getting ready for the fitting this afternoon but it went really well. Such great clients! All three gals were here and things fit and the plans I had for how to decorate the dresses were highly approved of. Now I have the rest of this week to do the two dresses and then the third after that. They know that not all of the trimming will happen before this weekend but at least they'll be wearable.

After they left, I went grocery shopping and on the way, got myself some Church's chicken to give myself a little treat. Then I did some research and ordered grosgrain ribbon that I should have ordered last week but didn't. Fabulous prices for ribbon from a whole new source and they're having a sale! Here's the link: I ordered one of their color cards; I'm such a sucker for beautiful colors and they have 108 colors of grosgrain in stock!

Now to order coutil for corsets and I should be set for awhile.

On OKCupid, there's a 38 year old doctor who says he's interested in dating me, so we'll see. And the local guy who remembers me from an old Theatre in the Park who I DO NOT remember at all, IMd me on Facebook and said, "I think you should give up in OkCupid and ask me out." Huh. So I said, "I'm not giving up on OKC yet but since you suggested it, how about coffee sometime to get reacquainted?" So we'll see what happens with that.

And gods, I'm TIRED! And I need to go ice my foot; I haven't done that as much as I should lately and it's telling me so. The cut on my right hand still has a big hard lump where the cut was; not sure what to do about that as I know it's still healing underneath the surface of the skin. It still hurts if I put any pressure on it or stretch the fingers, not badly, but enough for me to not really have full use of that hand.

Tomorrow is NOT a day off but if I don't procrastinate, I should be able to finish both of these costumes fairly easily.

I like ending the day on a better note.


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