Jun. 2nd, 2015

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The foot is still quite painful but then, bone bruises last a freakin' long time. It IS a lot better; Star's Reiki helped a lot.

The hand is a concern, too, as the bunch of scar tissue on the heel of my right hand keeps me from using it to apply pressure to anything; it's a sharp pain whenever I do. Not sure what to do about that.

I am going to order a pair of summer shoes that hopefully will not rub or constrain the top of my right foot, without also looking like I'm wearing an old lady shoe.

And I'm fighting the baby slugs for my strawberries. That 'bowl of beer' thing does NOT work at all.

Crickets in the dating department. The mid-30's doctor just disappeared; oh well, I hadn't counted on that much either. And if David lived closer, I have no doubt we'd be dating more but he's busy, I'm busy and he lives 2 hours away. I'm not too hopeful on that one, nice as he is.

And work...lots of work.


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