Sep. 19th, 2015

rowangolightly: (Default) reply to PayPal over the fiasco of the missing $225 and the horrible service desk interaction I had.

Answering, "What would it take to earn a better score on the previous question?"

I have never had a problem with PayPal until this interaction but since you asked:

1) have help desk people who are not condescending, annoying and who can react as if they're not speaking straight off a script

2) explain to your help desk people that people calling in for help have legitimate situations and won't like being told that screenshots are easily manipulated, that people always lie and cheat and manipulate images to be deceptive. Trust me, saying this about my FRIEND whom I know well, made both of us very angry.

3) not allowing the sender (Sandy Ristow Koontz) to deal with this situation when she first called it in and spent over an hour on 8/31 trying unsuccessfully to deal with it is an outrage. It turned out that someone on her end had used the wrong email address EVEN THOUGH THE TWO OF US had repeated the correct email address several times to be clear. I believe that it was someone on PayPal's end that put in the wrong email address; and this could have been resolved on her end without dragging me into it over 2 weeks later, while that money was tied up, unavailable to either of us.

4) teach better communication skills to your help desk people: when the voice signal on his end would not re-connect (since I did NOTHING to my cell phone to change reception or transmission on my end) after he put me on hold two different times, forcing me to speak louder and louder to try to make him hear me, and then when it finally went through and he could hear me, telling me to, "calm down" is not at all the way to deal with anyone. I was yelling to try to be heard but by the time that happened a second time, I was also screaming out of frustration and anger. Telling someone to calm down after you've said, "hello, are you there?" about a dozen times is like throwing kerosene on a fire.

and finally and most importantly,
5) bring your help-desk operation back to the continental US because dealing with people from India is highly detrimental to your business in every way and is giving PayPal a *big* black eye. Exporting middle class jobs is NOT a good tactic about which we are reminded any time anyone has to deal with a obviously foreign operator. I shared this on my Facebook and got instant outrage from like-minded people who have nothing against foreigners but everything against the practice of exporting jobs so you can save money. You should feel utterly ashamed over this practice. It is almost enough to make me quit using PayPal altogether.


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