Nov. 14th, 2016

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So, here I am; back on LJ.

I've thought about it and, well, I've been on Facebook more because I get more response there. *shrug* It's true. I need the feedback and the attention since being online is the only human contact I have many days.

I miss the days that LiveJournal was a vital, healthy, interactive, supportive community. I remember raising enough money on here to get [ profile] apocalypticbob a new motor for her car. I also remember she and a former friend helping raise money for my move back to Kansas City after my divorce. And that was also before social fund-raising sites like GoFundMe were even a thought; I'm pretty sure that such sources were invented from such efforts on LiveJournal,

But it is what it is and here I am again, hoping to reconnect with people here.

I'll try to be better about posting. I know I can say more on here than I can on Facebook.
And I hope to see more friends that I know IRL here on LiveJournal.


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