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Just heard about this on the Classical Radio station here in Tulsa:

Thank gods for the powers of observation and critical thinking of this family!

Really stoked about this; can't wait to hear someone record this "new" old piece of music.

Now I really, really want to go there!
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This is one my best early gags I ever pulled on anybody. And I pulled it on Puke and Snot. Of course, it was "the other guys", the B team that did KCRF for a few years, waaaaay back in the old-school days.

That was before Puke and Snot was even on a stage; they performed out in the streets; yep, the did. And so did Bob the Incredible Juggler and, well, I think there were only about two stages way back thenm if I'm remembering correctly. (And if now, I'm sure that Red will correct me, something on which I count!)

They had in their show (and may still for all I know) a bit where one of them is chewing on a carrot and flips a carrot to the other one, saying "Arm yourself" before they get into the actual sword work. Yes, at one point I could repeat their whole show word for work and to my knowledge, it really hasn't changed much. Last time I saw them, when Mark and I went to the Colorado faire on our motorcycle trip in '03, I could still recite most of it.

Anyway.....I got the crazy idea to pull a trick on them so I went to the grocery store and bought several packages of carrots. Next day, I passed them out to all the performers and a bunch of patrons and said, "show up at 'this' show and watch for the cue."

So that when Puke said to Snot (I think it was...) "Arm yourself" and tossed him a RAINED carrots on them from all sides. *grin* It stopped the show for just a bit while they looked around at all the carrots and laughed.

My shining "Puke and Snot" memory....
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My poor hubby; still at work, dammit. If the folk he has to work with don't get in until 4pm his time, doesn't it make more sense to change his hours? grrr...

And one observation, something for which I'm extremely grateful. I've finally realized that my immune system seems to be functioning at an all time high, despite some stress and a busy schedule. This is truly the first time I can *ever* remember someone in the same household as me getting sick and me NOT getting it...especially when that someone is very loveable and affectionate!

This is a huge deal for me. I guess an admission too, 'cause I was known as being 'sickly' as a kid. Anytime somebody had something, I got it and twice as badly as they'd had it. After getting bronchitis as a result of playing Queen without a cloak, standing in the rain like an idiot, it then upgraded and I used to have pneumonia twice a year like clockwork. One time I commented on it and my mother said, "Well, that's no surprise, sweetie, you've gotten sick every February and every July, just like clockwork" which is probably where I got that phrase in the first place, come to think on it.

That stopped me cold. I said, "Really?" and she nodded. I made up my mind right then and there I wasn't going to be sick any more. I started eating better, we cleaned the ductworks in the house and I got rid of an unneeded 140 extra pounds (as in, I left his sorry ass and got a divorce! Even though it's not sorry anymore which is a good thing; he's happy and I'm delighted!)

Funny, I stopped having pneumonia. I had an occasional cold but now, I'm hardly ever sick and if I am, it's only for a day or so. I pay attention to it, go to bed and take care of myself instead of continuing to push until I do get really sick.

I call that progress.

I also call this a much longer post than I'd intended to make. But Bruce is on his way home now and the Meatloaf Cordon Bleu is in the oven.
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PollyAnna here:

No really! I just emailed back a friend who's having difficulties and was so struck by that being my first email of the year that I decided to re-post it here. Her question was: "You're the most positive woman I know. How do you do it?"

How do I do it, remain positive? I literally refuse to let negativity in;
(ED: ok sure, there are times, but between Bruce and me, we don't let it stay!)
It's difficult to explain to someone else how to do it. Focus on
what good there is in your life. FIND good things to appreciate, focus on those things and find more positive stuff to appreciate.

I do know this, beyond the shadow of a doubt:
The words that you say and the thoughts in your mind, literally create
your reality; the universe replicates the conditions you 'ask' for...if you ask (however it is stated) for shit, you'll get shit. If you ask for and expect to receive glory, you'll get glory. No matter the current circumstances of your life (anyone's life!) it can always get better or worse, based SOLELY upon your own attitude.

Example? My mother was born without a left hip socket and yet she became a
highly skilled organist, playing a humongous church organ in a 6000 seat
auditorium that only a half dozen people anywhere were allowed to play. This is an amazing accomplishment for a woman who could not rotate her left foot from side to side which is necessary in order to manipulate the foot pedals, which play the bass line of the music. How did she adapt, get through school with her music degree and earn that position? Sheer grit, stubbornness and will; she re-wrote ALL the music she played so that everything could be
played with her hands and not using her feet. If you did not know of her handicap and how she'd worked around it, you'd never know because you couldn't tell it by the music.

She taught my sister and I how to roller skate, jump rope, ride a
bicycle and play hopscotch even though she could not do those things
herself. I don't know how she did it but she did it.

That's the example with which I was brought up. She said, "Mary Sue,
(yes, that's my given name) there's no such thing as a brick wall.
Find a way around it, over it, under it, dismantle it...something. If
you say you can't, you're absolutely yright."

So yeah...Happy New Year!

May you all replicate the glory you wish for in your own lives!
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See, I had this snooty great aunt who was into geneology. She looked back in to our family background and got as far as this woman in England named Katherine Kidd...yep, the daughter of Captain Kidd.

So the snooty aunt dropped the whole subject like a hot potato. I'm quite sure she'd anticipated finding royalty or something. We always thought that she'd just gotten to the interesting stuff!

But now they've discovered his ship!

How cool is that!
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...big surprise...Not! )

And watching the 20th anniversary edition of "Kirtland Rehearsal" by John Horner in which I played Actor Five. We produced it in 1984, all college friends that John had known and hand-picked for this project even though we had not all known one another before beginning the project. It was rehearsed and performed first at the Kirtland Temple in Kirtland, Ohio. It was commissioned and performed for the sesquecentennial anniversary of the R.L.D.S. Church....

It was a half a lifetime ago and we all look like absolute babies. My gods, even my speaking voice is about a half octave higher than it is now and as Bruce said, "where's your tits?" because I hadn't grown 'em yet. And the play is fun to watch, amazing how much of it I still know. It's slightly melodramatic but still, there is some damned fine acting in it, in my humble opinion.
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..and I'm not depressed or grumpy. Contemplative, most certainly )
Hafta work at the store tomorrow again - no Friday in which to accomplish all those pre-faire things that need doing! And still have lyrics to learn. Yikes!


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