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The amazing [ profile] haikujaguar is doing a kickstarter campaign for her fabulous story "Rosary of Stones and Thornes" which I know I blogged about; simply an incredible story. For any of my thoughtful friends who enjoy non-traditional spiritual tales, this would be right up your alley. I highly recommend the story; I was waiting for each new crowd-sourced chapter with baited breath. It is both heart-breaking and gorgeous. She has such a gift for drawing characters.

And I'd love to see her able to produce the book and the art work for it. She's such an engaging and thought provoking writer, is M.C.A. Hogarth, but she's also an incredibly gifted artist as well.

So since I can't help out with the kickstarter campaign, I can help spread the news, which is exactly what I'm doing.



Jul. 26th, 2010 08:33 pm
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As many of you know, I'm pretty passionate about reading. I know that many others of my friends are as well. I've spoken frequently about LibraryThing which awesome site my awesome friend [ profile] apocalyptic_bob was kind enough to tell me about. I've friended several of you on that site, please if you belong to it, come and find me. There are authors on there and all sorts of neat stuff goes on there.

I have a lifetime membership which only cost $25 (as opposed to the annual membership of $10, it seemed like a no brainer.) There's a free membership but you can only put in 200 books and well, I did that within the first week. When I get the rest of my books up there, that's the place I'm going to refer to as I go about selling a bunch of them. I need the money and having books stored in boxes where no one can appreciate them, least of all me, seems really silly to me. But that's not really what this post is about. It's about reading in public which this nifty site encourages.

They're having a Read in Public thing on August 22. If I can translate geek and figure out the instructions I may sign up for a time and go read in public; sounds like fun. I'm thinking of an evening time on the 22nd. If anybody wants to join me, I'm all up for that, would make it even more fun. I may contact Borders on 119th and see if we can host it there.

Any takers?


Jun. 10th, 2010 05:26 pm
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This is for a contest but also because Tessa Gratton rocks and because, as I've been telling her, I'm gonna be able to say "I knew her when..." before too much longer at all.

This is her web-site:!

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Some rare-ish ones this time:

Mother Earth News
No. 47 - Sep/Oct 1977
No. 48 - Nov/Dec 1977
No. 49 - Jan/Feb 1978
No. 50 - Mar/Apr 1978
No. 51 - May/Jun 1978
No. 52 - Jul/Aug 1978
No. 55 - Jan/Feb 1979
No. 66 - Nov/Dec 1980
No. 67 - Jan/Feb 1981
No. 68 - Mar/Apr 1981
No. 69 - May/Jun 1981
No. 70 - Jul/Aug 1981
No. 71 - Sep/Oct 1981
No. 72 - Nov/Dec 1981
No. 73 - Jan/Feb 1972
No. 110 - Mar/Apr 1988
No. 202 - Feb/Mar 2004
No. 203 - Apr/May 2004
No. 204 - Jun/Jul 2004
No. 205 - Aug/Sep 2004
No. 206 - Oct/Nov 2004

I'm thinking $2/apiece or some sort of a deal on the whole thing. Again, I'd like to keep these but not enough room in storage.

Again, x-posted to [ profile] rescue_rowan
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Lot 3: Books I like but am hoping to sell. All of these can be seen on my LibraryThing account, here: If you see something else in my LibraryThing that you want, please contact me and we'll see.
These are all in pristine condition.

There will be more stuff like garb and clothing I've designed and that no longer fit me. I'm going to put this on the [ profile] rescue_rowan group so that this all stays in one place. Last night I wasn't thinking too clearly but this morning I realized I should do that. So please go there to bid on books. Thanks!

1. Abe Lincoln Goes to Washington, 1837-1865, written and illustrated by Cheryl Harness
National Geographic Society Children's books (1997), Hardcover, offer $5.00
ISBN 0792237366, Found on for $7.95

2. Young Abe Lincoln: the Frontier Days, 1809-1837, written and illustrated by Cheryl Harness
National Geographic Society Children's books (1997), Hardcover, offer $5.00
ISBN 0792227131, Found on for $7.95

3. Bloomingdale's Book of Home Decorating, by Barbara Darcy
HarperCollins (1973), Edition: 1st, Hardcover, 264 pages, offer $5.00
Found on as a 'first edition collectible' for $30.00

4. Decorating Baskets; Over 100 Beautiful Baskets To Make for Gifts, Special Occasions & Around the Home, by Dawn Cusick, Sterling Pub. Co. (1990), Hardbound, color illustrations, offer $5.00
ISBN 0806958243

5. Fools, Clowns and Jesters (A Star & elephant book), by Paul Cline
Green Tiger Press (1983), Edition: 1st, Paperback, 58 pages
ISBN 0914676881, This is a gorgeous coffee-table book, 7" x 14" with gorgeous frame-worthy prints included; pristine condition, offer 20.00
Found on, collectable from $19.99, 1 new for $118.60

6. Focus Kansas City: A 24-Hour Heartland Portrait, by David S. Hudson
Harrow Books (1989) Prairie Village, KS, Hardcover, 207 pages, offer 10.00
ISBN 0916455076, Found on

7. Searching the Thames: A Journey from the Source to the Sea, by Denis and Priscilla Waugh
Aurum Press (1999), Edition: illustrated edition, Hardcover, 180 pages, offer 25.00
ISBN 1854106201, Found on, 4 new from $97.76 10 used from $26.81


Nov. 20th, 2009 12:00 pm
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I posted three more books for sale to the group, here:
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First, please check out these from the first sale:

All that are not stricken (struck? striked? *g*) out are still for sale (please, for friends who've reserved and not yet paid, please do so, or I need to release the reserve if you don't want them afterall.)
sorry, forgot the cut )
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So it begins; I have a TON of books, I need money. Ergo, some of them I am willing to let go, a lot of them go...for the right price. Ordinarily I'd give them away or donate them to a used book store; but I need the cash. Most of these I HATE to let go, but I need moving money.

PLEASE pass this along; I will be adding more under the same tag, "books". Comment with the name of the book you want to buy and we'll take it from there, using my PayPal which is rowangolightly (at) gmail (dot) com. I'll need to add a bit to the total to pay for shipping. We'll figure that out per purchase.

Please note: I will hold reserves on books for 24 hours and then if they're not paid after 48 hours, the reserve will be released so others may purchase, if desired. Well hell, since people don't seem to be leaping at these, just let me know what you want and we'll figure out something.
(And please don't take offense when I delete all non-sale comments so I can keep this stuff straight, thanks!)

PayPal instructions:
Go to,
There are 6 blue tabs along the tip, click the "send money" tab,
In the "to" box, enter my email address (rowangolightly in the vicinity of gmail)
In the "amount" box, enter the amount you are sending me, the book plus shipping (if any)
Next, there are 2 tabs for "Purchase" or "Personal", if you go to "Personal" and select "gift" there aren't any fees taken out of it.
Click the yellow "continue" box and take it from there.

Thanks a bunch, gang.

So, in no particular order... but behind a cut 'cause I'm nice )
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Because this needs to be out there!

From [ profile] satyrblade (aka Phil Brucato) pointed out to me by my very dear [ profile] archway (who has a story in this!)

Ravens in the Library: An All-Star Benefit Collection

Featuring Tales by:
Ari Berk
Holly Black
Francesca Lia Block
Phil Brucato
Sam Chupp
Storm Constantine
Charles de Lint
Ben Dobyns
Jaymi Elford
Neil Gaiman
Alexandra Honigsberg
Elizabeth Jordan Leggett
Shira Lipkin
Angel Leigh McCoy
Seanan McGuire
Kris Millering and Storm Wilder
Mia Nutick
S.J. Tucker
Carrie Vaughn
Catherynne M. Valente
Terri Windling

and others...

With Illustrations by:
Amy Brown
Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
James A. Owen
Brian Syme

and others...

Edited by:
Phil Brucato
& Sandra Buskirk

Graphic Design by:
Sherry Lynne Baker
The Ravens in the Library Project, in connection with
"A Healthy Dose of Sooj" and "Save Our Sooj" presents


A Limited Edition Collection of Stories and Art dedicated to the health of S.J. Tucker

This special VERY limited edition has been compiled to defray the medical expenses and recovery of musician S.J. Tucker.

The collection will NOT be released in stores, and it is NOT downloadable! It will be available only as long as those expenses remain unresolved. After that, RAVENS IN THE LIBRARY will disappear.

Order your advance copy today... Before they fly away forever!

Add to Cart $25.00 includes shipping & handling
within the continental United States

Anticipated Release Date*: Feb. 22, 2009
Trade Paperback format
Color covers, B&W interiors
Self-Published by The Ravens in the Library Project

With Heartfelt Thanks to Ellen Datlow and all contributors.

* - barring delays in printing or production.

GO TO HIS JOURNAL TO ORDER IT! I will just as soon as I have the money to do so; this is a not-to-be-missed volume, and for a very good cause.


Aug. 19th, 2008 10:04 pm
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I just finished one of the books I bought at ConEstoga. I purchased it in the Dealer's Room from Tyree Campbell, 'cause he really pretty much talked me into buying it.

The book is "the Dog at the Foot of the Bed" and it was a tough start. I actually read the first four chapters and then stopped and read them again; each of them had entirely different characters and locations and it was confusing and well, I'd been sorta skimming which is a really bad habit of mine. Apparently you can't do that with Tyree Campbell's stuff.

But once I got the characters established in my head and kept reading, I couldn't stop.

Wow. Not quite my usual stuff but a very fine read. Now I gotta go read more of this guy's stuff. And I'm taking the book on the trip with me to re-read; I want to engage those characters again. Not necessarily a pleasant future world view but damn well written characters and an engaging story.

Sometimes the "used car salesman" approach to selling books is a good thing. I'll make sure to look up Tyree Campbell again, next Con we go to and speak more with him. *nods* Yep, I will. And I'll betcha I buy a couple more books from him.
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I've just finished the book, "Solstice Wood" by Patricia McKillip. It's not earth-shattering but SO well written that I'm finding it hard to describe. I can't go into detail without giving away the story and that would be a true shame.

Not a word wasted or chosen frivolously, believable characters truly drawn whom I'd recognize if I saw them on the street. Character relationships and development that are touching and believable. Best of all, she passes my test of good writing; I can see the scenes she writes, clearly, in my head as I read. I want to sit right back down and re-read it so that I can enjoy the nuances right to the end. I want to meet her sometime; she must be a really neat lady. I know I've read some of her stuff at some point but I must read more.

I'm interested to know if any of my other friends have read it and agree with me on its awesomeness.

And yes, Mother P, you get the next shot at it...I promised! I'll sent it with Bounty when I see her in a couple weeks, ok?
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Look what I just found through google:

If you are addicted to books, DO NOT look at this list...


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