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I completely forgot to post about this after my last trip to Springfield, not too surprisingly I guess since I came back to such connectivity problems.

Our dear friends, Ezra and Dilly, otherwise known as Mike and Nancee, own an organic farm in addition to being amazing and wonderful musicians. The farm's web-site is:

They offer organic vegetables and beef, corn and chicken that is totally healthy, as healthy as they can get. There are no hormones, no pesticides and nothing but tender loving care. I've had some of their eggs and OMG were they good. I was cooking at Eric and Julie's and soon as I cracked an egg, I asked, "Are these Mike and Nancee's eggs 'cause the yolks are so gold and fresh-looking!" Surely enough, they were. Mike was telling me last weekend (ok, weekend before last) that he had a whole field of potatoes.

Now, unfortunately, they aren't nearly as good at marketing and selling as they are at both music and farming. So they're working with Eric to solve that problem. When I said, "Hey, they're going to be at OKRF this year, Eric said, "OH yeah, that's right!"

SO those of you who aren't local to Springfield, MO, but are local to the Tulsa are and will be at OKRF any weekend also have the chance to order fresh veggies, eggs and meat. Now, please don't ask me what they have available because I don't have a list but I'm assured that they're growing just about everything, including herbs. If anybody wants stuff, I'll give you Eric's email address and he'll go from there. I do know that they're planning on bringing a bunch of stuff to OKRF every weekend.

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It's a good day to stay in and bake, have a fire in the fire place and have a low stress day. It's been that kind of day and I've really enjoyed it, even though I HAVE gotten some good stuff done.

Yes, I'm Posty McPost the last couple days. Blame this particular one on dear band-mate, [ profile] ladyniniane. I was raving told her about the cookies I just baked and she wanted the recipe. So here it is with the changes I made to it from the experience of using the recipe.

I told Bruce that I was making cookies today and asked if he would prefer chocolate chip or peanut butter. He replied, "Yes." Hey, I actually got an opinion out of him! *giggle*

I actually had in mind to make either oatmeal chocolate chip pecan cookies OR peanut butter cookies. But since he's requested it, I'll make peanut butter chocolate chip cookies instead.

And there's even recipes out there (what a surprise....not!)

This is the one I'm using with a few small changes.

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies )

I think I have a new favorite cookie.

EDIT: And because [ profile] ar_wahan wants it, here's the lemon blueberry almond bread recipe.

Lemon Blueberry Almond Bread )


Sep. 25th, 2008 10:44 am
rowangolightly: (Default) that I'd planted some tomatoes!

Roasted Tomato Soup Recipe (from 101 Recipes)

Roasted Tomato Soup Recipe )

BTW, I've fallen in love again. Right here at home. *nods* And it's not what you think. I was perusing ads at the "101 Recipes" site; nifty place it is too, and I saw a book title and image that rang a bell. It was "How to Cook Everything" by Mark Bittman. "Wait a minute," I thought to myself, "I think I have this book!" So I got up from the 'puter and went into the laundry room where I keep my cook books in a cabinet above the dryer. I have a LOT of cookbooks; it's one of my addictions hobbies to collect.

But this gem has been sitting there, nearly unopened, definitely unopened in the four years that I've lived in Oklahoma. Not any more. Anyone who wants a good BASIC "how to cook with simple ingredients at home"...this is the one you want. He has a clear, concise, down-to-earth writing style and is a joy to read. He covers basic ingredients, what you need for kitchenware, how to stock a kitchen, how to buy the right pans and what all the pans mean and are used for, etc. And he does it in an informative and non-condescending manner.

I consider myself to be a pretty decent cook, but I intend (in my copious spare time, of course) to read this thing cover to cover. More on this later, I'm sure...
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Double batch of banana bread dough will not fit into either of my glass bowls; the popcorn bowl had to be pressed into duty.

*whine* I reallyreallyreally want a Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer (cobalt blue if we're being picky) 'cause mixing that banana bread dough was really too much for my poor old ancient electric hand mixer.

But there's one loaf each of plain, one with pecans and one with pecans, coconut and chocolate chips in the oven now.

One important note: having a habit of shaking out old gardening shoes before putting them on is a GOOD thing...especially with a history of seeing an occasional brown recluse around the house. *shudder*

And I don't think I'm gonna get a new bodice done for this weekend but I'm still gonna try.
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Wonder if Bruce would like this? Wonder if I would? The only way I've ever had artichokes was steamed whole (eh.) and in a dip.

From "Food and Wine" online:

Artichokes simmered with Green Beans and Bacon )

Think I'll go turn on the furnace; summer went bye-bye overnight.
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Waiting for my china silk and brocade to come out of the rinse cycle after dying it.

Oldwolf, I found it...I'd posted it in the Cooking LJ group 'cause its very ramply.

So here it is:
adventures with roasting garden tomatoes )

Next time I make it or when I bring the sauce out of the freezer, I'm adding some honey to make it a bit less tangy. I read somewhere recently here that adding honey solved the problem of a nnot-quite-right seasoning dilemma.
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Recipes as requested:

From this weekend...cutting since it's getting long and I try to be considerate! )

Those were the requested ones. If anybody wants me to repost the sweet potatoes recipe, the French toast recipe, please comment and I'll add them.

Ok, ok, here's the other two recipes again )
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Makes good sense to me.

And as for my family, we *love* spinach. We eat lots of spinach, in fact I plan on making a spinach souffle tonight. But I buy it frozen and will continue to do so until I can start growing my own again or find a good local source.


Jul. 21st, 2006 09:29 am
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While I'm waiting for the blueberry muffins to bake; yes, I know I shouldn't be heating up the house but the blueberries were staring at me! First the FridayFive )

and I'm in a mood to muse )
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Now, it's well known about me... )

Oh yes, and BTW...Happy Birthday to dear [ profile] elisedevescy

On task...

Jan. 4th, 2006 09:44 am
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Progress! )

But that's not what this post was about...really! my favorite cookbook! )

And now I'm going for that walk. Here's to a healthier and more fit future!
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I promised [ profile] jcw_da_dmg the chicken recipe that I fixed NYE eve when he and his sister were here. Now, I know I've posted this before but I'm not inclined to go looking for it, so here it is again.

Chicken Golightly )


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