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The ever-awesome [ profile] harmanhay is creeping closer to her goal of earning $5000 to be able to go to Haiti and help build a Community Center. The production of the Peacock Dress will, if I'm not mistaken, happen after the Haiti trip and be entirely out of her own pocket to produce; all donations to directly to Haiti.

It seems that she and her partner, Demi, need to both qualify in order to go so they are also making and selling cupcakes. Since they live in England, shipping cupcakes to the States is impractical BUT you can still donate money.

I'm still hoping she gets far enough on the dress for me to donate the lace I posted pictures of last week. Anyway, here' the link to the dress and the fundraising.

Also one of her commenters/donors posted a link to another costume, this one an actual preservation of a costume that theatre geeks will enjoy: the Ellen Terry/Lady MacBeth dress stitched with *real* iridescent beetle wings.


Mar. 29th, 2011 02:55 pm
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I really don't consider myself to be a Shoe Whore, not really. I'll happily wear the same shoe for years, so long as it is comfortable. It is not for nothing that I have EuroSteps in all three colors in which they come and wear them almost all the time (and yes, have mistakenly worn two colors at once as both AmberBob and Kimberly can attest!)

But every once in awhile a shoe comes along that says, "you must have me!" especially when a group of costumers are ordering them and there HAS to be an order of 100 pairs in order for the order to be filled by the manufacturer.

What are these shoes you may ask? These are American Duchess shoes. You may drool over them here:

You may read about them, and order here:

Want Want Want Want!

And they're only $85 which is really, really not bad at all, especially for silk shoes! And they need to be pre-ordered starting Friday (and no, this is *not* an April Fool's joke!)
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I'm working on sorting through, deciding what to keep, what to sell, what to donate.

Here's the thing; I have some costumes, some bridal and formalwear gowns, coats and jackets and some other original clothing that no longer fits me that I want to sell. I want to get my Etsy shop up quickly and put these items up to sell. Some of them are honest-to-gods vintage (I made them that long ago; 20 years) and some of them are not but all of them were made by me. I have; renaissance costumes, wool jackets and coats, business wear, lace blouses, evening gowns, wedding gowns. Please note that these are designer, one of a kind originals and not stuff I'll be donating to a bargain basement.

I need to take pictures of them ON someone, because stuff like this doesn't sell from pics of clothing on hangers.

I need models who are approximately my height, 5'4" and the sizes I have been; anywhere from a size 10 to a size 16; some of them are meant to be worn with a corset, some are 'everyday' work sort of garments, if still silk and designer.

Problem is, I cannot afford to pay anyone for this. But what I CAN offer is, trade; credit on future garments or costumes, i.e. hours on account with a master designer and seamstress to be redeemed at a later time when my shop is fully set up again.

I will be taking the pictures, unless some wonderful local photographer wants to shoot under the same deal; trade of photography for future sewing.

It needs to be fairly soon; I have to sort and pack and hopefully, sell some of this stuff so I have money for the move. Money is very scary for me right now.

So if this is something that would interest you, please contact me and we'll talk out arrangements.

Posting this as "open" so it'll also go to FaceBook.


Mar. 19th, 2009 08:47 pm
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Ok fabriholics...

Becky and I are looking at the final fabric order we're making for our new costumes. In looking closely at, I realized that their "wonderful" deal on "china silk lining" for $2.95 is such a good deal because it's 100% polyester. This sort of linguistic bait-and-switch chaps my ass royally. But their other stuff is very good and their service is great; you just have to watch for stuff like this.

SO, I looked at Dharma Trading where they always have good deals on plain white silks. Becky and I decided on the 55" 5mm. white silk habotai (which really is China silk) which an 11 yard bolt can be gotten for $3.50 a yard (plus shipping.)

However, we can get an even better deal on a 50 yard bolt; that would be $3.25 per yard (plus shipping.) Becky and I will need about 15 yards between us. This leaves 35 yards up for grabs. But considering this represents a tidy sum, we'd need the money up front. I've ordered in bulk before and been stuck for a bunch of it; AIN'T doing it that way any more!

Speak up; a few folk wanting china silk for really cheap? And if I need to ship it elsewhere to you, I'd need to add in shipping to get it to you, unless I'm going to be in your neck of the woods soon after it comes in. That comes to $162.50 plus an estimated $13.80 for shipping (to my house.)


Mar. 9th, 2009 11:05 am
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They just don't make 'em like this anymore! What happened to glamour? No, I mean REAL glamour, not reality tv.

Oh, and Red? Look at their shoes....


Sep. 4th, 2008 01:15 pm
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new KCRF pics )
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Double batch of banana bread dough will not fit into either of my glass bowls; the popcorn bowl had to be pressed into duty.

*whine* I reallyreallyreally want a Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer (cobalt blue if we're being picky) 'cause mixing that banana bread dough was really too much for my poor old ancient electric hand mixer.

But there's one loaf each of plain, one with pecans and one with pecans, coconut and chocolate chips in the oven now.

One important note: having a habit of shaking out old gardening shoes before putting them on is a GOOD thing...especially with a history of seeing an occasional brown recluse around the house. *shudder*

And I don't think I'm gonna get a new bodice done for this weekend but I'm still gonna try.
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If you're looking for a larger-sized Court Lady's costume, this is one helluva bargain!

And yes, I would approve it for cast...


Nov. 27th, 2007 11:44 am
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**clears throat*


I just looked on Amazon and it lists that the Janet Arnold book, "Patterns of Fashion" for 1560-1620 seems to be in print and on sale.


When did this happen? I thought that the book was out of print and back-ordered as recently as this summer?

Well, poo!

Jun. 7th, 2007 03:51 pm
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Ok, for any body trying to call me...

The house phone doesn't seem to be ringing although I can call out.

My cell phone is out of units and we forgot to take care of that last night.

So it looks as though email or IM is the only way to contact me at the moment.

The good news is I'm busily sewing anyway. TMy underskirt is done enough to bring including hem trim since a few of the gals offerred to do beading on it. And I've figured out samples so they'll know how I want it. Now I'm grommeting Julie's bodice and finishing the shoulder petals. Will have enough to try on the guards for fit but they won't be wearable this weekend.

And here's the classic procrastinator's question; anybody have about 5/8 yard of coutil I could buyu from them really quick-like? As in, I could get it early next week? Yeah, I'm horrible. But jeez...this is nuts! I spent way more of this week running the Kidling around getting her car purchase stuff done. So yeah....
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Lookit what Bonham's is putting up for auction...

Only some of the most amazing costume pieces worn in films for decades.
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Friday was a 20 hour work day with 3.5 hours sleep; got the sleeves done and a chemise before I crashed. Then up at 7am to get the two costumes to the two clients at the Castle, dress them both, drive home and crash at about 10am. Back up at 1:30ish to shop with Bruce for some gardening/household stuff and then took the cover off the pool, got the onions and tomato plants in, dug up the old tomato cages which were buried halfway to China, dug up some 1-1/2 foot tall maple seedings with which to replace the hated persimmon trees and then crashed early; exhausted and mosquito-bitten and cranky. But my baby made me feel a lot better!

Then up this morning and garb up to head to Site Day at the Castle. Got to see my two clients, Princess and Queen in their costumes, looking resplendant and took down the list of little 'to-dos' that are inevitable after first wearings. Saw the wonderful improvements made to site; beginning of "Hadrian's Wall" in front of Burns' Stage as a wonderful sound barrier. Got permission from Jeff to paint Burns' Stage since it's looking pretty shabby and that's the only way it'll be done. Yes, I know I needed one more thing to do like a hole in the head, but Julia is going to help and that'll be great. Long full day in the heat and getting to see everyone again; lots of new faces and a bit of drama but I think it'll all be good in the end. Lovely to see Chris J. as Charles V and Erin as his ward who'll be a lady in waiting to Lisa. Then home and rewiring for computer upstairs and out to dinner.

And who'd a thunk it; Bruce just told me that our "Pawn to King Four" CD is rated at 7 out of the top 10 of Renaissance festival CDs as reported by Marc Gunn. That pleases us greatly as it's a CD of which we're really quite proud. The next one will be started just as soon as Bruce finishes upgrading the computer on which we're recording. Since we were quite happy with the sound on "OFF the Board" we now feel that our recording skills and the equipment are good enough that we feel ready to head into the next one here at home.

Now, off to bed and some real sleep....
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I'm home and had a good visit/lunch/shop/fitting that went all too quickly yesterday. The whole day went late; I left late, skipped two errands to try to get there in time for lunch, got slowed down by all the road construction (will they ever get the Highway 69 widening finished?) and late, late, late the whole day which I hate. All the same it was a fun and enjoyable break from routine.

Everything went well, fitting and all. I had a wonderful lunch with [ profile] mmslapointe who was incredibly understanding with my lateness; it was nummy and we chattered and giggled and were sorta loud at times and had the most wonderful waitress named "Trina" which I can remember 'cause she said it was short for Katrina, like the hurricane. Good mnemonic if for a horrible reason.

Dashed to Cy's to find a way-too-sparce selection (WTF?) and two new people who didn't seem as customer-oriented as it used to be. One of them I had to show what/where muslin was...another big WTF, but it was lovely to see Lucie and catch up a bit.

Then on to Lisa P's about an hour later than I wanted but she loved the dress, will look awesome in the dress. Amazing how well we get along now when almost a decade ago we couldn't stand one another; shows you what getting out of unhappy marriages and into happy relationships will do for both of us. She's an amazing lady and I love her dearly and am simply delighted at the close friendship that is developing. Bruce was, of course, right! I wonder if he ever gets tired of that...doubt it. *giggle*

Anyway, left late (following the trend) and had to stop at Joanne's for more of the burgundy narrow trim to border the neckline. And then off towards home, roughly 3 hours later than I'd projected. What am I leaving out here? I forgot to pick up the damned sewing machine. Shit. I really, really need it as this one is spotty in it's tension and I SO need my machine to be completely trustworthy right now.

*sigh* I gotta find someone who is coming from KC to Norman this weekend who'd be willing to stop and pick it up for me. Lisa P. and Chris are coming....think I better call her and see if she'll do that for me.

Other than that it was a wonderful day, no matter how I sound about it. I just have too freaking much to do today when all I'd really like to do is crawl in bed next to my snoring sweetie who had to work all night last night and has to do it again tomorrow. But I must finish Lonney's bodice and Amber's bodice and two skirts. Before Friday morning. And I must pack and get food prepped.

Oh yes, and the CD is done and Amber's off now getting them shrink-wrapped at Sertoma. We've sold one already and several more reserved. I cut all the covers and inserts day before yesterday too.

I'm rambling. Must get back to work.

Garg! But I'm still in a good mood; is that wierd?


Dec. 30th, 2005 01:59 pm
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Dear Martha McCain,
I know you're the 'historical designer' for Simplicity and I'm sure you're really happy about that. But your directions suck. Oh, the costumes are cute, alright, and look good. But making one of your patterns in a hurry with your obscure and incurrect instructions is really pissing me off.

If I ever meet you, I'm just liable to haul off and punch you in the nose.

Just thought you'd like to know that.



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