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I can't donate but I certainly can boost the signal....

Please pass this information along. I know most of you have seen these types of stories on the news. SPAR is sponsoring these two dogs to re-home them with a sailor serving in Iraq. Make sure to note that your donation is for this project.

Contact: Carol Currie--405-275-2167

Patti Marshall--405-481-0438

Local animal rescue organization, Saving Pets At Risk (SPAR), is undertaking a special project to help an American soldier stationed in Iraq bring home the two dogs he's befriended. John, a Petty Officer with Naval Special Warfare in Iraq, is trying to raise funds to pay for the dog brothers he and his Unit unofficially adopted during John's tour of duty.

"I feel these dogs are partnered with the entire unit and the dogs are our extended family pets. We have formed a brotherhood here with these dogs, and them being brothers makes it even more special," said John. "We have thirty or so guys here that would be greatly saddened by the capture and destruction of these dogs." Typically, dogs hanging around armed forces compounds are frowned upon and destroyed.

The cost to ship this pair of happy-go-lucky shepherd mix siblings through SPCA International is $1000 per dog. John said he plans to keep the dogs as they have become his constant companions.

"SPAR is honored to be helping John's Unit by gathering donations to ship their four-legged brothers home. It seems a small price to pay for what they have sacrificed for us," said SPAR President Carol Currie. "With the October 15 deadline looming so quickly, SPAR is doing everything we can to get this project done as fast as possible."

Donations to help John's unit bring these canine brothers home to the United States can be made to SPAR's PayPal donation site. Please indicate that the donation is specifically for "Bringing Home the Brothers." Go to and click on the “donation” link or mail your tax deductible donation to SPAR, PO Box 702, Shawnee, OK 74802-0702.

SPAR is a 501(C)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to saving animals in dire situations and finding homes for homeless and abandoned animals in Shawnee, Ok and surrounding areas. For more information, please call 405-702-7727, select option 3.

Note: John’s name and the name of his troop are being withheld to keep our soldiers safe from insurgents.
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Missing Dog: last seen near 435 & Antioch

"The family dog made a great escape late yesterday afternoon (about 6 p.m.) and was last seen venturing north along Antioch, just past 435.

She's a 7-year-old shepherd mixed with who knows what (we joke that maybe she's mixed with dingo). Marley is a very sturdy girl -- about 85 pounds -- and very friendly. Unfortunately, she got out without her collar on and is not micro-chipped yet. We're following the usual channels to see if she can be located, but every set of extra eyes would be a blessing."

Here's the original post:

There are pictures of Marley up on her post; he's a beautiful boy.
Believe me, as I'm driving around today, I'll be keeping an eye out. Poor baby; poor family! My heart goes out to them all.

Cross-posting to Facebook as well.
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...which, of course, I knew. But this is really sad news. And I can't help at all since I'm basically homeless myself, except for the charity of dear friends. It sucks all over.

But if anyone has the money and inclination to help these nice people, please do so.

The Pet Connection is shutting its doors.

Effective immediately, The Pet Connection is closing its adoption center Mondays through Fridays until enough money can be raised to reopen. We will still be open on weekends and adoptions can be done by appointment during the week. In the past three months we have been under extensive scrutiny from several different agencies. We have been inspected by the state veterinary board, the state animal health department, the fire department, and the city because of “anonymous complaints” or “routine inspections”. We may have made someone mad or it may all just be a strange coincidence, but either way, we have needed to use the majority of our time and resources handling these repeated inspections. Lawyer fees and extra staff time have drained our bank account.
We need help to raise enough money to reopen our doors. We want to continue to help the thousands of animals we help each year through our adoption center and clinic. We want to continue to provide assistance to other rescue shelters and rescue groups so that they can help more pets. But we also need to prepare ourselves in case we need to shut our doors forever. As hard as it is, we are currently no longer taking in cats or large dogs to prepare ourselves in case we have to close for good. Many organizations and animals rely on our care.
With enough money we can re-open our doors to the public every day and can begin taking in dogs and cats into our shelter again. This bump in the road only has to be a small set back to the overall good that we provide to this community.
Please contact Melody Kelso and/or Jason Huff for details on how to help and/or for details on an informational meeting that will be held in the next few days to explain the circumstances to those interested. Donations can be made at or by coming to our facility. Jack 105 will be having a live remote at our facility on Saturday from 10A-12N to help raise needed sponsorships. Address: 5918 Broadmoor, Mission. KS 66202.


Nov. 19th, 2008 10:41 am
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I just had to share this, that [ profile] sandmansister posted.

PUPPIES! A real live puppy pile! So cute...

Hot dog!

Mar. 18th, 2008 11:57 am
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Who says an old dog can't learn new tricks!

Thanks to [ profile] oldwolf for posting this.

I needed that chuckle....
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I wasn't alone on my walk this morning.

Well, first while I was getting ready to leave, I heard barking and pounding on the front door; our hard-of-hearing nice neighbor-lady from across the street. She had two dogs with her, a cute medium-sized, blonde-colored basingi-looking dog but not because he barks, and a beautiful female German shephard.

She thought the shephard might be ours, no, lady... ours doesn't walk that well, unfortunately. So we chatted a bit and the dogs ran off across the street to bark at a cat. Bad news; they don't get along with cats.

It's obvious to me that somebody has dropped off these two dogs; no collars and they don't act like they've run off from somewhere. Damndamndamn. The little tiny dog the neighbors across the street and over one (the same ones who reniged on taking the one Tanya and Amber found and picked up a few months agp) have a little male yapper they don't bother to keep in their yard so he's always running with whatever dogs are running around here.

Problem is, the German shephard is young and female and obviously about to go into heat; the little dog is following her around like she's a train engine and he's the caboose! She's obviously linked with the little blonde fella but he's more interested in sniffing and barking than he is protecting her. *sign* And she likes me. Damndamndamn.

The dogs followed me throughout my entire walk, the shephard returning to run at my side and ask for pets as I walked. When I got to the door she obviously wanted to come in. She's smart and obviously had some training; obeys commands impecably. She's an absolutely gorgeous and wonderful dog. How could anyone just dump off dogs like that?

No, I'm not bringing her in or even feeding her; I simply can't. But damndamndamn. There's a special hell for people who drop dogs off and abandon them.

Aw, crap. She's waiting outside the front door.


Aug. 2nd, 2006 09:55 pm
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Terry update.

He's trying to stand, definitely using his right leg more. The pool therapy is really seeming to work; Bruce works his muscles and massages his spine while I hold and reassure him.

But this morning when he yowled at the back door, when I opened it he was actually standing up! I damnear cried.....I think my boy is gonna make a full recovery! And yes, I keep mistakenly calling him "Perry" for those who remember...

The vet said "This'll take weeks!" and only ONE week later, he's made this much progress.

We go back to the Vet tomorrow and we'll see what she says then.

And yes, we're taking the electric fence down. I don't think he'll try the Houdine routine again!


Jul. 30th, 2006 12:00 pm
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Well, I promised a picture and Bruce found one...from our 2005 Yule party. While it's not a great image, it certainly does show him doing one of the things he does best; beg.

So here it is:
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I'm back up and once I grommet this, I'm out the door. In the meantime, my best friend, Judy, sent me this in an email this morning. Bear in mind, this is the same gal who, years ago, called me one morning and said, "I work with this gal who has a cocker spaniel she can't keep...." That was Perry, my little soul-mate blonde cocker whom I miss to this day.

If somebody in the KC area can take this big fella in, I'm sure you'll have a similar rewarding experience as I had with Perry. I'll do some Perry-stories sometime soon, I promise. What a great dog he was...all of you who thought Dixon was a character; Perry was cut outa the same character-cloth.

Hi all—I’m sending this to a few of you who love dogs and may be able to take this one in or know someone who could.

A friend from my office is unfortunately splitting with his spouse and sadly can’t take the pooch where he’s moving.

· Trixie is 3-1/2 yrs young (4 in July)
· She is a mix of German Shepherd and Catahoula (hunting dog)
· Very smart
· Well trained
· Great with kids (his nephews & nieces “ride” Trixie)
· 80 lbs
· She’s an inside dog but loves and needs running space
· Not spayed
· Her head and face look like a big beagle
· Her body is big like the Shepherd

Please let me know if you are aware of anyone. He will be taking pictures soon to show to anyone interested.

Judy is the most loving gal....she'd match up the whole world, people and animals, if she could. I have lots of wonderful friends but you know how there's one 'best' friend in your life? She's it and boy, am I lucky!


Nov. 16th, 2005 08:43 am
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Three things and then I'm off to work:

It's frikkin' cold! The moon was gorgeous last night and this morning is bright and beautiful but as I look outside to the garden I can see thet the peppers, broccoli, cauliflower and tomato plants are hanging, all wilty and dejected-looking. Yep, the gardening is definitely over for this year.

I realized in the middle of the night that I've got to whip together this costume for Boare's Head on Saturday. What I wore last year won't zip. Dammit.

And finally, the dogs don't like it when I go up to sew and it's a problem. It's too cold for me to feel anything but horribly mean leaving them outside but then they come upstairs which isn't good. Pepper should *not* be climbing those wooden stairs and it's worse going down them. That makes it awfully hard for me to focus on my work. But I must. And then there's all the house-cleaning that must be done, too. Think I'm gotta have to get some help to get this all done. *sigh*

And I've got a monster headache poised right at the back of my neck, waiting to pounce.
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I was reminded by [ profile] dawntreader90's recent post about her dad's wedding, of a couple of stories about dogs and music and then one about dogs and weddings.

First, Terry and the whistle )

Second,Dixon, the Dog-of-Honor )


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