Jan. 14th, 2008 09:16 am
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I have shoulders. On either side of my neck.


Playing bodhran (up to speed, thanks very much) for nearly six hours has brought my shoulders and my hands to my attention.

So after a bit of sustenance, I'm going to go do Callanetics.

That is all.
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...and no, I'm not talking about Bruce here but this'll surprise nobody who knows him (the cat, I mean!)

Last evening, two young blonde neighborhood ladies, about 6 and 10, rang our doorbell just before supper. I went to answer it, knowing immediately that they were selling something for their school; think I bought flower bulbs from then last year.

The younger of the two was just bending to pick up Minko, and of course, he did his smug cat-grin and looked right at home dangling from her hugging arms. She said, "I'm really good with animals!" And she was too. I said, "That's Minko, he's very friendly."

She said, without blinking, "Oh, we call him Tiger."

What a slut he is....all over the neighborhood, answering to who-knows how-many names, happy as a clam!


Now I'm off for my morning walk, second day in a row (woohoo!) around the big block here, carrying a two pound weight in each hand. No, that's not much but it gives me just the added cardio workout that I need. YOU try going up that hill along the back of the block with more than that!
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I wasn't alone on my walk this morning.

Well, first while I was getting ready to leave, I heard barking and pounding on the front door; our hard-of-hearing nice neighbor-lady from across the street. She had two dogs with her, a cute medium-sized, blonde-colored basingi-looking dog but not because he barks, and a beautiful female German shephard.

She thought the shephard might be ours, no, lady... ours doesn't walk that well, unfortunately. So we chatted a bit and the dogs ran off across the street to bark at a cat. Bad news; they don't get along with cats.

It's obvious to me that somebody has dropped off these two dogs; no collars and they don't act like they've run off from somewhere. Damndamndamn. The little tiny dog the neighbors across the street and over one (the same ones who reniged on taking the one Tanya and Amber found and picked up a few months agp) have a little male yapper they don't bother to keep in their yard so he's always running with whatever dogs are running around here.

Problem is, the German shephard is young and female and obviously about to go into heat; the little dog is following her around like she's a train engine and he's the caboose! She's obviously linked with the little blonde fella but he's more interested in sniffing and barking than he is protecting her. *sign* And she likes me. Damndamndamn.

The dogs followed me throughout my entire walk, the shephard returning to run at my side and ask for pets as I walked. When I got to the door she obviously wanted to come in. She's smart and obviously had some training; obeys commands impecably. She's an absolutely gorgeous and wonderful dog. How could anyone just dump off dogs like that?

No, I'm not bringing her in or even feeding her; I simply can't. But damndamndamn. There's a special hell for people who drop dogs off and abandon them.

Aw, crap. She's waiting outside the front door.
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1) Having acute enough hearing to realize the trash truck is on the back of the block so I can get the can out to the curb in time is a good thing.

2) One of the cats did (his) job last night. There was a dead mole on he front mat this morning. Ew. Very dead. Thanks, Minko. They're really cute but SO descructive. Go get some more, fella, just don't necessarily bring them to me, ok?

3) I did Callanetics yesterday and am not as sore as usual when I re-start. Yay, me! So this morning I'm going walking and then will do Callanetics in the afternoon. Yes, I'm motivated; I intend to do both everyday for the next two weeks; I want all my energy back. Funny thing is that Bruce independently decided the same thing that I did; gonna work out everyday while he's gone. And we didn't say one word about it to each other. Yeah, that tickles me.

4) I loves me a Cold Frosty Morn with whisps of Foggy Dew meandering over the yard and street. I'm gonna go walking before it all dissipates. Yes, I know it's song titles and that I'm a dork...

5) My life is very, very good and I'm a most lucky woman. And my life keeps getting better and better...

6) Everybody get out and VOTE today; if you don't vote then you lose all bitching rights as far as I'm concerned!

7) Love you all!

Day Three

Jul. 26th, 2006 09:00 am
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...halfway through day three of Callanetics.


"Relax the rest of the body." YEAH, sure!
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...promises to others if you can't keep the ones you make to yourself?

I'm in the midst of Callanetics, restarting again for the upteenth time. Taking a short break between the stomach exercises and the leg exercises.

Ye gods...this isn't easy. But it's worth it, really it is. I'll keep telling myself this.

Note to the cats: Penny, it's adorable that you want to lay on my stomach but that makes things much harder. And it's counterproductive when you 'knead' my belly while I'm doing them; makes me giggle! Nell, my hand is not sticking out so that I can pet you while I'm so convoniently on the floor.

They are obviously not used to seeing me to this. I also remember that the last time I started this, there was a different rug on the floor. I've been SO bad at keeping up with this.

Hopefully, with plenty of incentive that I have now, i.e. handfasting, belly-dancing, looking decent nekkid, generally getting into shape...I'll keep at this.

It works. I feel better, sleep better, have more energy, feel more sexy, have better self-image. Why don't I keep on doing this?

Good question. But for now, I'm doing pretty damn good for starting. Again.


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