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Well, friends, it begins...
We've begun both the organization for this year's faire and the site clean-up. The schedule for Auditions, Academies and Workshops should be posted by tomorrow at the latest.

The decision to divide the Entertainment job has been made to everyone's satisfaction. Chris J. will be Director of Street and Stage and I'll be Director of Guilds. Each Guild Master will choose an Adjunct to assist in the paperwork and details, much more information to follow on this. Guilds will primarily contain all actors and characters but everyone will have a place to 'belong.' (I've had the miserable experience of feeling like, "hey, we're a stage show, so we don't belong anywhere" and that, quite frankly, sucks!)

Much more information and a few surprises will be unfolded in the very near future (as in this week) so stay tuned for more!
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...or I wish it could be.

This is the "end of the season" post for KCRF. It was one of the most wonderful I can remember, I think since the last year I played QE there. Since it would take forever to write everything (and I have hay bale coverings to wash and Tullamore costumes to make) I think I'll go for a bullet-style list. and see how long-assed this thing gets! )


Aug. 9th, 2006 10:15 am
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The kitchen is mostly clean; nice for all that this is the long-delayed "spring" cleaning. My spices are organized to where I can find and use them, finally! Though I still really, really want some sort of spice cabinet; I think the individual racks that I can mount inside the door would be best. But ye gods, before I sorted them...they filled the whole of the top of the dining room table! Nobody in the world needs four bottles of lemon flavoring, three of almond and of mint, not to mention four bottles of mustard seed in the house of somebody who abhors mustard! ::dusts hands off:: Well, I took care of that. I mean, come on, if you can't *smell* a spice, it just isn't good for anything anymore.

So today I finish the cushions for the front patio chairs and re-cover the back of the game chair in the front hallway. Then I hopefully can work on the costume guidelines for White Hart and maybe even get some other sewing done. This is, if Amber will do the rest of the kitchen. *sigh* How much can one person sleep in? Ah's her break before school starts. But I really need help around here so we can get all this done.

Tomorrow I start cooking and baking, no, tomorrow is Thursday...make that Friday.

But now I'm off to take the decorative nails offa the game-chair. Just sharpened and thinned down my dandilion picker to do that...nothin' makes ya feel quite so butch as using a bench grinder, ya know... Yes, I was careful and wore gloves and safety glasses.

to-do lists )


May. 17th, 2006 07:32 am
rowangolightly: (Happy Trio - Queen's Gambit) an hour's gardening, weeding and planting the rest of the potatoes to re-establish one's peace of mind.

Course, in the "two steps up and one back" department, yesterday I discovered that I'm growing two warts on the inside of the end of my left index finger. Great.

I was sewing in my sleep last night, too bad that doesn't translate into real work done. So I guess I'll get right at it today.

Oh, and had a phone interview yesterday with a nice newspaper writer we spoke with on Sunday out at faire, who's seen me at KCRF for years and QG at KCRF, Norman and OKRF. Nice gal with an SCA background, a real Renfaire fan; it was a lovely talk. After I answered her 'million dollar question' (which I honestly don't recall, you wind me up and I pretty much talk on topic) she said, "Oh, you're good at this!" *chuckle* I thanked her and said, "well, after 28 years if I'm not, there's something wrong, isn't there?" I told her about White Hart and she's going to do an interview with them as well; nice bit of free promo there for them which pleases me!

But I forgot to ask her when it was coming out and if we can get a copy so I'll call her back at some point.

OH yes, and at the Gypsy last evening when we dropped by after dinner, there was a 'new Celtic band' that played for open mike night consisting of 3, count them, three fiddler girls. I'll admit that we got a tad excited. One of them was good, the other two less so and the performance was very unequal but the last thing they played was 'Cooley's' which surprised us both. Of course, we went and introduced ourselves and they'd heard of Queen's Gambit. Turns out the 'good' one is a Suzuki teacher out of B.A and the one I spoke to last October when Bruce was emailing all the Suzuki teachers in Tulsa. She's too busy with solo weekend gigs, isn't interested in being in a band but would be interested in being paid to do individual gigs and recording sessions with us...ah, no thanks. But she does have a student who's really interestsed in Celtic music, dedicated to it and has an ear...and who is 14. *sigh* Doesn't it always happen that way? The fiddlers we hear of and the only ones who are available are 14 or 15. Ah well....
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I was thinking this morning (I know that's dangerous...) and it's occurred to me that there's an issue that nobody seems to address much regarding entertainment and faires. Lots and lots of people work very hard and give of their time and their talents to accomplish some wonderful things. It's an entirely reasonable expectation to be rewarded for these efforts whether financially or otherwise. Now, if people consistently give of those talents and time and aren't adequately paid, they sooner or later tend to feel somewhat peeved, taken for granted and downright pissed off. I know this first-hand; I've done it myself...a lot...for years.

But look at it from the Entertainment Director or Owner's point of view. Management has a perenually limited budget. Note: at no time here am I making any judgment whatsoever as to whether or not it is an adequate budget or even a realistic or fair one; it is a budget that must be used as a framework when hiring or filling a venue with entertainment. Period.

And mind that this is also a general observation, based on my nearly 30 years in environmental entertainment, whether historically based or modern. This is not about any one Entertainment Directer or Owner or Faire. This is a nearly universal principal. This is also based on 15 years of very close association with the owner of an entertainment agency.

Any individual or group who gives of their time and talents without pay automatically becomes lodged in the management's mind as, "Cool...they'll do that much (whatever "that" is) for free (or whatever the sum may be.)" And automatically that is the expectation that, once established, will remain. If that group or individual 'ups the ante' and does more in the hope and expectation that finally they'll be noticed and rewarded, well, they are likely headed for disappointment. What has happened is that the expectation of what they will do for free (or whatever sum they've agreed upon) raises. There may be an expectation on the part of that person that some gratitude or 'dues' or pay is deserves, and it might well be a reasonable expectatioan or hope. But as much as I hate to disillusion anyome...don't count on it because it likely won't happen.

What does it take to change that expectation? Much like anything else...communication. Good, two-way communication with no chip on any shoulder. It takes the intestinal fortitude to go in for a meeting with a good attitude and say something like, "Ok, I've done .... and feel like there is a difference in perception here. What I'd actually like in exchange for what I've done is ....." with the very real knowledge that you may be told, "I'm sorry...I thought you'd do that for free. There isn't anything in the budget to cover what you've been doing or would like to do in the future in that area"

Now, there may be real regret on the part of the management that you'll now not be doing what you were doing before but that does not change the fact that your dynamic will change; that you'll finally be paid or rewarded or praised or appreciated as you'd like to be. It just ain't happening.

There may be a few exceptions to this, and I've actually met a couple, but the habit of Directors or Managers to be observant and praise workers and performers just has not been ingrained in our culture. This is very unfortunate. I think, no, I know that people will time and again give and give and keep on giving just so long as their efforts are praised and appreciated. That's human nature.

Here is the bottom line; if you are doing something you love to do and even put some decent money and time into it but you feel increasingly annoyed or even resentful that you are not being rewarded as you feel that you should be....then it is *your* responsibility to change that dynamic. Whether that means continuing or stopping what you've been doing will be determined only by clear, candid and straight-forward communication with the Powers That Be. And it means accepting the reality of the results of that communmication. Anything else is passive aggressive and leads to the kind of bitching that I've heard for years at faires and other kinds of events, yes, bitching that I've fallen prey to myownself from time to time. I'll own up to that.

Sometimes reality and even being an adult sucks even in a fun environment like a faire, but believe me, communication is always the key to resolving all these sorts of situations. Do I suddenly expect this dynamic will completely change? No, but I can hope, can't I?

Just something to think about...
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I'm not saying this to piss anybody off or hurt any feelings, but I just gotta say this before it gets any further. Please leave this issue alone. )
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This just in from [ profile] marcgunn

Greetings Renaissance Festival Fans,

The Renaissance Festival Podcast is proud to announce the formation of the 1st Annual Renaissance Festival Performer Awards. Kristen and I are collecting votes for your favorite Renaissance Festival Performers (musical and non-musical) until January 15th. On that date, I'll compile all the winners, contact the winning performers, and compile a podcast based on those amazing entertainers.

You can help your favorite performers by voting for them at . Then tell your friends to drop by and vote as well. This is the first of what I hope to be many such awards, so please post info about the voting at other Ren websites and lets make it a smashing success.



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