Nov. 30th, 2008 10:55 pm
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WONDERFUL Orphan's Thanksgiving!

Thanks to each and everyone of you who were here and much love to those of you who couldn't be. It was a spectacular day (even with Vesuvius and the Flaming Yams!)

I'm sure others will go in to details but let me say without a shadow of a doubt that the Magnificent Dinner would not have occurred without my faithful Sous Chefs, [ profile] mistressniniane, [ profile] okgirlnextdoor and [ profile] esme7777! I've never seen four women work in one small kitchen together with such good humor and cohesiveness. Many kudos also to my Darling Hubby for coming a-running when needed, for set up and meat carving and all that stuff and to everyone else who helped and brought such nummy stuff. Good will, laughter, love abounding, good humoured ribbing and great positive energy all around make for a wonderful gathering!

Thanks to Bruce and Amber for pitching right in to clean up so that now you can barely tell there was a party here except for the remaining happy vibes.

Now I just hope everyone gets home safely; it's sleeting outside.

What a ONDERFUL kick-off to a fabulous set of holidays. As Becky smilingly said, "this is what family get-togethers are spozed to be like!"

I'm dragging my hubby off to bed now...


Nov. 24th, 2008 06:39 pm
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You know you live in a household of geeks when you're in the room alone and you IM them both, in separate rooms, on separate computers, to tell them that supper's ready.
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Fuck me? I just don't care for that context at all. Seems awfully "wham, bam, thankye ma'am" disrespectful and well, tacky. So I was ignoring it, love you all though I may, and DO. Certainly not that I'm allergic to the term "fuck"; anybody who knows me well at all knows that I already use it more than I probably should, truth be told.

So I like [ profile] joegoda's version of it much better.

The family meme:

The rules are simple.

If you want to family the person who posts this, send him or her a reply saying "I am your family."

But, you have to post this in your journal in exchange.

You aren't required to play and you can pass by this post if you wish.

Please don't feel any pressure to comment, or to feel hurt if I miss commenting the same on everybody's LJ. I'm so freakin' busy right now that keeping up with this would be simply insane for me to try.

If you're on my friends' list, suffice it to say that you're family of mine of one sort or another.
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Anybody who's going to be at KCRF this weekend know how to string pearls with a center medallion? I have all the beads, the crimp beads, the design I want them in, the clasp (either claw clasp or hook and eye) to end with and the accuwire. I even have a nice set of mini-pliers and tools to work with. What I don't have is the experience or expertise at tying the knots so that the beads cover the knots and look nice.

I'm spending too much time on this when I need to be stitching pleats in Bruce's kilt.

If not, I'll get by but I just thought I'd ask; under the principle of "ya don't get what ya don't ask for."

And on a SQUEEish note, just spoke with oldest Kidling but one. Looks like the two elder of Bruce's daughters will be coming to the wedding! I'm SO happy about this...didn't want them to have any reason to feel like I'm feeling about my family. But that's not the point; they understand how busy we've been and what horrible procrastinators we are and don't hold it against us!

*bouncebounce* I'm SO Happy!

(Are y'all getting tired of hearing about this wedding? Well, tough....I'm HAPPY!)


Aug. 28th, 2007 09:56 am
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I cannot solve everyone's problems. I have enough to do right on front of me. I must focus on my to do list and let everyone else work out their own issues for the rest of the week.

I'm fine...but stepping back. I will not allow stress to ruin the rest of my week. I should be able to enjoy this time and prepare for our joyful day and for the huge weekend coming up. This is me preaching to myself since it is my nature to nurture and wanna fix everyone else's stuff. I simply cannot spend my time that way this week.


YE GODS! And then the phone rings and it's Merle, Dad's wife, wanting to talk. Apparently the card they sent us came back, guess she copied the address down wrong. And since she's deaf and arthritic, you can imagine me trying to spell out the numbers and letters ten times each....

Ok, the crinoline is almost done....other people's problems and stresses are THEIR's. I will not let this affect me.

So there.


Jun. 14th, 2007 06:24 pm
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...'cause that's how I seem to be doing everything these days!

I just wanted to share that I'm in an "attitude of gratitude" space today. I think going out and working in the garden this morning has something to do with it. Nothing like digging in the dirt and nurturing growing things whilst taking out one's aggressions by pulling weeds to put things into perspective. I think that's why I garden, really, in addition to being able to feed us with things I've grown and how much better it tastes homegrown; the grounding. Important for a fire/air/water sign, yep, grounding.

What I really wanted to say here is that never in my life have I had such an amazing collection of friends, loves and happy work to do. Yes, I'm crazy busy but I'm doing what I love in the company with people I love; what's better than that? I have excellent good health, all things considered and enough energy to do what I wish, and I never, ever take that for granted.

Life is very, very good indeed. Now I just need to hear some good news of [ profile] archway to make my happiness complete. She's been on my mind a great deal today.

Oh yes, and [ profile] the_jenny_of_oz dear, I found something in the laundry that you'll want back; obviously got mixed up in the suitcases. *giggle*

Sometimes ya just gotta say what's on your mind, ya know? And that's what is on mine right now.

If I could bottle this feeling, I'd be a millionaire!
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Ok, I'm back home after picking Amber up from work. No problems for me and everyone seemed to be driving sanely but ye's a big mess out there.

Ice all over everything and I can still hear it 'ting'ing on the windows. The bridges were a complete mess and it was a tense drive.

Here's hoping that both of them can stay home tomorrow and we can all rest up and take a day to relax. Hope all of my friends who are under these icey conditions can do the same.

It's been an amazing, blessed and awesome evening of energy work and I'm still tingling and immensely grateful.

I'm one very lucky, blessed and happy woman.

The animals are all inside, cats and dogs all sleeping peacefully, my sweetie is already snoring and I'm so off to bed.

Blessed be, y'all...
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We'll see if I can get this to work. These are the first of the hand-fasting images; many more to follow I'm sure since there were many cameras flashing throughout the whole ceremony.

I spend a good part of the morning sorting and cropping pictures. Poor dear Brother William was doing yeoman's work of taking pictures in the gathering twilight with hands that had been carving wooden flowers all day long; I'm amazed he got the number of wonderful images that he did. Looking through them made me all floaty again...

cutting for lots of pictures )
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Since this Friday Five has stuff that 'gets' me, I'm posting it, too.
but I'll cut to be nice )

Oh yeah...

Apr. 26th, 2006 09:35 am
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One more thing. My sister called yesterday while I was out running errands.

It looks like my nephew, Matthew, who is a new father and out of the Army for about six months is going to Iraq.

She's pissed off; she hates the Army and is way more liberal-leaning even than I am. I'm not happy that he's going myownself but he *did* get his education and training there and there's the pay-back thing. Granted, he already served some scary time in Korea (which nobody seems to talk about at all!) and thought he was home for good, but obviously not. So far as I know, his specialty should keep him pretty safe, that is, if that information is even correct.

And Bruce's next youngest left for over there yesterday. Can we get several 'get out of there safely' cards from this game, please?

I need to find another family picture for these posts, I think.


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