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Let it not be said that I don't have great friends, in fact, I have the bestest friends in the whole Universe..

Sunday afternoon at GAIA, after a lovely Yule ritual, we had our usual High Holiday pot-luck. I'd fixed cheesy potatoes and ham with mushrooms and onions and it went like the proverbial hotcakes; I should have fixed more but I wasn't sure how much the potatoes would cook down.

We were all sitting around the tables and various friends were passing around boxes of goodies for Yule (and I was internally working on not feeling guilty over not having anything to pass around.) I'd sat at the table with Matt Shrivner and his cute but shy wife, Amy. (Matt is a new member and an opera singer, a geek and an absolute hoot and he and I will be starting the new Excellence In Ritual class sometime this year.) Kitty D. also came and sat with us, saying, "It's a whole table of singers!" Then David and Kimberly came and sit to my left, having joined us a bit late due to putting away the stuff used in the ritual. David, I think it was, put down an envelope next to my plate. I thanked him and continued to eat but soon he tapped it and said, "why don't you open it?"

So I did; it was a lovely Christmas card with a bunch of writing. It said this,

"Dear Susi,
The repair bill on your Bernina has been paid off by a roving gang of houligans people who love you. Just go down and pick her up from the shop! Happy Holidays from..."
And then followed a list of about 38 people, not all of whom probably want to be list publicly.

Then Neb explained that the initial intention to pay off the machine repair bill had been more than anticipated, so they turned to friends on Facebook to help make it up. But after Games Night on Friday, the amount collected had turned into more money while they were at dinner. I started leaking tears like crazy and looked over to see others wiping their eyes as well. David said, "Yep, pretty much the whole room knows about it" and I looked around to see everybody looking at me and grinning. All I could say was, "Wow!" and David said it wasn't too often that he'd seen me made speechless. That's about right. Kimberly said that the rest of the amount would be PayPal'd to me, as it was yesterday.

The remainder was $150 which is SO greatly appreciated! It may be just about enough to get an eye exam, since Costco does glasses and contact lens exams separately. I'll go right after Christmas and see if I can get an appointment. It won't be enough to get both exams and glasses but it's a start. I'm still going to have to do a GoFundMe to get it accomplished, I think. But this was SO very kind and considerate and showed me that I'm loved in a way that I can't deny.

That really made my whole day; best Yule I can remember in a long time.

There's more on my mind but I wanted to at least make a happy post for once.
rowangolightly: (JeannieRowanWeddingDay) for the Family, to help pay hospital bills and house payment/bills that amassed while she was fighting for her life.

The talk on the "Hope for Jeannie" facebook page is that the event will take place on July 28 (since July 21 is the Coronation event for KCRF that so many of the rennies will be attending.) There are several people stepping up to help find an indoor place to have it, with enough time in advance for her family to purchase airline tickets to be able to attend, and others who have offered to help in general.

It was my thought to conduct a Fundraiser here on LJ as was done for several other people, myself included. But since a couple people seem to doubt or cast aspersions upon my fund-raising for some reason, I'm hesitant to do that. It takes many, many hours to run one of those and I don't mind doing it; it's something I *can* do to help. It's a shame for it not to happen here because there are people who don't know her who would be happy to help out and donate, and others who don't even know her who would be able to buy nifty stuff to help out.

So I will give this one more shot: are there people here who would be willing to work on a FundRaiser on LiveJournal? Are people willing to donate goods, art work and services for others to bid on with ALL the proceeds going to Gary, Jeannie's husband? If so, I will donate my time to do it. If not, there is one more option; that those people willing to donate will send me (or someone; we'll determine who) the items, they will be put up at the Wake/Fund-raiser for Jeanne on July 28 for the silent auction.

It's up to you all. If I get comments in support of a LiveJournal Auction, I will start working on it. If nobody comments, I will let the idea go and change the focus to the Wake/Fund-raising for the July 28th event.
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This, oh my goodness this!

My wonderful young friend, Morgan Hardage, made this video to audition for the Glee Project. I had no idea she was doing this. She's a kick-ass performer at Scarborough Faire. I've watched her grow up over the last 3 or 4 years and Oh My Goodness she'd be perfect for this. Please go vote for her.

I can't begin to describe how nifty she is and how much she deserves this. She has this "grasp life with both hands" sort of approach to life that gives everyone around her so much joy.
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This is for my dear friend, Jenny. She's getting her doctorate in Communications and is needing interview subjects for her dissertation. Her topic is "Sexuality in the Work Place" and she needs to do a number of interviews. She needs them to represent a wide spectrum of all sorts of people and at the moment, she's needing in particular some GLBT subject.

Jenny is a fabulous, intelligent and amazing woman with incredible ethics and principles and asked me to help her get the word out. SO if some of my more alternative-lifestyle folk would help her out, that would be awesome. Anyone participating in the interview gets an honorarium of $20, which is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!

SO, here's the recruitment post.

If you're interested, follow the directions on that post to set up an interview with Jenny.
Please and thanks!

(And this is another post I'm doing publicly to help spread the word about this.)


Jun. 10th, 2010 05:26 pm
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This is for a contest but also because Tessa Gratton rocks and because, as I've been telling her, I'm gonna be able to say "I knew her when..." before too much longer at all.

This is her web-site:!

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I completely forgot to post about this after my last trip to Springfield, not too surprisingly I guess since I came back to such connectivity problems.

Our dear friends, Ezra and Dilly, otherwise known as Mike and Nancee, own an organic farm in addition to being amazing and wonderful musicians. The farm's web-site is:

They offer organic vegetables and beef, corn and chicken that is totally healthy, as healthy as they can get. There are no hormones, no pesticides and nothing but tender loving care. I've had some of their eggs and OMG were they good. I was cooking at Eric and Julie's and soon as I cracked an egg, I asked, "Are these Mike and Nancee's eggs 'cause the yolks are so gold and fresh-looking!" Surely enough, they were. Mike was telling me last weekend (ok, weekend before last) that he had a whole field of potatoes.

Now, unfortunately, they aren't nearly as good at marketing and selling as they are at both music and farming. So they're working with Eric to solve that problem. When I said, "Hey, they're going to be at OKRF this year, Eric said, "OH yeah, that's right!"

SO those of you who aren't local to Springfield, MO, but are local to the Tulsa are and will be at OKRF any weekend also have the chance to order fresh veggies, eggs and meat. Now, please don't ask me what they have available because I don't have a list but I'm assured that they're growing just about everything, including herbs. If anybody wants stuff, I'll give you Eric's email address and he'll go from there. I do know that they're planning on bringing a bunch of stuff to OKRF every weekend.



Feb. 14th, 2010 10:10 am
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Awwwww, this is one of the neatest tributes I've ever seen for a deceased friend.

My old friend, Steve W. who played Thomas Aquarius at both Scarby and KCRF (old-timers will remember the delighful lunatic who would water the entire parade with a pair of silver pitchers. He would run himself ragged to keep everyone watered all the time.

He has written a definition "Pulling a Bert" for the Scarby performer who left us not long ago. And for anyone who knew Bert, this is the absolutely perfect tribute I can think of.

The reason I'm re-posting this from FaceBook, is that the more people who go and vote "thumbs up" for it, the more likely it is to get accepted into the Urban Dictionary.

Here's the listing:

1. Pulling a Bert

buy pulling a bert mugs, tshirts and magnets
1. Innocently doing something incredibly painful in a funny way. 2. Doing something outrageously extraordinary with simple things.
Pulling a Bert is riding a bicycle down a hill thru a stack of burning hay bales for charity.

When one slips off a roof while roofing and somehow manages to stop the fall by accidentally nailing one's hand to the roof you are Pulling a Bert.

Only one who is capable of Pulling a Bert would consider Walk UPSIDE DOWN along a suspended beam by repeated sequential lacing and unlacing of combat boots that are nailed along the underside of the beam.

A friend of mine pulled a Bert, he was in a hurry while building a house and nailed his foot to the floor while installing the hardwood floor.

In an effort to surprise a recently found friend one could Pull a Bert by hiding in the overhead bin of airplane and popping out to surprise passengers.

One way to Pull a Bert is to jump of out a second story window with nothing but an umbrella.

I'm going to pull a bert and hand people a beer from INSIDE the fridge.
Our contractor pulled a bert when he cut a hole in a 2nd story floor to install a spiral staircase, while standing in the center of the circle he was cutting.

One of the few guys who could regularly make you watch something and go "OW" while laughing your arse off, and then you'd have to go and see if he was alright.

Please help make this tribute a reality!
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Saw this over at [ profile] berkie's LJ.

Some people know that when I was 12 years old, we suffered a house fire caused by an overloaded fuse box. We were lucky. REMARKABLY LUCKY. The house wasn't destroyed, most losses were due to smoke and water damage and everyone(2 and 4 legged) got out of the house really quickly. It was unspeakably traumatic for me though, to the point where I KNOW the smell of a house fire and can't catch a whiff of that awful scent without practically having a panic attack.

So, when I saw via Cakewrecks today that there was a house fire in Burtchville Township, MI, that killed a woman's husband, 4 year old son and 8 month old daughter, to say that I was distressed is a VAST understatement.

Amanda Buckland and her step-daughter Ayllissa made it out of the house but 33 year old Charles died trying to save Joshua and baby Emma. This horrible tragedy days before Christmas may have been avoided by the presence of smoke detectors. PLEASE check your home and make sure you have enough WORKING detectors in your home to be able to be alerted to a fire. Have an escape plan. Have a back-up escape plan. Have a plan C.

Amanda's employer, Ullenbruch's Flowers and Gifts, is taking donations under the name Buckland Family Trust. There's even a PayPal account set up to donate online. Financial recovery from a fire is hard enough with insurance let alone the added expenses that Amanda and Ayllissa will need to bury their husband/father and children/siblings.

If you had no idea what to get me for Christmas, DONATE TO THIS FAMILY. Even $5 would replace a shirt or a pair of socks, don't worry about the amount.

Since I fail at embedding code, the links are here: (and that one contains the PayPal link)

THIS IS A PUBLIC POST. Please feel free to share.

You think you have problems until you read about a story like this. I cannot even begin to imagine.
Please spread the word; money won't take away their pain but it will make it easier to cope and begin again.
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The days come in a variety of good, not so good, cheerful, chipper and downright gloomy; today is "eh", somewhere in the middle of all those. Let me 'splain, if I can.

And let me begin by wishing us all WELL!

Today is Yule and while it's not the beginning of the year, I can see it from here. Perhaps I'm weird but I've never been able to look at the Sabbats like everyone else does. A lot of things are ending but more are beginning. I'm trying to look at it as more of the beginning than an ending or maybe the end of the ending and beginning of the beginning of a new life. That made sense in my head.

this will get rambly, please bear with me )

Happy, blessed Yule to you all.

And yes, I made this post public on purpose; it's time the cards were all laid on the table. I'm screening comments so everyone can be as candid as they like. If you wish for me to NOT unscreen what you've said, please make that clear.


Nov. 19th, 2009 05:54 pm
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...of gratitude, this time.

Second post of the "attitude of gratitude" stuff that I've kinda been avoiding.

Today, I'm so immensely grateful for my friends, I can hardly stand it. So I think I'll sit down.


Thanks you guys.
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This from [ profile] bessofhardwick

For those who are as of yet unaware, I will be at the Maryland Renaissance Festival on Saturday and Sunday, October 24th and 25th, for closing weekend. I will be doing a book signing of my book, Renaissance Festivals! Merrying the Past and Present. If you have MDRF people on your friends list, please let them know that this is an opportunity to get the first ever full-length scholarly book on festivals in general, but that it also focuses for several chapters on MDRF. And, I will sign all copies with a personal note. Thank you for passing along the information. Any questions, just drop me a line here!!!

(She also mentions Faire a la Carte in one of the chapters, which I found to be very cool!)

Good luck, dear, and I hope you sell LOTS of books! I want mine (soon as I can afford it!) and will get one soon as I see you again!

BTW, I've read a few bits of it, and it fabulous! Scarby-ites will enjoy it a lot!

(Huh, just looked in my pics and it seems that I don't have *anywhere* a pic of QG and Bess together...that's aweful!)
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Ganked from AmberBob and changing slightly...

My dear friend, (my sister band-mate) fantastic teacher and violin player is offering lessons, both group and private, in the Central Oklahoma area. If you or someone you know would be interested, please pass this link to her Craigslist ad along:

I believe that music is one of the greatest gifts we can give, either to ourselves or a loved one, and instilling the love of it in someone is one of the kindest things we can do for them. Please support your local school music programs, and support those whose love of music inspires them to share that love with others.

Hear, hear and thanks for posting this, Amber.
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My dear friend (whom I'm not yet had the chance to meet face-to-face) Janis, aka [ profile] ar_wahan is a simply marvelous woman. She's a professional free-lance writer, patient board member and kind-hearted activist for many worthy causes; generous to a fault, always.

Any time that I have put up a fund-raising effort for a friend, she has pitched in EVERY SINGLE TIME, without having known any of these people except through LiveJournal. That is the sort generosity, both of pocket and heart that makes her such an amazing woman.

She is diabetic and has overcome several other health challenges, not mine to tell about, with a courage and positive outlook that I so admire. Nothing seems to hold her down and she always finds ways to give back, that is her nature.

She is now going on the Walk for Diabetes for the American Diabetes Association and is looking for sponsors to help her raise funds during her walk.

You have all been most generous; she is the soul of generosity. I think it behooves us all to help her out in her own fund-raising drive for such a good cause. Although I have no cash at the moment, I will most definitely be donating, just as soon as I get paid for the work I did back in July.

Here's the link:
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Here we go. This post is a to-date complete listing of all the items being offered at this point to help AmberBob raise the funds to pay for the new engine in her car; we're almost half way there, through the kindness of many people. Here's the next way you can help; bid on and buy this wonderful stuff that has been donated. You can also publicize this auction all over the place, so folk who are not on my flist can join in, if they wish.

Once this post has been made and folk have had the chance to look through the items a bit, I will make the actual bidding posts, one item at a time. PLEASE NOTE: This is not the actual post for bidding. This is the display/proofing post for the entire listing of items. Individual posts for each item will be forthcoming, soon as I can get them up.

Cutting to save my flist page...but please DO look and publicize this auction! )

PLEASE REMEMBER: This is not the actual post for bidding. This is the display/proofing post for the entire listing of items. Individual posts for each item will be forthcoming, soon as I can get them up.
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This is their take on TamLin....oh wow, this is sexy stuff! Found over at [ profile] shadesong's place.

Gonna hafta buy this CD; can't wait until next May when we get to see Alec.

(Psssst...Eric! This is Alexander James Adams' new group, Tricky Pixie, with S.J. Tucker. Very Hot Stuff; you should see if you could get them for Barataria faire!)

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Reposting from my darling hubby 'cause I should be sewing.

But he's SO right; you all need to come to OKRF the weekend after Scarby is done!

As per Bruce:

I just had a "V8" moment after reading a friend's post.

I realized that this year there is a magical alignment of planets and other weird coincidence having to do with the calendar.

It seems that our home faire, The Oklahoma Renaissance Festival, runs one week later than Scarborough. For once, Scarby and OKRF don't completely overlap.

This could be a chance, for those who are not totally burnt after 8 grueling weekends of performance (to say naught of rehearsals), to come and enjoy a visit 4 hours to the North, in Muskogee, OK.

We would *LOVE* to see you up here... I mean, *really*. Come play? One Saturday. Air-Conditioned Castle on the grounds. Queen's Gambit in the Pub. In the A/C. Jolly Rogers. Cut, Thrust and Run. Lots more. We'll *make* time and place for a court dance.

What say you?"

Please, pretty please, with sugar on top? AmberBob said that our amazing ED, Donald Ryan (who is on LJ as [ profile] gryphonknyte, or has stated that any Scarborough folk who want to come to OKRF should contact him, for maybe oh, something like guest performer passes, maybe...

It would utterly rock to have a Scarby invasion at OKRF, and then one about a month later at White Hart! Just sayin'....


Apr. 1st, 2009 11:22 am
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For anyone wishing to attend Jim Gasser's services, many thanks to Emily for posting this information.

re-posting what she posted in FaceBook )

*sigh* Well, poo. We can't attend, that's the first day of Norman Medieval Faire. Very disappointing but not at all surprising. I only hope that there'll be some sort of memorial at KCRF and that we can attend then.

My heart will be there, that's for certain.

EDIT: As Jen pointed out, it is not customary to send flowers. If you cannot be there and wish to do something, please contact the funeral home and see if any other memorial is being planned. Here is a list of hints on how to be respectful at a Jewish funeral.
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So now I'm concerned about who may have been with Jim in that SUV, who was taken to a local area hospital with serious injuries. We know it wasn't Mary and we've heard from others who have worked with him; has anybody heard from Lyle? I have a bad feeling about this, if the person who was his passenger was headed with him to work at the California Pleasure Faire; the only person I know with that kind of time is Lyle and I'm not in contact with him; if now Lyle, then who? Thing is, if that person is in serious condition in a local hospital and is now pretty much stranded there; I'm wondering if whoever it is has any immediate family or anybody to watch out after them and visit them.

Yeah, dammit...its a part of the ministry or MotherHen or leadership; somebody had to think of these things.

Anybody know how to get ahold of Mary Hill and find out who was going out there with Jim to work at that faire?
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Here's the news item on the accident, from Robert of the BlackArchers.

I spoke with Robert this evening. He said, "My boy, Hunter; the Barbarian was the only reason he wanted to come out to faire. Now I have to figure out a way to break the news to him."

The only comfort I have to offer is that at least we got to know him and experience his kindness, gentleness and sweetness; qualities that may not seem to fit a big, scary barbarian but did describe Jim to a T.
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One of the KCRF vendors, Moon Marble, is up for an award as "One of the 8 wonders of Kansas".

Now, Bruce of Moon Marble is a nifty guy and if you haven't stopped by his booth near the front gate (just past Spangler Art), you've really missed out. He has an amazing marble store and plant in erm, Bonner Springs, I think, which is really very cool.

Go here,, and vote for him, please...and 7 others as well. You're really spozed to be a KS citizen but I just entered where I USED to live in KS and voted anyway.

He deserves it!

While I'm at it, the Kansas Sampler is a pretty nifty store as well.



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