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As of right now, except for the fee they take out, I have almost enough donations to pay for the basic registration.

I sorta expected a quicker response but I'm trying not to be too discouraged.

Here's the link to it:

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I don't know this guy but I feel for his situation; a friend posted this and I'm just boosting the signal since that's all I can do. I live in daily fear that this long-term-loaner laptop I've been using for a couple years may die any day and I'd be up that creek with no steering implement, for sure.

"So, a friend of mine is in a really bad spot. [ profile] robertsloan2 is living in San Francisco in a residence hotel on $750 a month disability. His rent is $600. (Or something like this. My details may be off but it is ridiculous.) While he gets food stamps, this puts him in a place where he cannot afford anything beyond bare necessities, and sometimes not even that.

Robert's computer died this morning. We are looking at donating our working laptop, but it is six years old, and I'm not sure how much time it has left. The Internet is Robert's support network and more than that, his livelihood, as he is a writer and looking to self-publish. Without a working computer, he can't do any of this.

Because of complications with Social Security counting any money that Robert receives through his paypal as income (and will thus take it out of his disability checks), I will be acting as guardian for the collected funds and will arrange to have the laptop purchased and sent to him, and will make sure that he receives any funds leftover. My paypal is"

Every little bit helps. Please pass this around! Thank you guys! :)
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Well, since the clothing didn't get any nibbles and now that I've figured out that my photo scrapbook on here needed weeding out, here's a new post of jewelry to sell. The same thing goes as the last time; you see something you want, PLEASE list it by the item number in the comment so I can keep this stuff straight.

As last time, the payments can be most easily done via PayPal to I'll have to add postage on the items I sell that needs to be mailed; you know the drill. Put bluntly, please friends, help yourselves to some of the lovely stuff I've collected over the years. Needless to say, I paid a lot more for all of this jewelry when I bought it; these prices are great bargains. The garb for sale will come later; right now I'm trying get some money generated quickly.

stuff for sale )
rowangolightly: (JeannieRowanWeddingDay) for the Family, to help pay hospital bills and house payment/bills that amassed while she was fighting for her life.

The talk on the "Hope for Jeannie" facebook page is that the event will take place on July 28 (since July 21 is the Coronation event for KCRF that so many of the rennies will be attending.) There are several people stepping up to help find an indoor place to have it, with enough time in advance for her family to purchase airline tickets to be able to attend, and others who have offered to help in general.

It was my thought to conduct a Fundraiser here on LJ as was done for several other people, myself included. But since a couple people seem to doubt or cast aspersions upon my fund-raising for some reason, I'm hesitant to do that. It takes many, many hours to run one of those and I don't mind doing it; it's something I *can* do to help. It's a shame for it not to happen here because there are people who don't know her who would be happy to help out and donate, and others who don't even know her who would be able to buy nifty stuff to help out.

So I will give this one more shot: are there people here who would be willing to work on a FundRaiser on LiveJournal? Are people willing to donate goods, art work and services for others to bid on with ALL the proceeds going to Gary, Jeannie's husband? If so, I will donate my time to do it. If not, there is one more option; that those people willing to donate will send me (or someone; we'll determine who) the items, they will be put up at the Wake/Fund-raiser for Jeanne on July 28 for the silent auction.

It's up to you all. If I get comments in support of a LiveJournal Auction, I will start working on it. If nobody comments, I will let the idea go and change the focus to the Wake/Fund-raising for the July 28th event.
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Auction to Benefit the amazing Terri Windling!

If you're not aware, author/editor/all-around amazing lady Terri Windling is in need of financial assistance for health-related reasons. There are auctions going on over at Magick4Terri (here: There are LOTS of awesome things being donated, from fans and big-name authors alike (Neil Gaiman, Brian and Wendy Froud, George R. R. Martin). And there's a straight-up donate button as well.

(Wow, there's some simply *amazing* stuff on there! All my author and fantasy/SciFi reading friends, all my geek friends; check this out! I'm seriously considering offering one of my multi-fabric designer jackets to the sale as well.


Jun. 25th, 2011 08:53 am
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Ok, friends. In the last several years we've helped a nifty fae song-writer & performer(Sooj). We've helped a dear friend get a new engine for her car. We've helped Dave save his amazing farm & concert space. You've helped me have money to move and start a new life.

Now it's time again. I posted recently about a mother's struggle to keep her daughter away from the abusive ex-husband. She's found an attorney, thank ghods, but now we need to work on helping pay the attorney fees and her moving expenses. Mom is a talented artist; you know the drill, artists have a tough time in our society. Here's her etsy site:

So a group has been set up, and an auction; like we do when one of our extended famiy needs help. No, I don't know her but we are ALL brothers and sisters, no? YES. The group is [ profile] savemia. Donate stuff, bid on stuff, donate money, boost the signal, go see what you can do to help. They need some geek help as well.

I'm going to donate something, not quite sure what yet. Might be a laptop bag, might be a jacket. Maybe both.

Think of it this way; we all not only have the chance to help a mother and her child become free and safe, we also have the opportunity to re-write the way this little girl perceives the rest of the world, changing it from the fear and anger of being abused to the blessing of knowing that total strangers cared enough to help her and her mother find justice and peace.

Save Mia!

Jun. 22nd, 2011 09:33 am
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Originally posted by [ profile] shadesong at Save Mia!
(Original text by [ profile] kythryne.)

This community has been created to help raise funds for Jen and her young daughter Mia who are engaged in a custody battle involving domestic violence. A plea for help went out last week to try to find a lawyer who would take Jen's case, as the court-assigned lawyer was not acting in Mia's best interests and Jen was very afraid she would end up losing custody completely. Jen has since retained a wonderful new lawyer who has agreed to take payments over time.

Jen is a talented artist and a good mother who has exhausted her resources trying to protect her daughter. With the court's permission, Jen and Mia are presently staying with Jen's sister, pending resolution of the custody trial in New York. Once the trial is over and Jen no longer has to travel to New York, Jen plans to relocate permanently to Florida, where Mia can have a safe home with her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

We hope to raise enough money through these auctions to significantly offset the lawyer's fees, which will be substantial. Any money left after the lawyer's fees are paid in full will be used to help Jen and Mia relocate to Florida once the trial is over.

I'd like to contribute something for auction! What do I do?

Wonderful, thank you so much! Please create a new post in this community, and include the following information:

* What you are auctioning and how much it's worth
* A photograph of the item or link to your website (if applicable)
* A starting bid
* When the auction will end (we suggest running auctions for one week)
* Whether or not you will cover shipping costs

I'd like to bid on something I see in the auction! How does this work?

To bid, simply reply to the previous high bidder. If there are no bids yet, just leave a comment with your opening bid.

I have no money and nothing to auction, but I'd still like to help. What can I do?

Boost the signal! Spread the word far and wide. We could also use help customizing and maintaining this community.

(You can also help in the larger scheme of things by volunteering at your local domestic violence shelter.)

For Sale

May. 19th, 2011 01:40 pm
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Practically brand new (maybe used once) Canon EOS Rebel S with EF 35-80 mm lens, with the case it came in and lens cleaning kit. It's pristine and it's for sale.

Closest thing I can find on Amazon is the Rebel XS model and they're asking $450 for it new, $390 used.

The first person who wants to throw $300 my way, gets it. It'll have to be extra if I have to ship it somewhere.

There will be other things going up soon; jewelry and stuff soon as I can photograph it and get it up here.

I need the money and I need less stuff.
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The ever-awesome [ profile] harmanhay is creeping closer to her goal of earning $5000 to be able to go to Haiti and help build a Community Center. The production of the Peacock Dress will, if I'm not mistaken, happen after the Haiti trip and be entirely out of her own pocket to produce; all donations to directly to Haiti.

It seems that she and her partner, Demi, need to both qualify in order to go so they are also making and selling cupcakes. Since they live in England, shipping cupcakes to the States is impractical BUT you can still donate money.

I'm still hoping she gets far enough on the dress for me to donate the lace I posted pictures of last week. Anyway, here' the link to the dress and the fundraising.

Also one of her commenters/donors posted a link to another costume, this one an actual preservation of a costume that theatre geeks will enjoy: the Ellen Terry/Lady MacBeth dress stitched with *real* iridescent beetle wings.
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Hey Everybody in KC and nearby...

There's something really fun happening this Wednesday night at Hamburger Mary's!

It's Charity Bingo night and the charity happens to be the Kansas City Woman's Chorus.
It starts at 8pm and the individual tickets are only $5. I'm told that their food is fabulous, that this event is a blast so I wanted to invite everybody.

It's campy, fabulous and fun. We've all assembled some outrageous White Elephant prizes and I've heard that the bingo caller is a HOOT!

I'll be there starting about 7, selling bingo cards, if anybody wants to drop by for the food, the frolic and the fun. It should be a blast!
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Well, this has certainly gotten off to a whiz-bang of a start. It appears as though I'm going to be making a whole bunch of apple butter, pumpkin, zucchini and banana bread between now and Thanksgiving. Yep, I'm calling this "RowanTreats" because that's the best title I've been able to think of; improvements to that idea are always welcome.

The post this afternoon, inquiring into pricing and interest garnered more interest than I'd expected so now I need to make it more official.


If you're wanting to order one of the following items, please leave a comment. All comments will be screened because I will need contact info so fulfill all the orders. What I need specifically is:
Your *real* name, your address, phone number and email address.
Which item you want to order, the number of units you want to order
If there is a specific timeline in which you want to receive the products.

I can't start making apple butter until this weekend, and the baking of the breads will have to be after Halloween/Samhain as I have too many sewing deadlines to complete any before then. Each one will have a sticker with the ingredients listed; there will be no preservatives whatsoever in any of the product, including the eggs which are local and free range. The loaves of bread are full-sized loaves, not the little mini-size.

Here are your options:

Apple Butter, original recipe @ $5/pint
Apple Butter, agave/honey @ $5/pint
Apple Butter, no added sugar @4.50/pint
Lemon Curd @ $6/pint
Pumpkin Bread, original (add chocolate chips and/or pecans) $7/loaf
Pumpkin Bread, Splenda (add chocolate chips and/or pecans) $7/loaf
Zucchini Bread, original (add chocolate chips and/or pecans) $7/loaf
Zucchini Bread, Splenda (add chocolate chips and/or pecans) $7/loaf
Banana Bread, original (add chocolate chips and/or pecans) $7/loaf
Banana Bread, Splenda (add chocolate chips and/or pecans) $7/loaf

NOTE: Pricing on breads has increased due to more current market research. Those of you who have already ordered still get the original price!

So to demonstrate, an order would look like this:

Susi Matthews
236434 Hungry Street, Apr 2345
City, ST Zip
(813) 234-3456 (random, not real)

1 loaf, zucchini bread with chocolate chips and nuts
2 pints apple butter, original recipe
Total spent: $15

I have to look into shipping before I can pass along those costs. And my preferred method of payment is PayPal, to the address rowangolightly (at) gmail (dot) com. If you're local, cash also works.

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Ok gang, concern over having enough money for rent and utilities plus needed car work has me thinking of creative ways to make some quick (as in, within the next week) cash.

Some of you have tried my home-made apple butter and have raved over the cinamonny-clovey-tart-sweet goodness. There are NO preservatives in my apple butter, btw. It is packaged in glass canning jars with the double metal lids and fully preserved via the recommended water-bath canning process.

Apples are seasonal and reasonably inexpensive; I already have on hand the sugar and Penzey's spices to I could make cup a couple batches of the nummy stuff pretty quickly, as in, this weekend. I would, of course, need to charge for shipping and would package the jars very carefully; I have a metric butt-ton of bubble wrap. Of course, if you're local and order some, you can save on the shipping and we can make arrangements to deliver the apple butter.

So tell me what you think, please. Are you interested? Would you order some apple butter? Should I make one batch of it diabetic friendly? So here's a poll....

[Poll #1633399]

I figure that it costs me about $1.50 per pint just to make it, including my time. If I get 5 or 6 orders, that makes it worthwhile for me to make at least one batch.

I would also consider doing the same thing with my banana zucchini chocolate chip bread and/or my pumpkin bread, if there is sufficient interest.

And please feel free to pass this along; I'm making this a rare open post.

(x-posted to [ profile] rescue_rowan)
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I can't donate but I certainly can boost the signal....

Please pass this information along. I know most of you have seen these types of stories on the news. SPAR is sponsoring these two dogs to re-home them with a sailor serving in Iraq. Make sure to note that your donation is for this project.

Contact: Carol Currie--405-275-2167

Patti Marshall--405-481-0438

Local animal rescue organization, Saving Pets At Risk (SPAR), is undertaking a special project to help an American soldier stationed in Iraq bring home the two dogs he's befriended. John, a Petty Officer with Naval Special Warfare in Iraq, is trying to raise funds to pay for the dog brothers he and his Unit unofficially adopted during John's tour of duty.

"I feel these dogs are partnered with the entire unit and the dogs are our extended family pets. We have formed a brotherhood here with these dogs, and them being brothers makes it even more special," said John. "We have thirty or so guys here that would be greatly saddened by the capture and destruction of these dogs." Typically, dogs hanging around armed forces compounds are frowned upon and destroyed.

The cost to ship this pair of happy-go-lucky shepherd mix siblings through SPCA International is $1000 per dog. John said he plans to keep the dogs as they have become his constant companions.

"SPAR is honored to be helping John's Unit by gathering donations to ship their four-legged brothers home. It seems a small price to pay for what they have sacrificed for us," said SPAR President Carol Currie. "With the October 15 deadline looming so quickly, SPAR is doing everything we can to get this project done as fast as possible."

Donations to help John's unit bring these canine brothers home to the United States can be made to SPAR's PayPal donation site. Please indicate that the donation is specifically for "Bringing Home the Brothers." Go to and click on the “donation” link or mail your tax deductible donation to SPAR, PO Box 702, Shawnee, OK 74802-0702.

SPAR is a 501(C)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to saving animals in dire situations and finding homes for homeless and abandoned animals in Shawnee, Ok and surrounding areas. For more information, please call 405-702-7727, select option 3.

Note: John’s name and the name of his troop are being withheld to keep our soldiers safe from insurgents.
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...which, of course, I knew. But this is really sad news. And I can't help at all since I'm basically homeless myself, except for the charity of dear friends. It sucks all over.

But if anyone has the money and inclination to help these nice people, please do so.

The Pet Connection is shutting its doors.

Effective immediately, The Pet Connection is closing its adoption center Mondays through Fridays until enough money can be raised to reopen. We will still be open on weekends and adoptions can be done by appointment during the week. In the past three months we have been under extensive scrutiny from several different agencies. We have been inspected by the state veterinary board, the state animal health department, the fire department, and the city because of “anonymous complaints” or “routine inspections”. We may have made someone mad or it may all just be a strange coincidence, but either way, we have needed to use the majority of our time and resources handling these repeated inspections. Lawyer fees and extra staff time have drained our bank account.
We need help to raise enough money to reopen our doors. We want to continue to help the thousands of animals we help each year through our adoption center and clinic. We want to continue to provide assistance to other rescue shelters and rescue groups so that they can help more pets. But we also need to prepare ourselves in case we need to shut our doors forever. As hard as it is, we are currently no longer taking in cats or large dogs to prepare ourselves in case we have to close for good. Many organizations and animals rely on our care.
With enough money we can re-open our doors to the public every day and can begin taking in dogs and cats into our shelter again. This bump in the road only has to be a small set back to the overall good that we provide to this community.
Please contact Melody Kelso and/or Jason Huff for details on how to help and/or for details on an informational meeting that will be held in the next few days to explain the circumstances to those interested. Donations can be made at or by coming to our facility. Jack 105 will be having a live remote at our facility on Saturday from 10A-12N to help raise needed sponsorships. Address: 5918 Broadmoor, Mission. KS 66202.
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Helping to broadcast another auction to help a nifty gal.

I "met" [ profile] denelian over at the [ profile] save_dave action just after the one I organized to help pay for the engine in [ profile] apocalypticbob's car and just before my life blew up and she organized one to help me.

This sweet gal has a bunch of health problems but still, finds way to help others. She donated stuff for the Save_Dave auction and she donated stuff for mine and has become a friend. She's in school and is trying to pay for much-needed medical expenses.

So please, pass the word along:
Go look over the stuff, maybe donate something.

You guys donating and bidding on stuff was the only way I was able to survive this move and the up-rooting without utter panic; I'm so grateful. I can't do anything to help Liz right now other than to help broadcast this, so that is what I'm doing.
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Saw this over at [ profile] berkie's LJ.

Some people know that when I was 12 years old, we suffered a house fire caused by an overloaded fuse box. We were lucky. REMARKABLY LUCKY. The house wasn't destroyed, most losses were due to smoke and water damage and everyone(2 and 4 legged) got out of the house really quickly. It was unspeakably traumatic for me though, to the point where I KNOW the smell of a house fire and can't catch a whiff of that awful scent without practically having a panic attack.

So, when I saw via Cakewrecks today that there was a house fire in Burtchville Township, MI, that killed a woman's husband, 4 year old son and 8 month old daughter, to say that I was distressed is a VAST understatement.

Amanda Buckland and her step-daughter Ayllissa made it out of the house but 33 year old Charles died trying to save Joshua and baby Emma. This horrible tragedy days before Christmas may have been avoided by the presence of smoke detectors. PLEASE check your home and make sure you have enough WORKING detectors in your home to be able to be alerted to a fire. Have an escape plan. Have a back-up escape plan. Have a plan C.

Amanda's employer, Ullenbruch's Flowers and Gifts, is taking donations under the name Buckland Family Trust. There's even a PayPal account set up to donate online. Financial recovery from a fire is hard enough with insurance let alone the added expenses that Amanda and Ayllissa will need to bury their husband/father and children/siblings.

If you had no idea what to get me for Christmas, DONATE TO THIS FAMILY. Even $5 would replace a shirt or a pair of socks, don't worry about the amount.

Since I fail at embedding code, the links are here: (and that one contains the PayPal link)

THIS IS A PUBLIC POST. Please feel free to share.

You think you have problems until you read about a story like this. I cannot even begin to imagine.
Please spread the word; money won't take away their pain but it will make it easier to cope and begin again.
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(cross-posted to [ profile] rescue_rowan

I've wanted to put this up and had to wait until I took new pictures of the bathroom.

This item is for a custom faux-finish paint job for a room no bigger than 10'x10' (if a paint job for a bigger room is desired, an additional fee will accrue, to be discussed at time of the job.

I am willing to travel to do this, with the understanding that the winner must pay my travel expenses and lodge and feed me while I'm completing the job. Also, the winner will provide (as in, pay for, the paint and supplies. I have my own brushes, rollers and tools; what will be required is the paints, glazes and anything else that might be required once the specifications are determined.

The pictures of the guest bathroom in this house show an "Old World" layered color finish. This sort of finish took about 12 different layers of paint, including glazes and washes and took nearly a week to complete on a 3'x 6' room, partly accounting for drying time between coats.

A job like this would normally bid out at about $1500 for labor alone. This is a phenomenal deal, partly for this auction and my needing money to move and partly to launch the painting business I want to re-start once I move back to Kansas City.

Ok, so...starting bid is $300 and as I said, the value of this is about $1500.

This auction will end December 15, 2009.

(Please do not bid here, but over at [ profile] rescue_rowan so that AmberBob can keep track of the bidding.

Thanks, and please look at the other items while you're there, and please pass the word. This may be tacky of me to promote for myself but moving and legal fees are huge and seem a bit overwhelming at times.

cut for images )
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Here's the video that [ profile] popelizbet filmed and posted about when they told Dave the news that his house and land was saved.

He said, "I don't know what to say, Thank you!" at least six times.

And yes, I'd LOVE to go to that party in Nashville next year....


And sweet blind Abe, the very cute dog!

Dave has the best, pole-axed, amazed look ever; "don't tell Lizbet anything!" *HEE*


Oct. 30th, 2009 07:56 am
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Happy ones...yeah, I'm a sap, so sue me.


As [ profile] popelizbet so perfectly said this morning:
$2,307.39 in local, mail & Paypal donations.
$4,810 in auction bids.
$7117.39 raised to save Dave since nine am a week from Tuesday.

We did it. Y'all just worked a nine day's wonder. Whatever will y'all do next?

No, it isn't quite over yet, auctions are still open (there's a Matthews Design ORIGINAL, ONE OF A KIND jacket over there going, right now, for less than half it's value, fer instance.

And anything over it will go do Dave's favorite charity, saving dogs who would normally be put to sleep...damned worthy cause, far as I'm concerned.

That'll be one amazing party over there tomorrow night, when they hand Dave (who doesn't yet know about this miracle) a check for the amount that's been paid into paypal at this point. SOME party indeed! There'll be a live feed on Sunday, hope I can watch it.

Y'all rock, verily. Yes, this is mostly SciFiCon and Rennies who did this!
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Over at [ profile] save_dave it's going great; LOTS of new, nifty stuff has been added. The gratitude of the gal whose organizing this is just amazing to see; I know this has reaffirmed her belief in people. See, Dave doesn't know about any of this yet; so far as he's concerned, he's still about to lose his house and land. They're going to tell him on Halloween and film the whole thing...hope the poor guy doesn't have a heart attack over it.

My book bag that I put into it is up to $55.

I intend to add one of my jackets as another item to it; one like the new one that some of you have seen, the one I've worn to Pub Night and that I wore the night Three Pints Gone and all of us went to the Casino for the dinner at the amazing smorgasbord. Soon as Bruce can help me take a picture of it (I tried taking one in the mirror and it just didn't work at all) I'll add the auction item to the group.

There's all sorts of nifty stuff; baked goods, services like printing and web design and, goods like jewelry, paintings, knitted and crocheted stuff and all sorts of stuff...mostly from people who don't know Dave but understand the worry and pain of the threat of losing one's home, no matter how hard they've worked. Anyone who knows how that feels...well, go and bid on something, please?



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