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Toldja there'd be more pictures of the Hand-fasting.

And I got to see stuff I wasn't there for yet, how cool is that? *And* to discover that Di was video-taping, too, not to mention realizing there were a few folk I hadn't realized were there.
Yeah, I was kinda in a daze!


And thanks muchly, Mark and Sam and Aspen....
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Dear Br.William just posted more of the pictures he took the day of the Hand-fasting.


Thank you SO much!

Oh, and I added a few more in on my post, too and edited it...drrr, I should proof-read!
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We'll see if I can get this to work. These are the first of the hand-fasting images; many more to follow I'm sure since there were many cameras flashing throughout the whole ceremony.

I spend a good part of the morning sorting and cropping pictures. Poor dear Brother William was doing yeoman's work of taking pictures in the gathering twilight with hands that had been carving wooden flowers all day long; I'm amazed he got the number of wonderful images that he did. Looking through them made me all floaty again...

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It's here! *bounce, bounce* The doorbell just rang and Amber and I both ran to the door.

The new mail lady looked quite surprised to have two excited women open the door but when I said, "It's my engagement ring!" she beamed. Really nice lady who was very pleased and excited, too! I think being a postal worker is probably often boring, so nice to give her a thing to smile about.

AND the headpiece got here that's great. And it's gorgeous, not to big, not too glitzy and not a complete circlet so I don't have to do anything with it other than put it on my head so I'm very happy. Now just waiting for the broom!

I'm eating lunch which is why I'm here now plus I promised to report. I'm treating myself to a peanut butter and sweet pickle on toasted homemade bread; it's delicious (comfort food/treat from when I was a kid) but Penny's scowling at me because I'm not eating something she wants.

No, of course I'm not going to look, not even opening up the envelops! Just glad something else arrived so I had something to open and squee about...
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Bruce finished the mastering of the CD this morning and took it to Russ to duplicate; I'll pick them up about 1pm today. The packaging will be finished designing and start printing tonight.

Anybody wanna come over tomorrow day or evening and help assemble 100 CDs? These first 100 will be collectors items since they're being done by hand and will not be shrink-wrapped.

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Aug. 21st, 2006 09:18 am
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Well, here's a quandry. Color me unrealistic but I never, ever, ever expected to get presents for the Hand-fasting. I mean, it's pretty much a betrothal as we've been explaining it to those who aren't familiar with the tradition.

We have enough stuff! I mean, ye gods...I need to put half this household on eBay as it is! But I have been told in no uncertain terms that there are folk who want to get us a little something and would like it be something we'd enjoy and not 'end up in good-will' as I was clearly informed just this morming.

There is a whole business set up for this sort of thing; registry. While I feel damned silly at this point in my life going through a bridal registry, I also recognize that is the easiest and most convenient way for folk who really want to gift to do so.

We reallyreallyreally do not expect people to get us presents! We've already received one that blew me I'm going to do (for once in my life!) the expected thing and go see if Lowe's has a gift registry. Maybe Bed, Bath, and Beyond Belief as well, just for grins.

But we really just want our friends there to share our joy, especially after having come through such travails to get here in the first place!

Life is funny, innit?

Any of my local girlfriends wanna go window shoppies with me this week?
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But it has been interesting... The fan on the AC was what quit working. Bruce was able to re-start it but now we must run it constantly until we can get a repairman out here to fix it. At least the house has cooled down!

Julia came over last evening and they got some done on the violin tracks for the CD but it was way hot upstairs. I worked on the hand-fasting sash some more and then put it away completely frustrated; don't want that kind of energy in it so I may wait until this weekend and ask for help on it. A thunderstorm was forecast, and boy did it show up! The lightning started and one thunder-boomer was so close that it scared them and they came downstairs to check if I was alright! I was, the connection wasn't. We were without internet until about 11 this morning! Bruce looked at me about 10pm and said, "so what do we do now?" I said, "Oh, how about all those things on the to-do list that we don't get to because of the time-sucking computers?"

Going to focus on the hand-fasting dress instead. Alicia (oldest daughter) and her fiance took us out to dinner last Sunday both to celebrate his and my birthday and to ask Daddy's blessing on the engagement. (And of course, I'm making the wedding dress; how can I say no to that?) They had a gift card for me from Hancocks but hadn't written the value of it so I had no idea. When I went to buy the rest of the fabric, lining and overdress, I went easy 'cause I didn't want to overspend the gift certificate...thinking it was prolly $20 or $25. The cashier and I were both astonished to see that I had $75 left on it! Wow, I gotta go express some more gratitude to them!

So now we're waiting for Julia to come back and get some more of this done. I'm going to put a couple of whole chickens on the smoker and end up getting several meals plus some soup out of it. I have a philosophical post rambling about in my head; haven't done one of those for awhile. It has to percolate just a bit more first...
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OMG! What a lovely surprise!

Thanks so much to you and Chris for the lovely birthday arrived perfectly well even though the cold pack was thawed. I'm munching on a piece of the Chocolate Mint right now and it's melting in my mouth! ...that one's my favorite, hands down!

Ok, for those of you who weren't at White Hart Renaissance Festival and didn't get to taste any of the sheep's milk fudge or cheese...YOU MISSED OUT! Not only did we have Penny, our dear little mascot for the faire, but they also sent fudge and cheese made of sheep's milk which is lactose free. That's right, for those of you who are lactose intolerant, sheep's milk is lactose free and this stuff is delicious. Actually, rather than fudge, this is called "Smudge" which is cute, mental images of an old KCRF character notwithstanding.

It, and Penny, came from Stoney Acres Sheep Dairy and Cheese Plant in Competition, Missouri. They're at and on each label they give a complete breakdown of ingredients.

Anyway....I'm a very lucky and thankful woman who has such friends who send her prezzies and stuffs. You guys are just the greatest!

And then there's [ profile] mermaid2003 who sent us a hand-fasting present of a set of wonderful cotton towels when she read on a comment that we're short on towels! Good heavens! Thank you, dear...I'm just over-whelmed.

Life is if I could just a) get rid of this blasted headache and b) win the lottery so we had the money to do what we need/want to do! Might be easier, I spoze, if I ever bought a lottery ticket.

Oh yeah...

Jun. 15th, 2006 03:38 pm
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Since this has just transpired, guess I should pass it along.

The hand-fasting will be on Sunday of this coming Labor Day weekend rather than Saturday. Dear Rook has had a famil obligation come up and requested if it could be changed so that he could still officiate.

And so, being the 'willows in the wind' that Bruce and I choose to be, the day of the hand-fasting has been changed... It'll still be at KCRF in the garden behind the Chapel at about 7:30 after the end of the day of faire.

That's all!

News Flash!

Jun. 4th, 2006 09:37 pm
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I'm still flying high from the glorious music this afternoon (see Bruce's post for more detail on the concert and the wedding) and tired from a whole lot of weeding, wherein I had to save the squash and the corn from weeds they were growing higher than they were. But with all the sewing there just hasn't been time for the garden! But I'll make up for lost time this week and get a workout while I'm at it. Oh yeah, about that news flash....
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