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The foot is still quite painful but then, bone bruises last a freakin' long time. It IS a lot better; Star's Reiki helped a lot.

The hand is a concern, too, as the bunch of scar tissue on the heel of my right hand keeps me from using it to apply pressure to anything; it's a sharp pain whenever I do. Not sure what to do about that.

I am going to order a pair of summer shoes that hopefully will not rub or constrain the top of my right foot, without also looking like I'm wearing an old lady shoe.

And I'm fighting the baby slugs for my strawberries. That 'bowl of beer' thing does NOT work at all.

Crickets in the dating department. The mid-30's doctor just disappeared; oh well, I hadn't counted on that much either. And if David lived closer, I have no doubt we'd be dating more but he's busy, I'm busy and he lives 2 hours away. I'm not too hopeful on that one, nice as he is.

And work...lots of work.


Nov. 25th, 2012 12:09 pm
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Some better this morning; I just checked the bank accounts and the one PayPal amount made it into my business account this morning. PLUS the two over-drafts that were in "pending" did NOT go through as overdrafts because I covered them both times by shifting around what little I had in the two accounts to cover them. SO relieved!

I got paid for the Trebs blouse at yesterday's rehearsal so that'll go into the bank tomorrow first thing. Then a dear friend hired me long distance to make a veil for her and got the payment sent by PayPal which transfer will show up in the account in another day or two.

With a whole lot of hard work this week, I should be able to pay rent. That will still leave an overage in both water and gas that I have to come up with right away but at least I can now put a bit of gas in the car and buy tuna for the cats. I've been feeding them chicken because that's what I have in the freezer.

It amazes me how shameful it is, in this country, and at this time of year, to be poor. It's really depressing too, seeing people spend SO much money on trivial stuff when others are struggling just to keep fed and housed and have heat and water and electricity. There's such a huge imbalance in this country and while I don't have any answers, I certainly see the inequity. I also see how easy it would be to get angry and to be jealous and for that to turn into a canker and get really poisonous. Fortunately, that's not my nature. On my better days, it's my nature to count my blessings. This is turning out to be one of those days, because due to wonderful friends and a lot of hard work, my recent desperation is looking to be done for now.

Here's a blessing:
A very nifty site of teaching crafts so that the teachers get paid and people get to learn stuff. This is a form of education I really like. It's something I'd love to take part in, if I can figure out how. It's another one of those things that takes money and time that I just don't have right now because of scrambling so hard just to survive.

One last thing; this damned respiratory stuff is still hanging on. This has now been since before HALLOWEEN! The time I took off to try to get over it is now biting me in the arse 'cause I still feel ill but now HAVE to work and no time to go to a free clinic to get examined. I'm doing the cider and I think that's helping it not get worse but it's not kicking it. Some how mid-last week, the gunk re-attached itself to my nasal passages and throat. I'm SO ready to be done with this. I may try Elderberry since someone at TM rehearsal recommended it. And I need to get some Echinacea and Golden Seal but until this PayPal cleared, I couldn't even afford that.

Still, lots to feel thankful for. I have a wonderful relationship, if a bit strained right now to our mutual stress. I have two sweet kitties, both of whom slept with me last night; a small thing but something that adds lots of bliss to my nights. I had enough food for breakfast this morning and now, enough cash to get a few more groceries. Really, if I start with breakfast, I'm good for just one other meal in the day which is how things usually work for me. I have LOTS of work and now will just pray for lots of energy to get stuff completed QUICKLY.

And as always, I'm immensely grateful for my friends.
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Found this over at [ profile] roaming's LJ and I just checked it out on Snopes and there is nothing listed there for this topic.

Originally posted by [ profile] boosette at WARNING: Purina pet food has started making pets ill
Originally posted by [ profile] issendai at WARNING: Purina pet food has started making pets ill

My coworker John told me that his cat was seriously ill--throwing up, lethargic, refusing food, dropping weight. The previously healthy 6-year-old, 15-pound cat had lost a third of her body weight over the last few months. The vet couldn't find anything wrong with her. Blood tests were clean, and she didn't have any known illnesses. Yet she was a few days from organ failure.

That was a week ago. She's fine now. The solution was... to stop feeding her Purina cat food.

When John told me that, and said that friends of his had the same problem with their cats and Purina cat food, I looked into it. Holy shit. Take a look at the consumer complaints about Purina cat and dog food. This exact same problem has been an issue with Purina pet foods since 2007, but since this summer, the rate of complaints has picked up drastically. People who previously had to problems with Purina are reporting issues. Comment after comment sounds the same:

I've been feeding my three cats Fancy Feast canned food Chopped Grill Feast for many years. They have always devoured their meal and licked the plates clean. Last week, I noticed they did not want to eat much and went from plate to plate, ate a little. Next day, none of them would eat it. I kept trying new cans. What they did eat made them vomit and one cat was lethargic for days. I refuse to buy any more of this food. It's very scary. I don't know what is wrong with the food, but I fear it has toxins in it. I switched to another brand and the cats are fine now. Did anyone else experience this?


My dogs have been eating Purina Dog Chow (green bag) for about four years. They used to eat only Iams, but due to financial issues, we had to go with a cheaper brand. The last bag I purchased was about a week and a half ago. My 14 years old Labrador has vomited about 5-6 times and my German Shepherd has vomited about 4 times. Something is wrong with this food! The food has a kind of metallic smell to it. It just does not smell right. I'm taking it back to the pet store. I am changing my dogs' food, it's just not worth taking the chance to save a few dollars.


We purchased a large bag of Purina One Salmon dry cat food to give to a needy pet owner. She emailed us a couple of days later ,to say that there were maggots, lots of them with what looked to be like strands or webs with more dead gnats or flies, pieces of web in the food and "shells" of gnats or flies in the bag. Cats would not eat much of the food and, fortunately, they did not get sick. The store had noticed this problem in other bags and was willing to swap out.


I purchased a 34 lb bag of Purina One Smartblend dog food every three to four weeks for my two Labradors. The last bag I purchased seemed fine until I noticed a new infestation of little black bugs. Upon further inspection through the contents of the bag, I noticed clusters of white "eggs" adhered to quite a bit of the food. Some of these clusters contained larvae in the process of hatching. I immediately threw out the remaining contents of the bag but did save samples for my vet.

We went out of town last weekend and had friends dog sit for us. We originally attributed their lethargy and random vomiting to separation anxiety. Although they are doing better, I am still concerned and will be watching them closely. As stated, I saved samples of the infested dog food for our vet in the event that anything results from this issue.


I recently switched to the Friskies Poultry Variety pack (32 cans) that says it must be used by August 2013 (12281789 09:31 lo61237) sku (050000454242). I have 5 cats and feeding them this food, I noticed some of them throwing up. There's nothing in it but liquids, no hair ball, no food, nothing. My cats range from 8 weeks to 13 years old.

I switched my own cats to Purina a couple of months ago, and their coats look so much better than they did on the old brand of cat food... but Buffy has started vomiting stomach liquids. Purina and Fancy Feast are off the menu. Permanently.

I have no idea why this isn't news. But if you're feeding your pets any Purina brand, please don't wait for media confirmation that something is going on. Stop feeding your pets Purina immediately.

Yikes. Reposting just to be safe. I have fed Penny Purina without problems but I'm not going to anymore. Schroedie has been on Authority canned food and that's what I'll keep buying even if it costs a bit more.


Jul. 25th, 2011 08:32 am
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I don't know if I mentioned this or not yet so here it is. There's a site with a nifty list of products that contain *no* High Fructose Corn Syrup. It now also also has discussion boards and one yesterday showed what they're rebranding it now to try to get it in under people's radar, like "natural sugar" (which just kills me) or just "Corn syrup" which is equally a lie.
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I completely forgot to post about this after my last trip to Springfield, not too surprisingly I guess since I came back to such connectivity problems.

Our dear friends, Ezra and Dilly, otherwise known as Mike and Nancee, own an organic farm in addition to being amazing and wonderful musicians. The farm's web-site is:

They offer organic vegetables and beef, corn and chicken that is totally healthy, as healthy as they can get. There are no hormones, no pesticides and nothing but tender loving care. I've had some of their eggs and OMG were they good. I was cooking at Eric and Julie's and soon as I cracked an egg, I asked, "Are these Mike and Nancee's eggs 'cause the yolks are so gold and fresh-looking!" Surely enough, they were. Mike was telling me last weekend (ok, weekend before last) that he had a whole field of potatoes.

Now, unfortunately, they aren't nearly as good at marketing and selling as they are at both music and farming. So they're working with Eric to solve that problem. When I said, "Hey, they're going to be at OKRF this year, Eric said, "OH yeah, that's right!"

SO those of you who aren't local to Springfield, MO, but are local to the Tulsa are and will be at OKRF any weekend also have the chance to order fresh veggies, eggs and meat. Now, please don't ask me what they have available because I don't have a list but I'm assured that they're growing just about everything, including herbs. If anybody wants stuff, I'll give you Eric's email address and he'll go from there. I do know that they're planning on bringing a bunch of stuff to OKRF every weekend.

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See, I had *horrid* allergies as a little one; wheat and eggs. My sister was milk and eggs. I can remember scratching my 'elbow pits' raw and wheezing and coughing if I got a little hint of wheat or eggs in anything. I can only imagine the difficulties of cooking for children with such limitations, way back when there weren't alternatives and weren't health food stores. We both "grew out of them" at about the time I went to school. I always jokingly ascribed it to living in an anticeptically clean house; my mother was an absolute clean freak. Turns out, the more I read about it, I might have been precisely correct.

wanna read about it? )
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If you can't smile at this, you're already gone...

Sent to me via email from the scrumptious [ profile] sandmansister

Go ahead and click, you know you wanna!

This note attached to it:
Our daughter-in-law, Emily (MacInnes) Somers, created, directed and choreographed this in Portland last week for her Medline glove division as a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness. This was all her idea to help promote their new pink gloves. I don't know how she got so many employees, doctors and patients to participate, but it started to really catch on and they all had a lot of fun doing it.

When the video gets 1 million hits, Medline will be making a huge contribution to the hospital, as well as offering free mammograms for the community. Please check it out. It's an easy and great way to donate to a wonderful cause, and who hasn't been touched by breast cancer?
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I joined this morning. No money, but by gods I can DO something. Never mistake that one woman's voice can make a difference.

We need 1,000,000 women......


Oct. 19th, 2009 03:00 pm
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I have been convinced for years that lawn chemicals were what killed my beloved Perry-dog; lymph cancer was the disease but lawn chemicals were the cause of the disease. In talking with the vet who did the chemotherapy for Perry back then, he said that cancer in dogs was up by 200% from 10 years before and he was also convinced that lawn chemicals were the major culprit.

I've wanted to switch to natural products for bug and weed control, and have been overjoyed that my hubby has seen the good results that Diatomacious Earth has in controlling pests around the house and on the pets.

But here is something else that I want to try, and want to bring to the attention of others who might, like me, wish to poison our earth, our homes, our pets and ourselves a bit less.

This looks like one good, fairly cost effective way to do just that.

Once again, google ads comes through.
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Anybody else ever heard of Oil of Oregano? This looks very interesting; the claims are almost wild enough to make me think of a medicine show but hell, if it really helps half of what it claims, it would be well worth looking into.


Jul. 31st, 2008 10:31 am
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...while the blossoms still cling to the vine."

Oh sorry, that's sort of an automatic thing in my head when I say that word. LOVE that song.

Where was I? Oh yeah.

A quick note on FaceBook; I'm not adding any applications (they make me nervous 'cause they insist on accessing ALL my information...sorry no. And I'm also not playing any of the games. I really ONLY am there to keep in touch and help promote either the band or any of the business in which I'm involved. Really, really busy and trying to use my time wisely.

The exercise barre arrived and is installed. Callanetics start today! YAY!

Diet is going well; five pounds lost. YAY! (Yes, I know the first five pounds are the easiest but at this point, it's very encouraging) I miss bread the most but heck, I can do anything for eleven days.

Rowan work!
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My poor hubby; still at work, dammit. If the folk he has to work with don't get in until 4pm his time, doesn't it make more sense to change his hours? grrr...

And one observation, something for which I'm extremely grateful. I've finally realized that my immune system seems to be functioning at an all time high, despite some stress and a busy schedule. This is truly the first time I can *ever* remember someone in the same household as me getting sick and me NOT getting it...especially when that someone is very loveable and affectionate!

This is a huge deal for me. I guess an admission too, 'cause I was known as being 'sickly' as a kid. Anytime somebody had something, I got it and twice as badly as they'd had it. After getting bronchitis as a result of playing Queen without a cloak, standing in the rain like an idiot, it then upgraded and I used to have pneumonia twice a year like clockwork. One time I commented on it and my mother said, "Well, that's no surprise, sweetie, you've gotten sick every February and every July, just like clockwork" which is probably where I got that phrase in the first place, come to think on it.

That stopped me cold. I said, "Really?" and she nodded. I made up my mind right then and there I wasn't going to be sick any more. I started eating better, we cleaned the ductworks in the house and I got rid of an unneeded 140 extra pounds (as in, I left his sorry ass and got a divorce! Even though it's not sorry anymore which is a good thing; he's happy and I'm delighted!)

Funny, I stopped having pneumonia. I had an occasional cold but now, I'm hardly ever sick and if I am, it's only for a day or so. I pay attention to it, go to bed and take care of myself instead of continuing to push until I do get really sick.

I call that progress.

I also call this a much longer post than I'd intended to make. But Bruce is on his way home now and the Meatloaf Cordon Bleu is in the oven.
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GO LOOK at this video...have a hankie nearby. Send it to everyone you know, view it multiple times. What a precious, beautiful girl and what brave parents. What's more important than helping our children, their children? Nothing.

Saw this over at [ profile] ar_wahan's:

"To everyone that knows, cares for, teaches and loves someone with Autism....please click below and pass in on.

The band, Five for Fighting, is generously donating $0.49 to Autism Speaks for *each time* the video is viewed. The funding goes toward research studies to help find a cure. When you have a moment, please visit the link below to watch the video and and pass it along to your friends and family. They are aiming for 10,000 hits, but hopefully we can help them to surpass this goal."


Jan. 14th, 2008 09:16 am
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I have shoulders. On either side of my neck.


Playing bodhran (up to speed, thanks very much) for nearly six hours has brought my shoulders and my hands to my attention.

So after a bit of sustenance, I'm going to go do Callanetics.

That is all.


Jan. 2nd, 2008 09:13 am
rowangolightly: (Pensive Bride) body has its own ideas for starting the new year eating healthily or I'm coming down with something.

For someone with a cast-iron stomach this is most unusual. I'm feeling nauseous but have no other symptoms whatsoever. The only time I throw up anymore is if I eat seafood; I HATE throwing up and always have, will do almost anything to keep from it. I haven't yet and I have SO much to do but I have this nasty little worm wriggling around inside my tummy going, "nope, you can't work...may attention to meeeeeeeeeeeee!" I went back to bed after getting Bruce's coffee this morning, with a doubled plastic bag nearby, just in case.

Hrrrm. I must go to Hancock's today because I need thread, no really, I'm OUT of black thread which is bad when you're working on two black projects. I need more webbing/belting to complete more whistle bags so we can get stuff photographed for the web-site. It must be Hancock's because I have a gift certificate there. Wal-Mart thread won't do because I don't/can't use cheap thread. Yes, anything but Metrosene or Guterman's is cheap thread; makes my Bernina nauseous.

Will my tummy hold or not? Who knows. I've eaten some rice so it's not empty but I don't feel like eating at all.

And no, pregnancy is not even a remote possibility.
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This was just TOO funny not to post:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, RowanGolightly sent to me...
Twelve rogues singing
Eleven roses travelling
Ten dogs a-camping
Nine breasts acting
Eight wales a-gardening
Seven cats a-sewing
Six renfaires a-cooking
Five bro-o-o-owncoats
Four renaissance festivals
Three medieval faires
Two renaissance faires
...and a kcrf in a bowed psaltry.
Get your own Twelve Days:

"Five bro-o-o-owncoats!" *ROFL* Very funny and very appropriate, all things considering!
Now that song's gonna be stuck in my head all day.

And I FINALLY feel perky again! My head's still a bit stuffed up but I'm finally getting my energy back. Now I'm off to run an errand and then back to sew some more on prezzies!



Nov. 20th, 2007 11:10 am
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it's all in the numbers )

Yeah, that's pretty much me, not at great depth though, and it does note the 'down' side in this meme which is proper.


So it's official; I have a bit of a cold. Boo. Stayed in bed this morning and just now got up. Ye gods, it's after 11 and I must eat something or crash pretty soon. Not good.

Then I just have to get the energy from somewhere to plant the rest of the iris bulbs today 'cause tomorrow the temperature is supposed to plummet.

The green tomatoes lined up along the windowsill are starting to ripen. Hey Mother, did you get all the tomatoes I sent to you? Prolly not yet. LOTS of green tomatoes! Nell is sitting amongst them like the delicate little flower that she is NOT; poor stupid Nell.

I HATE having a sore throat; makes me a big baby.

But last night we watched "Done the Impossible" that Bruce bought at the Shindig; great! Nice to see our dear friends the Bedlam Bards and hear their music, watch the excellent story of how "Serenity" got made and how the amazing fan base came together. At one point, Bruce said, "Hey, isn't that the Brobs?" And I said, "No, that's probably Emerald Rose" but I was wrong and happy to be so. But we also enjoyed the music of Emerald Rose and the other folk who were inspired to write and perform Firefly-inspired music.

SO, if you have not watched Firefly and Serenity, what's stopping you? Yeah, it becomes a cause. *chuckle* Thanks, of course, to Itzwicks who got us hooked!

Think I wanna watch Firefly again today....
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It's SO much nicer to do faire in mid-70's temperatures than in upper-80's to 90's, believe me!yeah, this got long! )
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I rarely get political on LJ, most folk know that. There are lots of issues that get me fuming mad but I keep it off here for the most part. But sometimes public outcry can really make a difference in how bills get made.

The current issue that has caught my eye is herbal, alternative and homeopathic treatments and how the big pharmaceutical companies are trying to ban everything but their fake chemical and often poisonous medications. YES, there are crucial medicines and treatments There ARE other, viable ways of treating illnesses and I, for one, want the freedom to chooses how I treat my own body just as I want the freedom to make other choices for my body and my lifestyle. I want the government out of my home, my body, my spirituality and my family and for it to keep its filthy hands in its own pockets.

Here's somebody who's working to make a difference. Her name is Rima E. Laibow, MD. Go ahead, google her and read a bit as I did. Here's some of what she's trying to do:

People on an individual basis can make a difference, never think that is not true.

I have more to say but much to do.
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First, hippo birdie two ewes to [ profile] geezerlee and woot on the university news.

Second, got up to fix Bruce's breakfast and lunch and check email and LJ...feeling sleepy so I'm off for a nap. CANNOT get sick. Throat is not any worse, at least, even after we worked out "Irish Eyes are Smiling" last night. Yep, gonna do some of the schmultzy stuff for the St. Patrick's Day gig...

Here's hoping my throat feels all better this afternoon. I really don't have time to be sick.

Oh yes, and Bruce and I are definitely coming back up to White Hart this weekend; he's doing site stuff and I'm getting together with folk about costuming.


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