Jun. 21st, 2010 11:50 pm
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EDIT: Having slept on it, I realize that moving Wednesday is not possible. I have a close deadline due on Wednesday (not my fault, KCRF's silly deadlines after having redesigned it and gotten me the rest of the fabric last Friday!) So see new post so I don't muddy this one up any more.

Here I am, hat in hand again. I'm trying to garner help for two points; first, getting my stuff from Lenexa over to the new place. Looks like one load will be on Wednesday, 1pm and if I can get enough folks, I'll rent a truck to take the stuff over.

What needs to go:
2 dressers
1 sewing cabinet
4 corner cabinets from under sewing table
the wooden cutting table top
8 bins of fabric
wire frames of the sewing table
3 glass table tops to the sewing table
6 smaller stackable shelving units

Pretty please? I'll buy the beer or whatever else people want. If there are enough people, we can get the whole thing done in two hours with a minimum of fuss.

Right now I have one guy and one gal and me, who's not supposed to lift more than 25 pounds (yeah, right!)

The second one, the stuff from OK back up here, looks like it has to happen on July 10th. Not sure if I have a truck or if I'm going to have to rent again (if I have to rent twice, that will clean me out financially and scares the shit out of me.) That move, there is a bunch of stuff; a bed, a sofa and some other stuff from Bruce's house. Then there's whatever will be left in the storage unit that I don't get this weekend.

I am going, one way or the other, down to Tulsa this weekend to get what I can into my car and Becky's car.

I hate moving and will be so glad when this is done. Sorry if I'm whining too much. I am damned glad to finally have my own place but I'm sweating how I'm going to get the stuff moved.

Thanks. And if I can bribe folks with beer or drinks or food or whatever, I'll do that too.


Jun. 21st, 2010 08:11 am
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Found over at [ profile] roaming's place.

Not mine...yet. This is truly one of the most inspiring, wonderful and gorgeous pieces of reporting I've ever seen, yes, ever. This fascinating man is taking recycled building materials and teaching people how to make their own homes. I WANT ONE, I do, and you damn betcha that I'd work my ass off to get/build one and would be happy to live without dishwasher or garbage disposal. All you have to do is just look at and listen to Eric as he speaks about how his life has been changed by this one man. Can you imagine the pride of ownership involved here?

Really, I can't enthuse enough about this. Could we get this guy, or one of his "graduates" to come up to Kansas City and start something like that up here? Or someone go down there and learn from him and bring it back? Can you imagine the people who would leap onto this bandwagon? about faith in action, this is it. Conservatives who nay say can just shove it; this guy is DOING and LIVING what he believes rather than just talking about it.
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Dear Minko,
Bringing in the half-dead male cardinal first thing Saturday morning wasn't enough, was it? You looked so disgusted when Daddy came out to the kitchen and yelled, "SHIT" and put your now-dead prey outside and then cleaned up all the feathers. This was only after having yelled, "Oh shit" in the living room because Pepper didn't get outside in time.

I did mean it when I told you that I'd much rather you caught moles and mice than song birds. But I really don't want to see them.

And that certainly doesn't mean that I want you to bring them inside to finish playing with them to death in the comfort of the kitchen. No. Thank god I slammed the window shut in time. You gave me such an indignant look. *sigh* Good kitty. Yes, kill moles rather than song birds. BUT PLEASE, not in front of me, ok?


Poor little thing, even though they're such a nuisance in the yard. Poor little brave fella; even after Minko dropped him and he was too stunned to move, he jumped up and raised his little front claws to try to defend himself.

Great, now I'm feeling sorry for moles.
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...example of doings around the house. These conversations happen on a regular basis around here.

(I'm sitting at the kitchen table catching up on email.)

Minko: MAOOOOOOR! (He's standing at the back door looking at me significantly.)

Me: You wanna go out?

Minko: Mrrrr-rowr.

Me: Ok, well, come on then. You gotta go out the front door. I don't wanna rile up the dogs.

Minko: Mrrrp.

(I go the front door, closely followed by Minko. Penny is also looking interested. Bobbi is sitting on the front window sill, looking more concerned as Minko approaches. He doesn't even notice her. I open the front door, letting cold air in.)

Me: Ok, Minko, there you go.

(Minko goes out. Penny is standing at the end of the hallway, looking interested but she's obviously waiting for an engraved personal invitation.)

Me: Penny, would you like to go out, too?

(Penny trots forward, with remnants of last night's gravy still on the bridge of her hose but she got indignant when I tried to wipe it off after supper. She slows down and gingerly steps outside the door. Minko skips forward 'cause OMG there's another cat at the door before he remembers that he's a big tough male cat and not afraid of anything. He covers the lapse in coolness by jumping up onto the trellis wall.)

Me: Tail too...

(Penny pulls her tail out the door and turns to look at me as I shut it.)

Me: You sure you want out?

(Penny blinks at me and moves back toward the door. I re-open the door letting in more cold air. Penny sits down.)

Me: Well, make up your mind, silly girl! (Penny blinks at me. I close the door. She flicks her tail which usually means there's something going on of which she does not approve.)

Me: Do you want back in again? (I open the door. Penny sits back down.)

Me: Ok, I'm closing the door and going away now.

I return to the kitchen where Nell is sitting behind my laptop waiting for birds to fly by.

It's just a normal, peaceful morning in the Cannon household. Breakfast done, up to the sewing room to work on fiddle bags.


Oct. 31st, 2007 05:23 pm
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Think I've broken my own speed record for carving pumpkins and decorating the front of the house. Two small pumpkins, one of which had the hardest shell I've ever experienced in my entire life, so that one didn't get much carved out of it. I did a round mouth that is puking it's guts, the stem as the nose and two slits for eyes, perhaps not enough opening for the candle flame to get enough air but the best I could do under the circumstances. I raided my own garden for dead corn stalks and discovered that the tomatoes are having a second season but they're so huge that they're spreading out on the ground! I'm gonna hafta go stake them up tomorrow and see what happens.

So that, plus the wagon wheel and stuff, from beginning of idea to carving, to putting the lighted pumpkins out was about two hours. Oh yeah, plus putting the candy in the basket.

Pictures soon as I can get Bruce to download them for me. My confidence with computer stuff is not great right now. They hate me, I know it!

I figured we'd have tons of trick-or-treaters already but it's 6:30 and not a one yet!

EDIT: Ye gods, soon as I posted that, they started descending!

And here it is:

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It's nice and cool and sunshiney; one of those glorious early autumn mornings that make you delight just to be alive!

My older sewing machine works just fine which is an amazing relief. Looks like I'll be able to get Jenny's garb done and maybe even Nikki's whistle bag....woot!

Now I'm off to sew. Must also plant my iris bulbs today. Gods, but I hate the grass they use down here; it has NO manners whatsoever! I'm gonna have to dig up the whole of the front flower bed. I spend 2 hours trying to weed it and about killed myself. Got to get a decent trowel and narrow shovel!

Anyway....lovely day, nice to be productive without being rushed!


Aug. 24th, 2007 03:01 pm
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What a trip! Got a bit more run-around at the Courthouse so took longer than I'd thought but got the license! Star warned me that it was raining the whole way and she was nearly right. Raining hard through the Big Cabin-Claremore stretch where you have to drive between the cement barriers: nerve wracking!

And now it's raining so hard here at home that I can't unload the car. Getting off here now so I can hopefully find a slack in the rain and get stuff in here so I can work more.

Edit: Stuff is all inside now, costing one drenched Rowan and a broken umbrella. The front shrubbery/tree is gonna get trimmed if I have to take clippers to it myself tonight; frikkin' tree is blocking 80% of the entryway.

The house smells like I've been gone for a week with 6 cat inside due to the weather. I daren't use the time that I have to take care of that but it's frustrating since I view that as my job.

Off to the showers for me.
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1) I think everyone should seriously consider that their own viewpoint might be myopic, that they might not necessarily always be right and that someone else's point of view might have merit. Thinking you are always right and everyone else is wrong is one of the major ills of this world, IMHO. Being considerate, listening and allowing for someone else's opinions and ideas is a much better way to communicate. Having to prove you are right and someone else is wrong completely halts communication every single time.

2) Noted: it is off-putting to say during an intimate moment, "OH honey, I think I just felt a tick on your back." Yes, it is. But the good news is that the mood can be recaptured if both partners wish to do so.

3) The size of the plate and the size of the contents has once again gotten to be extremely disproportionate.

4) I'm at the end of my patience with having un-caring people making messes in my kitchen and laundry room while we're away and having to clean it all up when I get home. The good news there is that it is only one more month and I'll be home, sorta, all that time. The bad news about that is contained in number 3.

5) It is supposed to rain most of this week so I must get out into the garden now if it's ever going to get anything planted to actually grow in it.

6) Truly, if you are in good health and your family is in good health but you find you're suffering from anxiety, depression or moodiness, try picking yourself up and being grateful for the many blessings that you do have in your life. I look around and see brave people all over the place laboring under massive handicaps and doing amazing things; there's always more to be grateful for than to complain about and if you look for those things you'll have the energy to do what you need to do. You are LOVED! And yes, heeding my own advice....

7) I need to get off the time-sucking computer. There's no way I'm going to catch up with all you lovely, chatty folk this morning.


Mar. 7th, 2007 08:51 am
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Stress much? Yeah, I thought so...
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Dec. 7th, 2006 02:54 pm
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Not everyone will get this but my horoscope for tomorrow was just too funny to not post. Think it might be better for the whole week rather than just tomorrow but...

Also couldn't hurt to post as a little reminder! )


Dec. 7th, 2006 10:24 am
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Ok, so who switched Oklahoma for North Dakota when I wasn't looking, huh? It's 21 degrees out!
I moved SOUTH; it's not supposed to be this cold! Hello.....!?!

Ok, I feel better now for venting that. But I'm not the only one. Poor Minko does not like this cold at all. He goes to the back door and wants out. I open the door and he shakes a paw and goes out for a minute then wants right back in. So then he goes to the front door and wants out. His logic is inescapable; surely the weather must be different outside the other door!

Yes, it does remind me of Heinlein's book.

But he's also the one scratching the corners of my green leather sofa. He may not survive doing that.

Ok, now that I've said 'ok' three times, I'm off to work in my warm cloak for this weekend. It's spozed to be mid-40's. Which is still warmer than Oklahoma, WTF?

Yes, I've gotten spoiled; what's your point?
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...that my mind works a bit differently than lots of other folk.

But this time I had to even laugh at myself! )
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1) Having acute enough hearing to realize the trash truck is on the back of the block so I can get the can out to the curb in time is a good thing.

2) One of the cats did (his) job last night. There was a dead mole on he front mat this morning. Ew. Very dead. Thanks, Minko. They're really cute but SO descructive. Go get some more, fella, just don't necessarily bring them to me, ok?

3) I did Callanetics yesterday and am not as sore as usual when I re-start. Yay, me! So this morning I'm going walking and then will do Callanetics in the afternoon. Yes, I'm motivated; I intend to do both everyday for the next two weeks; I want all my energy back. Funny thing is that Bruce independently decided the same thing that I did; gonna work out everyday while he's gone. And we didn't say one word about it to each other. Yeah, that tickles me.

4) I loves me a Cold Frosty Morn with whisps of Foggy Dew meandering over the yard and street. I'm gonna go walking before it all dissipates. Yes, I know it's song titles and that I'm a dork...

5) My life is very, very good and I'm a most lucky woman. And my life keeps getting better and better...

6) Everybody get out and VOTE today; if you don't vote then you lose all bitching rights as far as I'm concerned!

7) Love you all!


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