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If you can't smile at this, you're already gone...

Sent to me via email from the scrumptious [ profile] sandmansister

Go ahead and click, you know you wanna!

This note attached to it:
Our daughter-in-law, Emily (MacInnes) Somers, created, directed and choreographed this in Portland last week for her Medline glove division as a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness. This was all her idea to help promote their new pink gloves. I don't know how she got so many employees, doctors and patients to participate, but it started to really catch on and they all had a lot of fun doing it.

When the video gets 1 million hits, Medline will be making a huge contribution to the hospital, as well as offering free mammograms for the community. Please check it out. It's an easy and great way to donate to a wonderful cause, and who hasn't been touched by breast cancer?
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This was posted to the Whitehart yahoo list by Karen A., of the Brotherhood of Steel. It's too delightfully funny not to share and she's given us permission to do so.

out of the mouth of babes... )

I really agree with Softpaw on this, think we need an actual character by that name. Wish it had come up earlier so it could have been our Town Crier's name....absolutely priceless!


Nov. 24th, 2008 05:40 pm
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OMG, hilarious...

For those of you who've gotten hooked on the puppy cam, here:
(OMG, how they've grown up in just a week!)

There's a spoof of it, here:

(Warning, put DOWN your drink!)

I don't blame them for not being able to keep a straight face! The smart ones laid down with their faces covered so they could giggle as needed.

Brilliant....but still, the puppies are 3 female, 3 male. I think that would've been even funnier.
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...this without further comment. Really, go to [ profile] arkhamrefugee for his hilarious and brilliant write-up of this:

I'm just waiting for Moses and the burning bush...can't wait to see New York's version of that! Oh wait, I said no comment. Oh well.
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This is an oldie but a goodie. I've been assured that old school IBM IT guys really were this clueless; I can believe it.

when mouse balls fail )
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First it's da Kidling's birthday. Happy Birthday, Amber!

Second, I really don't care for April 1st as in April Foole's Day. No, I don't. This doesn't mean that I don't have a good sense of humor. It simply means that this is a form of puerile humor that leaves me cold.

I used to be married to a clown. You have NO IDEA how many stupid, moronic, sophomoric jokes I was the butt of during the 14 years of the relationship. Salt in the sugar, vaseline on the toilet seat, rubber band over the handle of the kitchen sink sprayer so when I turned on the faucet I got sprayed, egg in the bottom of a shoe (oh YES, that one went over really well...he had it dumped onto his desk!) and many, many others.

He never, even at the age of 40, stopped doing the 'opening the door against his foot but acting like it hit him in the nose' trick. ha. ha. ha. /sarcasm. So that once when he really did hit himself in the face with the door, I burst out laughing so hard I damnear peed my pants. Really.

We are NOT amused. Don't....just, please don't. This is simply fair warning.

Hot dog!

Mar. 18th, 2008 11:57 am
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Who says an old dog can't learn new tricks!

Thanks to [ profile] oldwolf for posting this.

I needed that chuckle....
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Yolanda, the egg lady, sent me this and I had to share. Yes, it's a new icon but this was too good not to share on Friday!

Up Shit Creek WITH a paddle! )
rowangolightly: (Dog Hug Howl) my friend, [ profile] jimmy_hollaman

I watched the dealer as she stood there, waiting for her next sell. So young I thought, how did they get them started so young. Finally a 20 year old man come up to buy his fix. Probable had not had any for a few months and had a serious jones going. I can hear them talk, it had been hard for him to scrape the money up but he finally got it. I see the glaze look come over his eyes as he is handed his merchandise. The dealer smiles a cute smile and thanks him for purchasing from her. You can tell she knows he is addicted. In fact you can tell he had bought from her before, and may be some of her friends had sold to him. The man has not gone more than a few feet away before he had opened the package and started in to it. Right there in the middle of the sidewalk. People walk past him and try not to stare. But I can tell there are a few addicts in the crowd. They longingly look at him in his current glazed over state, wanting to ask for a taste. I shake my head, and know all too soon the man will crash, falling hard because he is through with his stash. I feel sorry for him, I know what he is going through, after all I am there too. But it does not stop with us, I know of a lot of law workers that are addicted as well. Judges, police officers, and even lawyers. The little old lady that lives next door spends a lot of money to get her fix. I take and turn back to my stash that I have before me. I too had talked with the dealer just a few moments before the man did. Damn you, girl scouts I thought, damn you and your thin mints.....

*LOL* SO true, so true...
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Some word humor for the day...

thanks to the Washington Post and my friend Judy )


Dec. 21st, 2007 08:42 am
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Stolen shamelessly (with permission) from [ profile] magdalene_1024

"The 12 Politically Correct Days of Christmas"

On the 12th day of the Eurocentrically-imposed midwinter festival, my potential acquaintance gave to me,
TWELVE males reclaiming their inner warrior through ritual drumming.

ELEVEN pipers piping (plus the 18 member pit orchestra made up of members in good standing of the Musicians Equity Union as called for in their union contract even though they will not be asked to play a note...)

TEN melanin-deprived, testosterone-poisoned scions of the patriarchal ruling class system leaping,

NINE persons engaged in rhythmic self-expression,

EIGHT economically-disadvantaged female persons stealing milk products from enslaved Bovine Americans,

SEVEN endangered swans swimming on federally-protected wetlands,

SIX enslaved fowl-Americans producing stolen, nonhuman animal products,

FIVE golden symbols of culturally-sanctioned enforced domestic incarceration, (NOTE: after a member of the Animal Liberation Front threatened to throw red paint at my computer, the calling birds, French hens and partridge have been reintroduced to their native habitat. To avoid further animal American enslavement, the remaining gift package has been revised.)

FOUR hours of recorded whale songs,

THREE deconstructionist poets,

TWO Sierra Club calendars printed on recycled, processed tree carcasses,

and a Spotted Owl activist chained to an old-growth pear tree.

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My daughter in law (ok, that's the first time I've typed that, weird but
very cool!) sent me this in an email. FUNNY!

When you click the link, you'll see a lovely pair of train seats with a turkey dinner set on the table between the seats. Just below the turkey, you'll find a half-dozen European country names. Turn your sound up and click on each country name, in succession.

Don't be drinking anything.
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This'll only make sense to folk who're at Pub Sing.

First thing in the morning after the alarm goes off, Bruce turns it off and says, "Light" to warn me that he's turning on the bedside light.

What's the next word that pops into my mind?


Damn you, Chuey.
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Didya know that the top comes offa Guterman spools of thread, the side where you can lodge the thread so it won't unravel? Yeah, it does. It comes off and the damnedest thing occurred to me; it looks like the inserter for the old fashioned style of tampons except that it says, "Guterman 100m/vgs 110yds on the edge.

That discovery made me giggle my arse off just now...

As you were!
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Too lazy (busy) to look up how to link.

So here:

Have a box of kleenex nearby. And put your soda/coffee/wine down.

Nabbed via [ profile] thatliardiego
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::wipes eyes::

TOO funny to not share!

My horoscope for today which arrived late, by the way...

You're an expert at doing a little juggling when multiple people and events make too many demands on your time. Right now the stars recommend that you drop all those balls and focus on just one thing.

Yeah, riiiiiight!

I gotta say, my horoscope lately has been the source of some of the best humor around!
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...cause I can't find the duct tape and I need it to cover the metal boning.

But this caption caught my eye in my email:

"Uranus is positioned for summer surprises -- what's ahead for you? "

I absolutely shudder to think....
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This thing on?

BTW, I farted....

Yes, that's what I promised I'd say one of these days.


May. 10th, 2007 04:07 pm
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My gmail spam file has has 666 emails in it. I'm finding that inordinately amusing.


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