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In sorting through some wedding pics today with a mind to (sometime) finally finishing the wedding scrapbook, I found a great close-up of us.

So Bruce made an icon of it for me after installing the new memory in my new (to me!) laptop.

Can we say ZOOM? I thought we could! I love the speed this computer now has!

Poor Bruce just got home from work, not his problem but he had to stay there anyway,trying to convince the poor bastard on the phone of that fact.



Mar. 15th, 2007 08:15 pm
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A gal on a group hereabouts actually located my tartan for me; how cool is that? I have a piece of it somewhere around here and I've always said it would look better for being dipped into a vat of royal blue die! It is a County tartan, as was primarily done in Ireland. Yep, I really am Irish...with a whole lot of other stuff like English, German, Scot, Navajo, Mohawk and Cherokee in me as well; a true mongrel, I am.

But in light of upcoming St. Patty's Day, would somebody who's good at this stuff please make a clever St. Patty's Day icon for me outa this? Praps with, "KISS me, I'm Irish" or something...

I'd be most grateful...

Here's the image:

Pretty horrid, isn't it. I think the piece I have was badly dyed as it really looks lime green; fugly, really really fugly.

And now I'm working on a green blouse to wear for the gig. I realized that I don't own any (non-costume) clothing that is green; not one piece. And certainly not anything that I feel like wearing on stage. So I've got this lovely piece of green cotton gauze that I got for $.50; it was one of those bold-ends from FabriCuts. They don't measure the rolls and the fiber content isn't labelled. But I lucked out as there was about 5 yards on it; I thought it was cotton and I was right; it washed up beautifully.

There, I've now used enough semi-colons to cause some sort of blockage somewhere.

Ahhh, and they're playing my all-time favorite piece of music.

Poor Bruce is napping again, prepping for another all-nighter. He's been putting in horrible work hours over this @#(*#@ Daylight Savings fiasco. And you know, he's going to have more of it to do again when the 'real' time for DST comes around in a few weeks. Fuckers, didn't think of anything but "oh, well people can shop more" and "all they'll have to do is change their clocks at a different time!" Idiots.

Anyway, this was supposed to be a pleasant post. Ah well.
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When I was googling to find an "amazed" or "shocked" icon image...this came up and I had to, I just HAD to.

So there you are. A man tooting his own horm in a whole new way.

I'm amazed he could even pedal!

Ohh boy.

Mar. 8th, 2007 03:19 pm
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I obviously don't get out enough. I'm obviously too tied up in old English history and domestic stuff.

I just discovered Kristin Chenoweth. Oh. My. God.

Listened to her on encore performance of "A Prairie Home Companion" and was utterly blown away by her voice. And she's from Broken Arrow!

I was so amazed that I had to create a new user pic. Well, actually two of them that I found on google. But the second one has to have its own post. Really. You'll understand.

And the last dress, Amber's is coming along well.
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Amanda just sent me two icons she made from the RESCU calendar photo-shoot. Thanks, babe!

Me, coy? *snicker*

Can't wait to see the whole calendar.

If by chance, anyone wants to make a pre-order donation to help with the printing costs, please contact [ profile] tigerlady1974 She's workin' her lovely arse off trying to get this thing done and out so regular folk can order them.

It was fun! Can't wait for the "Gentlemen and Rogues" calendar project to start!


Jan. 3rd, 2007 12:16 pm
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The awesome [ profile] myfanwy_65 posted about the very cool [ profile] mysticmirth who makes amazing icons on all different subjects (suns and moons and pyrates, oh my!) and just gives them away; very nice gal, too! Now I need room for more icons...mebbe in Feb when my account comes due again. She also has very fun quotes:

"Researchers have discovered that chocolate produces some of the same reactions in the brain as marijuana. The researchers also discovered other similarities between the two, but can't remember what they are." Matt Lauer


"Last night I stayed up late playing poker with Tarot cards. I got a full house and four people died." Stephen Wright

The community is [ profile] crinkly_things but this is where my geekness fails 'cause I don't know how to post the community thingie...except for that I have nice friends who help out my ignorance! Yay for friends!
rowangolightly: (Default) icon. Di took this one on Saturday of the last day of White Hart.

Ye gods, that costume was heavy! I think a new one is in order for next year, I really do. I have all the stuff already!


Feb. 14th, 2006 09:35 am
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A new icon.

Yes, I know I'm sick and slightly twisted...but blame Bruce. He sent me this image. I just thought it would make the perfect gardening icon.


Jan. 6th, 2006 03:41 pm
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Something actually accomplished today...a new icon. I wasted all morning sorta learned how to work with Gimp and post an image but didn't get done, and then with Amber's help this afternoon, it's accomplished. Yes, I'm an awful computer dummy...or rather, the gaps in my knowledge are gaping and frustrating.

Still had a very frustrating morning but at least now something has been less frustration.

This is from a photo shoot with T.Michael Stanley when he was hosting a seminar with Jay Stock. I was astonished that Mom agreed to pose, as shy as she was. But I'm so glad she did...I really treasure these pictures. And I was stunned at the time at how very much alike we look, I was always told how much I looked like my father but really, if you stood me right in between them, you would've realized that I'm half of each...

Mom and I were very, very close and similar in a lot of ways but very dissimilar in some very reassuring ways. I'm a whole lot more self-secured and well, certainly not shy...but in essential ways she was the best friend I'll ever have. I miss her but I know in essential ways she's still with me. She gave me music, my sense of humor and my love of silliness, my compassion and my temper, too.'s my new icon.


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