Sep. 4th, 2008 01:15 pm
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new KCRF pics )


Aug. 26th, 2008 08:04 pm
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I'm home and glad to be so...wonderful trip but coming home with a cold isn't the best thing. TIRED and headed for bed very soon as I still have prep for the weekend.

Got the Bodhran book in the mail when I got home (THANKS CAPI! *smooch*) so I wanna go through that and practice a bit so I have a bit more 'arm' for the starting three day weekend. OH and I must find some sort of stool on which to sit so I can play better that way....SO much to do!

Also want to get some more trip memories down before they fade too much. We looked through the pictures that Mark and I both took on his camera; some turned out great and some not so great but it's hard taking pictures from a moving vehicle and he had some fuzz inside his lens. But some good stuff nonetheless. Now, of course, I want a better camera!

Gotta remember to post about being at the session at the Starry Plough Pub in Berkley on Sunday night and getting up my courage to sing at a strange session; very, very cool.

'Night all...
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For KCRF folk and those, in particular, who're wondering which weekend to visit?

Last weekend; Columbus Day, in particular.

We started doing "Cover Song Mondays" at Pub sing so I don't know if that also goes for the beginning weekend, Labor Day Monday as well, [ profile] mesmiu do you have any ideas there?

Now that I've been won over to "the dark side" I'm lovin' it. And gods, are we gonna miss Chewey; won't be the same Pub Sing without him, that's for sure.

Last year Queen's Gambit did Jonathan Coulton's "Code Monkey" *evil grin* Well, this year Nikki came up with an even more awesome idea. It's gonna be a collaboration.

And no, I ain't tellin' what song...but it is gonna ROCK!


Oct. 16th, 2006 09:27 pm
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Heads-up to KCRF peeps....

I need the contact info and website info for Joe and Yolanda of Royal Eggs.

Please? Thanks....
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...or I wish it could be.

This is the "end of the season" post for KCRF. It was one of the most wonderful I can remember, I think since the last year I played QE there. Since it would take forever to write everything (and I have hay bale coverings to wash and Tullamore costumes to make) I think I'll go for a bullet-style list. and see how long-assed this thing gets! )
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What does it mean to perform on a day as dusty as it was yesterday?

Black boogers.

That is all....


I remember when it was SOP to have the water trucks out spraying.
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We have a schedule and we have a stage; one stage all day long. I think I'm happy about it; Bruce is and that's good enough for me.

We're at Dunwoodie Dell stage at 10:30, 11:30, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30 and 4:30. Then there's opening at 10, parade at 12(30?), donno if we'll have time for a song at the Smoker but I suspect we'll make time, then the Pub Sing at 5:30(?) and then the town dance and closing gate.

Lunch, nah, there's never time for lunch anyway, but at least there's no schlepping of our stuff from stage to stage. It's a lovely stage and pretty quiet; also means we don't have to print up set cards 'cause if they come to Dunwoodie Dell, they find Queen's Gambit.

Honey, sweetheart, love of my life...this does NOT mean that we do one long non-stop show all day since we don't hafta get off the stage for anybody else. K? *smooch*

We also have our hotel for the first weekend...and it's still Thursday! *faint*

Now if the broom would get here and the covers would get printed...I'd have no stress.

Somehow I don't think Bruce's new kilt is going to get done, dammit.
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There's this picture that [profile] jmstrange shot at Media Party. [personal profile] themadblonde sent it to me, saying how adorable it was and such a characteristic expression for me. I think I look like a fat-faced, redheaded copy of the pissed-off bluebird of which I've made an icon as a result.

That is me and Grandmama and her dear Hubby. For anyone who's had the privilege of working with this amazing woman...well, she's who I wanna be when I grow up. This is what I replied to K. and then realized I just had to post this. Memories of this amazing woman, who formally retired from performing at KCRF full-time about three years ago, must not be lost.

OH, she's an absolute delight and real inspiration. She's been a clown and face-painter and amazing Mrs. Claus for years. She played the 'crazy' Queen-Mum for years....Jim's at first, if I'm not incorrect, and then Dean's and then mine. She calls me "Grand-daughter" to this day and always says, "You know, you're my favorite!" which I'm absolutely certain she says to each and every one of us ex-rexes.

She'd never, ever wear her corset, rather it became a grand game and would be found all sorts of places, like dangling by the lacing cords from the throne or one of the posts at the Jousting Field or at Pub Sing. It got to be a quandry as to where it would appear next. The story was that she was shuffled from chagrined relative to embarrassed kidling and then finally was housed at some nunnery in Scotland or someotherplace, only to escape through a window via tied bed-sheets or having bribed a guard with pearls. A fun improv was always to be had whenever one of the royal guards would show up wherever the Royals were progressing, with her in her bloomers and chemise accompanied by a red-faced guard with a long pearl strand hanging around his neck.

She always dressed in a different costume each weekend, following the theme; watching her in a belly-dancing costume is an absolute scream! And the day that Red took her in and taught her how to deep-throat a pickle was absolutely priceless. She completely hollowed it out and then stood there during parade, inflating and deflating it proudly like a small balloon, all of us passing by convulsing with laughter.

Such memories should NOT be forgotten...


Apr. 5th, 2006 12:23 pm
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Here's a very warm welcome to my old friend, former faire partner and sometime husband since we did that mock wedding dressed all in white, purple and gold in '88. Please give [ profile] cepblionhearth a nice warm welcome and don't scare him off, ok?

Yep, he hasn't posted yet and doesn't have any pictures up (come on, I know you've got a bunch of 'em!) I talked him into it and we'll see how quickly he'll get hooked!

Very, very cool to have him on here!
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...that I neglected to put in the last one.

1) The premiere of "From Moose to Bruce" went over very well indeed. It was the second song of the set; the Bruce's fan club was there on the front row and joined in on the chorus. I had to use the book and sang as clearly as I could so all could distinguish the words, and lo, to my great surprise, Bill Mesino stopped mid-conversation, turned around and listened to the whole song. In fact, all three of them did - grinning and snickering the whole way. And even better, my friend Sam was there from Five Rings fencing video-taping the whole thing, so it is down for posterity! (Yes, Shannon, somehow I'll get you a copy.) It was a great success and I think, to some degree helped us keep most of TPG's audience from their set right before ours.

2) A moment of silliness that cost me my composure - even if I did finish the song! As Bruce and I headed towards parade, Nancy and Vince (both hammer dulcimer players and lovely folk) were standing by the bridge between Fairy Forest and Wharf areas. As he often does when he sees a dead spot with a large audience passing by, Bruce swung his guitar up and began a song - happened to be "P is for Paddy" which I have just gotten down to comfort level (having performed too many times pre-comfort level - which is where 'acting' comes in handy to not look like I'm screwing it up as badly as I know I am!) Well, I'm tapping on the tamborine which fits neatly over the hilt of my dagger - on the beat as it's a quick, rhythmic song with a fun harmony that I love.

Well all of a sudden, there is additional, off-the-beat and alternate-rhythm tapping on self-same tamborine! I glance over my shoulder to see an evil grin on Vince's face - well, damned if I was gonna let him throw me off! But then, of course, I got tickled. So here I am rattling off the harmonies and lyrics of this new-and-tricky song and giggling all the while. This, of course, is highly amusing to the people walking by - they all get it in a heartbeat! We finish the song to uproarious applause and I finally get to indulge the snorts and giggles which have been interiorally-exploding the whole time! Fun silliness I'm gonna flash on when we do that song - and I can just imagine what whistle is gonna sound like added in on those rhythms - yummy!


Sep. 8th, 2003 03:04 pm
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?? Which Angel Or Demon Are You ??
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Lovely weekend, all in all! Cut for length - faire description )

Good Grief!

Sep. 3rd, 2003 05:00 pm
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Am I the only one who's been around long enough to remember that this was *NOT* the first time KCRF has closed due to weather? Wrong, wrong, wrong! There have actually been two other times - yes, indeedy! I can't possibly remember the year but the faire closed due to rain about 1 hour after opening one Saturday morning in dim remembrance. I distinctly remember standing in front of the doll shop which used to be where the hanging chair shop is now, on the corner between the bridge and the Royal TwoXFour when the Marjana came around the corner and told me that the faire was closed. Anyone else at all remember that? Then there was another time when it was closed due to that much rain and about 50 degree temps.

So there! If anybody can help come up with details I'd appreciated it. This feels just about like the time that I felt like the only one in the world who remembered seeing the BananaMan on Captain Kangaroo, who used to pull endless scarves out of his shirt pocket; imagine my surprise to later discover that was the same guy who played Mr. Greenjeans (yes, children, I really *am* that old - even though I don't look it or act it!

And then there's this:

You're a Fireangel

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Gosh - go figure!

(And MSN IM is *still* down - grrrr!
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...feels like Monday. This weekend whizzed by in a rainy mist but what a wonderful weekend. It was the last weekend of the Zoo job - and no news on the new job yet. We didn't work on Sunday, so I was selfishly glad the Bruce didn't have to either.

I wasn't at the rained-out faire and missed it tremendously - if that doesn't sound too terribly wierd. It was pointed out that the KCRF first opening I've missed in 25 years is the first one to be rained out - No Mea Culpa! But Bruce and I were able to spend the most number of consecutive nights together yet and that is such a lovely thing. And we *did* get some rehearsing done; I think this has a great deal of potential musically. He's given me confidence in my singing voice that I didn't realize I needed and we blend very well together. I think some folk are going to be pleasantly surprised.

It was lovely to see those friends I was able to see in the brief times I was there (Sat. post-5pm and Mon. from end of closing) and missed seeing most of the out-of-town friends, dammit! But those I did see were just delighted for us - lots of comments on how nice they think it is to see me so happy. What a difference a year makes!

Now - busily at work on the garments for Cy's fashion show this Friday and Saturday noon. Rehearsal is Wednesday and all garments are *spozed* to be all, all done (snort) so I'll do what I can but one cannot rush when working with leather!
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Betcha about a month ago it woulda been Samantha!

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I had a good time at site day yesterday; worked my ass off helping paint and assemble the fencing floor down in the Dell. The reception I got when I came in through the back of the archery range was truly heartwarming. They said, "We've got her; we've got the queen!" Aw gwarsh! It's lovely to know with surety that everything I've done out there still counts with some folks. And then as everybody started coming down for one rehearsal or another; the warm hugs, enthusiastic greetings and pleased exclamations when I said "yes, I'll be out here" were just lovely. LOL - not to mention the double-takes by those surprised to see me in tank and jeans painting - that was very funny. Of course the latest gossip is making the rounds with entirely pleased reactions - that felt good too.
We worked until 1pm, then Mark and I went to get pizza for the gang; much needed lunch for hard-working folk and narrowly avoiding bad crash for me. Then we finished all but the last bit by about 3pm. The comradery is going to be lots of fun down there. I think I'm going to do the parade afterall, at least sometimes, so I can reconnect with the performers - besides I've never gotten to walk it with the musicians and enjoy the fun there with Three Pints, Bruce and all. Except that, dammitall, Minstrosity won't be there. Waahhhh! Maybe they'll pull their heads out next year...yeah, sure, and maybe the Easter bunny is gonna work part-time for Santa Clause this Christmas! Now I've just gotta get my costume done (done, hell, started!) my boots adjusted, lots more music learned - not to mention time to rehearse!
Better go get at it.
And is anybody else besides me having troubles with the lj cut text tag? It just did some really wierd shit for me before I gave up on it.
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Breaking news - this was prolly the best weekend of my life! so far.... OK - some of you know this already.... )
If you don't want gooshy details, don't read on! )
G'night, dear friends!
Blessed be!
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Just before I left, the phone rang and I noticed it was KCRF number on the caller id. Hmmm, I thought! So I answered it, and it was Karen; surprised to catch me at home. She asked me if I'd be able and willing to sing at the coronation; 2 songs that I know and one I heard at my own coronation but haven't sung. I told her I was spozed to work but was already trying to get the day off anyway, when was the last time I could I let her know. She said, "well, if we know you can participate, I'm sure Jim will want you to participate in the ceremony, you know, carrying the regalia and so forth." (Hmmm, wierder and wierder) So I told her that I'd try to let her know today yet.

Now, here's my dilemma - am I putting my 'stamp' of approval on what they're doing my participating in this? Yes, my pride is involved, but I can deal with that. I know there is a tiny corner of Karen that is going to be pleased that I'm there so she can 'lord' it over me - she's human, too - but primarily she is wanting a good event and good sound for the music. It might help some of the awkwardness I'm feeling with all this nonsense with Jim, too. He'll hafta overcome his snit in order to work with me during the rehearsal and the event - at least I certainly hope so.

So, of course, I said yes (I've got that burgundy/evergreen dress few of them have ever seen that I wore to Scarby, hehehe)
Gotta go now, but will update more later.


Jul. 30th, 2003 12:29 pm
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Lovely to be working at home today and lots to do! To Do list )

Maunderings )


Jul. 28th, 2003 11:04 pm
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Well, it was a lovely weekend (yes, I know it's now Monday - but when you work most weekends, well, you know...)Some Details... )

Fencing Tonight! )

First Entry

Jul. 9th, 2003 12:05 am
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Well, here we go! I've been intending to do this for a long time, what with Wendy, Josie and Bruce referring to it; not to mention my friend, Mark (which reminds me to tell him that I'm finally on!) The challenge for me here Read on at your own risk; rant follows! )


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