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PollyAnna here:

No really! I just emailed back a friend who's having difficulties and was so struck by that being my first email of the year that I decided to re-post it here. Her question was: "You're the most positive woman I know. How do you do it?"

How do I do it, remain positive? I literally refuse to let negativity in;
(ED: ok sure, there are times, but between Bruce and me, we don't let it stay!)
It's difficult to explain to someone else how to do it. Focus on
what good there is in your life. FIND good things to appreciate, focus on those things and find more positive stuff to appreciate.

I do know this, beyond the shadow of a doubt:
The words that you say and the thoughts in your mind, literally create
your reality; the universe replicates the conditions you 'ask' for...if you ask (however it is stated) for shit, you'll get shit. If you ask for and expect to receive glory, you'll get glory. No matter the current circumstances of your life (anyone's life!) it can always get better or worse, based SOLELY upon your own attitude.

Example? My mother was born without a left hip socket and yet she became a
highly skilled organist, playing a humongous church organ in a 6000 seat
auditorium that only a half dozen people anywhere were allowed to play. This is an amazing accomplishment for a woman who could not rotate her left foot from side to side which is necessary in order to manipulate the foot pedals, which play the bass line of the music. How did she adapt, get through school with her music degree and earn that position? Sheer grit, stubbornness and will; she re-wrote ALL the music she played so that everything could be
played with her hands and not using her feet. If you did not know of her handicap and how she'd worked around it, you'd never know because you couldn't tell it by the music.

She taught my sister and I how to roller skate, jump rope, ride a
bicycle and play hopscotch even though she could not do those things
herself. I don't know how she did it but she did it.

That's the example with which I was brought up. She said, "Mary Sue,
(yes, that's my given name) there's no such thing as a brick wall.
Find a way around it, over it, under it, dismantle it...something. If
you say you can't, you're absolutely yright."

So yeah...Happy New Year!

May you all replicate the glory you wish for in your own lives!
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Ok, this time I got myown self. I was looking over my tagged recipes to see what I don't have written in my book and found a Mom story I posted two years ago.



Do me a favor, ok? Hugs on your family members, tell them you love them; if they're far away, call them and tell them SOON. Don't let the day, the week go by without telling someone that you care, please?

Yes, I am making Sandies...
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Nabbed from da Capster...

Special thanks to See_05 for inspiring me with this notion....

Hey! Let's SHARE!

We're all talking about our Christmas preparations (some good, some not so good!)... Let's all share some of our favorite Christmas treat recipes. PLEASE?? I'd love to learn your fave recipes from this time of year. And if you have a story that you attach to a recipe, so much the better!!

Please post the story/recipe here, and then again in your own journal, and keep the joy rolling!!

What is your FAVORITE Christmas or Hanukkah (I worked for Cy Rudnick's Fabric for 10 years, so I know how to spell Hanukkah without googling!) or other this-time-of-year holiday treat recipe, and if you wanna, WHY?

As I told Capi, of COURSE there is a story. When is there not? In fact, there are two stories that go with this recipe and one of them is one of the Memories of Mom ones I've been meaning to post. I think this is a good day for it.
Gee, this got long! )
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...that I needed to come in from the garden and post these thoughts right now.

Never doubt... )


Apr. 13th, 2006 12:20 pm
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..along the tunnel.

The shirt is done, Matt's doublet is done except for hand-sewing to be done on the trip down, the breeches are done, the clients arrive after school and most importantly...

The radio is playing Durufle's Requiem which is one of the most glorious pieces of music ever written, I don't care what your religious persuasion or lack thereof might be.

I remember singing this in choir with Mom, both of us with tears flowing down our cheeks from the sheer joy of the beauty of sharing the music.
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Memories can be triggered by the oddest things. I was just getting myself a bowl of apple sauce when I remembered and thought, "you know, I haven't posted a Mom memory in a while" so here... the apple sauce story )


Jan. 6th, 2006 03:41 pm
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Something actually accomplished today...a new icon. I wasted all morning sorta learned how to work with Gimp and post an image but didn't get done, and then with Amber's help this afternoon, it's accomplished. Yes, I'm an awful computer dummy...or rather, the gaps in my knowledge are gaping and frustrating.

Still had a very frustrating morning but at least now something has been less frustration.

This is from a photo shoot with T.Michael Stanley when he was hosting a seminar with Jay Stock. I was astonished that Mom agreed to pose, as shy as she was. But I'm so glad she did...I really treasure these pictures. And I was stunned at the time at how very much alike we look, I was always told how much I looked like my father but really, if you stood me right in between them, you would've realized that I'm half of each...

Mom and I were very, very close and similar in a lot of ways but very dissimilar in some very reassuring ways. I'm a whole lot more self-secured and well, certainly not shy...but in essential ways she was the best friend I'll ever have. I miss her but I know in essential ways she's still with me. She gave me music, my sense of humor and my love of silliness, my compassion and my temper, too.'s my new icon.
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...and Mom's Recipes.

A long time ago in a little Iowa town... )

Mom's cranberry sherbet and Sugar cookies and Sandies )

Dad' macaroons )


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