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Let it not be said that I don't have great friends, in fact, I have the bestest friends in the whole Universe..

Sunday afternoon at GAIA, after a lovely Yule ritual, we had our usual High Holiday pot-luck. I'd fixed cheesy potatoes and ham with mushrooms and onions and it went like the proverbial hotcakes; I should have fixed more but I wasn't sure how much the potatoes would cook down.

We were all sitting around the tables and various friends were passing around boxes of goodies for Yule (and I was internally working on not feeling guilty over not having anything to pass around.) I'd sat at the table with Matt Shrivner and his cute but shy wife, Amy. (Matt is a new member and an opera singer, a geek and an absolute hoot and he and I will be starting the new Excellence In Ritual class sometime this year.) Kitty D. also came and sat with us, saying, "It's a whole table of singers!" Then David and Kimberly came and sit to my left, having joined us a bit late due to putting away the stuff used in the ritual. David, I think it was, put down an envelope next to my plate. I thanked him and continued to eat but soon he tapped it and said, "why don't you open it?"

So I did; it was a lovely Christmas card with a bunch of writing. It said this,

"Dear Susi,
The repair bill on your Bernina has been paid off by a roving gang of houligans people who love you. Just go down and pick her up from the shop! Happy Holidays from..."
And then followed a list of about 38 people, not all of whom probably want to be list publicly.

Then Neb explained that the initial intention to pay off the machine repair bill had been more than anticipated, so they turned to friends on Facebook to help make it up. But after Games Night on Friday, the amount collected had turned into more money while they were at dinner. I started leaking tears like crazy and looked over to see others wiping their eyes as well. David said, "Yep, pretty much the whole room knows about it" and I looked around to see everybody looking at me and grinning. All I could say was, "Wow!" and David said it wasn't too often that he'd seen me made speechless. That's about right. Kimberly said that the rest of the amount would be PayPal'd to me, as it was yesterday.

The remainder was $150 which is SO greatly appreciated! It may be just about enough to get an eye exam, since Costco does glasses and contact lens exams separately. I'll go right after Christmas and see if I can get an appointment. It won't be enough to get both exams and glasses but it's a start. I'm still going to have to do a GoFundMe to get it accomplished, I think. But this was SO very kind and considerate and showed me that I'm loved in a way that I can't deny.

That really made my whole day; best Yule I can remember in a long time.

There's more on my mind but I wanted to at least make a happy post for once.


Nov. 19th, 2014 12:49 pm
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Stress stress stress stress

November often sucks; this one is no different although last year was. Last year I had the wonderful job of the Ecclesiastical robes that Central Pres hired me to make for Heidi Peterson. That *totally* made my November and December last year.

This year, not so much. Everyone is thinking about the holidays, and not about getting stuff sewn. I'd hoped to avoid this stress this year, but no. Everybody's "after Thanksgiving, is that ok?" And what am I supposed to say, "NO, interrupt your comfy Thanksgiving and holiday and vacation plans, please." That'd go over like a ton of bricks.

But other than this one cloak I'll deliver on Monday, I have NO other jobs paying off during November. I have $200 or so in the bank toward rent and it's after the 15th. I'm trying unsuccessfully not to freak the fuck out. I have no money to get holiday groceries nor the mood to make them to eat by myself.

I hate November. I hate being single and having no family, no safety-net and scared about my financial security all the time. I fucking hate it. And now Thanksgiving plans have fallen through so I either stay at home alone or I finagle my way into someone else's celebration which I also fucking hate. Being a 5th wheel for a holiday dinner is a major depression trigger for me but staying home alone is worse.

EDIT: I bit the bullet and accepted an invitation. We'll see. It's at a Chorus friends home but I swear if the dining table conversation goes to conservative politics, I will leave.

I have no idea what Chip's holiday plans are but I hope to see him on Saturday so we'll see.


Nov. 25th, 2012 12:09 pm
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Some better this morning; I just checked the bank accounts and the one PayPal amount made it into my business account this morning. PLUS the two over-drafts that were in "pending" did NOT go through as overdrafts because I covered them both times by shifting around what little I had in the two accounts to cover them. SO relieved!

I got paid for the Trebs blouse at yesterday's rehearsal so that'll go into the bank tomorrow first thing. Then a dear friend hired me long distance to make a veil for her and got the payment sent by PayPal which transfer will show up in the account in another day or two.

With a whole lot of hard work this week, I should be able to pay rent. That will still leave an overage in both water and gas that I have to come up with right away but at least I can now put a bit of gas in the car and buy tuna for the cats. I've been feeding them chicken because that's what I have in the freezer.

It amazes me how shameful it is, in this country, and at this time of year, to be poor. It's really depressing too, seeing people spend SO much money on trivial stuff when others are struggling just to keep fed and housed and have heat and water and electricity. There's such a huge imbalance in this country and while I don't have any answers, I certainly see the inequity. I also see how easy it would be to get angry and to be jealous and for that to turn into a canker and get really poisonous. Fortunately, that's not my nature. On my better days, it's my nature to count my blessings. This is turning out to be one of those days, because due to wonderful friends and a lot of hard work, my recent desperation is looking to be done for now.

Here's a blessing:
A very nifty site of teaching crafts so that the teachers get paid and people get to learn stuff. This is a form of education I really like. It's something I'd love to take part in, if I can figure out how. It's another one of those things that takes money and time that I just don't have right now because of scrambling so hard just to survive.

One last thing; this damned respiratory stuff is still hanging on. This has now been since before HALLOWEEN! The time I took off to try to get over it is now biting me in the arse 'cause I still feel ill but now HAVE to work and no time to go to a free clinic to get examined. I'm doing the cider and I think that's helping it not get worse but it's not kicking it. Some how mid-last week, the gunk re-attached itself to my nasal passages and throat. I'm SO ready to be done with this. I may try Elderberry since someone at TM rehearsal recommended it. And I need to get some Echinacea and Golden Seal but until this PayPal cleared, I couldn't even afford that.

Still, lots to feel thankful for. I have a wonderful relationship, if a bit strained right now to our mutual stress. I have two sweet kitties, both of whom slept with me last night; a small thing but something that adds lots of bliss to my nights. I had enough food for breakfast this morning and now, enough cash to get a few more groceries. Really, if I start with breakfast, I'm good for just one other meal in the day which is how things usually work for me. I have LOTS of work and now will just pray for lots of energy to get stuff completed QUICKLY.

And as always, I'm immensely grateful for my friends.
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EDIT 9/24: I have removed the items that have sold so that it's easier to view (and to manage) the remaining stuff that is for sale. Thanks, and please keep shopping!

Here is the second part of the jewelry and stuff sale. I'm reposting the business details part of it to make things easy, I hope. This is just part of the stuff I have to photograph to sell and I haven't even gotten started on the costumes yet; the stuff most easy to grab and shoot yesterday during the daylight while my power was out. I will be listing some of this stuff on the Facebook RenGarb group when I can get to it.

Business details: Items listed here are by the photograph numbers. Payment can be cash, checks (if I know you well) or PayPal to this email:
I must charge shipping for out of town sales and *will* insure them; the buyer's preference on shipping method but my default will be USPS. There will not be any added "handling charge" as padded envelopes are free from the Post Office. If I deliver the items to folk in town, I might need to add a fuel charge since gas is that expensive right now.

Oh, and the pricing is negotiable; if you really love something, ask me and we'll discuss it. Please, start your comment with the number and title of the piece you wish to buy as I have many items that have similar stones and that will save me time; of course, time is money for a self-employed person. I'll hold the item for 24 hours to await payment; I think it has to remain available until the item has been paid for. If multiple people want to purchase an item, I'll open bidding on that item within the comment line.

I've collected some gorgeous things that I'm now willing to sell and remember, it's not too early to do holiday shopping! Remember that most of these things were hand-crafted by an artisan and purchasing something here rather than a store actually helps a self-employed person rather than a corporation.
I really would like for this to work out; trim my overage of stuff and for my friends to get lovely things in return.
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So it begins; I have a TON of books, I need money. Ergo, some of them I am willing to let go, a lot of them go...for the right price. Ordinarily I'd give them away or donate them to a used book store; but I need the cash. Most of these I HATE to let go, but I need moving money.

PLEASE pass this along; I will be adding more under the same tag, "books". Comment with the name of the book you want to buy and we'll take it from there, using my PayPal which is rowangolightly (at) gmail (dot) com. I'll need to add a bit to the total to pay for shipping. We'll figure that out per purchase.

Please note: I will hold reserves on books for 24 hours and then if they're not paid after 48 hours, the reserve will be released so others may purchase, if desired. Well hell, since people don't seem to be leaping at these, just let me know what you want and we'll figure out something.
(And please don't take offense when I delete all non-sale comments so I can keep this stuff straight, thanks!)

PayPal instructions:
Go to,
There are 6 blue tabs along the tip, click the "send money" tab,
In the "to" box, enter my email address (rowangolightly in the vicinity of gmail)
In the "amount" box, enter the amount you are sending me, the book plus shipping (if any)
Next, there are 2 tabs for "Purchase" or "Personal", if you go to "Personal" and select "gift" there aren't any fees taken out of it.
Click the yellow "continue" box and take it from there.

Thanks a bunch, gang.

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Interesting reading...

(While I don't normally post this sort of thing, I thought it might be helpful to some of you who live by credit cards.

Yeah, tell me again why the bail-out was such a good idea?

from Monday Morning )


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