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As of right now, except for the fee they take out, I have almost enough donations to pay for the basic registration.

I sorta expected a quicker response but I'm trying not to be too discouraged.

Here's the link to it:


Mar. 2nd, 2013 06:03 pm
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Referencing the former clients who stiffed me on costuming and ignored me last night at their gig at CODA, now I've received an invitation to their gig tonight in Sedalia.

WTF, people? You want me to support your gig but you won't even look at me while I'm there?

Sorry, I'm not that gullible.

I need a nap.

In the good news, choir practice was lots of fun, especially as I'm paid to be there. All the singing is also paying off in improved vocal quality. I'm hitting higher notes with greater quality. The other gal from choir, Gabi, who has such a lovely 2nd soprano voice and who does most of the solos at church worked on a piece where we sing lovely harmonies. We agreed that it would be fun to sing a duet together. She has a highly trained voice and I was really pleased that she and I sound so good together. And we're singing an arrangement of Bach's "Air on the G String" which is just gorgeous.

I really do enjoy this church; wish there were more people attending it. They're missing some really good quality music.

Oh, and she's looking for an oboe player for one song on Sunday, based on "Wayfaring Stranger"; a very easy part and it is a paying gig.
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(as ganked from [ profile] hdsqrl with a few changes to make it mine, of course)

Hey everyone,

Before your holiday calendars get completely booked, I wanted to let you all in on the most-awesomest-best-holiday-program EVAR, and my fingers are crossed that you'll come! What is it? WELL, hold onto your seats, ‘cause I’m about to tell you. :)

What: The Kansas City Women’s Chorus holiday show
: Saturday, Dec 10, 8pm (one show only!)
Where: Downtown KC, at the Folly Theater
Who (will you see?): ME!! (and probably some others you know...Megan Olvera, for sure.) :D
Cost: Depends on the seats you choose, but it’s roughly $22-$25/ticket when you figure in service fees and such. I know, I know, it’s not cheap, but it’s the FOLLY, and we had to rent the place using our cute looks and a promise to pay the bill when all is said and done.

Why? Well, duh, of course, I’m singing, and I want an audience with faces that I know. Also, Megan's on the “fund development committee”, and as a responsible member of the committee, she's supposed to “fill a row” – that is, get 10 tickets sold. She's already bought 4 of those 10, so she just needs 6 more tickets to be ordered (fill her name - Megan Olvera - in the blank on the online order form) to meet her quota. Help a girl out? (They don’t all have to literally be in the same row, no worries.)

I will say (without bias) that it really ought to be a good show, and as the chorus has its roots in the GALA Chorus org, you can bet we’re taking the whole “Christmas” thing with a grain of salt. There are indeed some classical Christian holiday pieces, but also songs representing other faiths, and some that are completely unrelated to any faith at all. And, as is our tradition, there are a few slightly irreverent, tongue-in-cheek pieces as well. :) We have approximately 100 singers, and we range from 18 yrs into the 80’s, so the range of voices is amazing.

How do you order? Go to and click on "Joy" – that’s the winter show, or if you know you want to see the Spring show as well, save a couple of bucks and get a season ticket or two.

What’s nice about us singing in the Folly is that you get to pick your seats NOW. There are LOADS of good seats left, but don’t wait too long or you might get stuck along the outside edge. If you've been to a concert there, you know how wonderful shows are in that gorgeous space.

Dr. Joe Nadeau, our Music Director, is also the Director of the Heartland Men's Chorus, and is utterly awesome at programming and teaching non-professional singers to sound really amazing. Leslie McLean is our accompanist and is Director of the "Treble Makers" in which I sing. We'll be doing at least one number in the holiday concert.

But definitely DO come see the show! (Please? Talk amongst yourselves and plan a dinner out, followed by the show!)

Hope to see you there!
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I may actually make a few posts here that I don't make on LJ. HERE I know exactly who is on and what I can say without (much) fear of pissing people off.

Getting BUSY! I'm now turning down sewing that would be due through mid-June; just too much. Word is a good thing but I don't want to make myself utterly crazy.

I had the first rehearsal (my first, anyway) with the small performing group within KCWC today. Leslie McLean is the director and she utterly rocks. She's the accompanist for the Woman's Chorus and a wonderful one but as director of this, she's also just terrific; builds on what Joe's doing and should be able to take it up a notch with this small group. She put me in as a Second Soprano; surprised me a bit but that's where she needed me and since there's only 2 women on each part, it's pretty critical. She'll also be giving us a CD of warm-ups she wants us to do 10 minutes every day; that is awesome and SO important for keeping voices trim.

This group performs a lot; not only at churches but also at clubs. Should be a lot of fun. She also has the Leslie McLean trio which is fairly well known in the local jazz world; her on piano, her hubby on bass and another guy on drums. It's top notch stuff. And who knows, this might actually eventually get me into singing jazz; something I've wanted to do for a long time. We're working on fun stuff.

Yes, it's gonna make my schedule just nuts but it gets me out there and this is a good thing. Too much of Susi being home alone is not a good thing. So I'll just manage my time better.
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This Saturday, December 11, at 8pm and Sunday, December 12, at 4pm will be the Holiday Concert for the Kansas City Women's Chorus. Our conductor, Dr. Joe, has selected a really great program of fun, beautiful, funny, and gorgeous songs (seriously, we crack up in rehearsals!) for this concert. You won't want to miss it!

Tickets are $15 for Adults, $10 for Seniors and Students and are available at the web-site and at the door. (I believe they are still looking for several ushers who then get in free to the concert, but I'd need to know about that today, if you're interested!)

It will be at Congregation Beth Torah in Overland Park, which is a gorgeous venue.

Please come and join us! We've worked really hard (all music is memorized *gulp*) and we'd love to share it with you.
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(ganked from [ profile] hdsqrl who nudged me into auditioning and I'm SO glad I did!)

Hey all,

The KC Womens Chorus holiday concert is quickly approaching! If you're able to attend, please go online and scoop up your tickets soon, before they're sold out. :)

Saturday, Dec 11 at 8pm
Sunday, Dec 12 at 4pm

Congregation Beth Torah (6100 W. 127th St, OP, KS) - which makes me giggle, because most of the concert pieces are Christmas-based, heh. :p

Ticket prices:
Adults: $16.00
Students and Seniors: $11.00

Website: (there's a link to buy tickets on that main page)

You can also buy tickets at the door if that's more your speed. :)

Hope you can come!!

Really, really; this is going to be an awesome concert! Beautiful, fun, and funny music. Betcha we can make you both laugh and cry!
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Hey Everybody in KC and nearby...

There's something really fun happening this Wednesday night at Hamburger Mary's!

It's Charity Bingo night and the charity happens to be the Kansas City Woman's Chorus.
It starts at 8pm and the individual tickets are only $5. I'm told that their food is fabulous, that this event is a blast so I wanted to invite everybody.

It's campy, fabulous and fun. We've all assembled some outrageous White Elephant prizes and I've heard that the bingo caller is a HOOT!

I'll be there starting about 7, selling bingo cards, if anybody wants to drop by for the food, the frolic and the fun. It should be a blast!
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"Drunken Sailor" followed closely by "the Mermaid Song," and there is no amount of money large enough that would make me willing to listen to it repeatedly for 24 hours, not without taking a machine gun out and going postal afterward.

There is one that is even worse than both of those but I won't even mention it because that will have the power of summoning it.
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Just heard about this on the Classical Radio station here in Tulsa:

Thank gods for the powers of observation and critical thinking of this family!

Really stoked about this; can't wait to hear someone record this "new" old piece of music.

Now I really, really want to go there!
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Ganked from AmberBob and changing slightly...

My dear friend, (my sister band-mate) fantastic teacher and violin player is offering lessons, both group and private, in the Central Oklahoma area. If you or someone you know would be interested, please pass this link to her Craigslist ad along:

I believe that music is one of the greatest gifts we can give, either to ourselves or a loved one, and instilling the love of it in someone is one of the kindest things we can do for them. Please support your local school music programs, and support those whose love of music inspires them to share that love with others.

Hear, hear and thanks for posting this, Amber.
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I'm desperately seeking a new blank book for the lyric book.

I pretty much want to duplicate what I've used for the last, ye gods, seven years now. Those of you who have seen me using it, toting it around, leaving it gods-know-how-many different places...know of what I speak.

This is an 8-1/2" by 10", hard-bound, covered in velvet, spiral ring notebook containing about an 1" stack of lined paper. I found the original one in Borders in Overland Park on Metcalf back in '03. It's lasted very well, all things considering, since I've carted it all over the midwest, filling it with lyrics, leaving it out in the rain and well, yeah, using the hell out of it.

I have looked at every Borders, every Barnes and Noble, on-line, in office supply stores; I've googled and searched and Can't. Find. One. At. All.

I really don't care what color the velvet it; this one is red. I'd love blue or green or purple...or whatever. But I can't find ANY. Needs to be spiral bound so that I can turn it all the way open so it lies flat with one page showing on front; regular notebooks can't do that.

This one is DONE; the venerable lyric book is FULL, it's been well-loved, scribbled in, scratched out and underlined. It has no more blank pages; each one is covered both front and back. It's warped and water marked, literally, from having left it in the book bag overnight at OKRF one night accidentally. It was after one of the evening events, King's Feast, I think, two years ago when we thought it was just the cooler we'd left there. And then it rained overnight and the next morning, got out there and realized that I'd also left the book bag, which protected it fairly well, just a few pages got wet and the ink ran a bit. I kept using it as the valuable resource that it is for someone like me who has such trouble memorizing lyrics, not to mention being the place we keep the final word on keys and arrangements.

So I need another hardbound, spiral ring notebook, preferably containing about 200 blank, lined pages, preferably covered in velvet but at this point, it's getting desperate; I NEED another lyric book!

Anybody know where I can find one?
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This is their take on TamLin....oh wow, this is sexy stuff! Found over at [ profile] shadesong's place.

Gonna hafta buy this CD; can't wait until next May when we get to see Alec.

(Psssst...Eric! This is Alexander James Adams' new group, Tricky Pixie, with S.J. Tucker. Very Hot Stuff; you should see if you could get them for Barataria faire!)


Jul. 1st, 2009 02:07 pm
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Many of you have heard me go on (and on!) about this wonderful Celtic band I heard many years ago at a Living Statue gig I had at the Smoky Hills River Festival in Salina, KS (yes, in Salina and one of the best craft faires anywhere in the States.) I was doing the Mother Nature statue that had a water squirter in the cornucopia and I squirted the bare heel of their bag-piper, Ian, as they walked by. Startled them and we all laughed; I hadn't realized it was them; they were just patrons walking by as far as I was concerned.

That evening was the evening big concert and they were "Rawlins Cross" and they were FABULOUS. I bought 2 of their CDs and only have one now, thanks to the divorce. I thought they'd broken up. Well, they had been on hiatus for 6 years. But they're now back and I found them through a side ad for the CD that their lead singer is coming out with just now. Guy looks a bit like a truck driver but has this wonderful, amazing voice,and is named Joey Kitson.


Of course, my East Coast friends probably know all about them already but I was so excited to find them. Now I know what I want for my birthday next month; ALL their CDs!


Apr. 1st, 2009 06:11 pm
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Ok, which one of you is channeling Henry Mancini?

I've got "Moon River" in my head and that is NOT a customery thing!

....or would that more correctly be Johnny Mercer?


Mar. 16th, 2009 04:07 pm
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I can't get away from it...

Now they're playing "Fantasy on Greensleeves" on the classical radio station.

Hey, at least it's not Danny Boy or Londonderry Aire. No, that'll be tomorrow!
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I can't get away from it!

They're playing an arrangement of "What do you do with a Drunken Sailor?" on the Classical radio station!


(Performed by Cantus and OH are they fabulous; if you like a capella male singers, check them out. They perform without a conductor, nifty group!)


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Thanks to Eric Williams of WWC Marketing, we are delighted to announce that we will be having a CD release party of "Castle Queen's Side", the 6th QG CD in Tulsa on March, 29th.

It will be at 2:00pm at Borders Books at 2740 E 21st St. .

We are working on getting a CD release party in Kansas City or Lawrence for the day before; any help in that endeavor (of finding us a retail location for the party) would be most appreciated. Yes, we're crazy enough to travel to different cities for CD release parties; but then, we're a tri-city band!

*cross posted to QG group and yahoo group*

Please come, tell all your friends and help us launch this new CD (and help our sales at Borders!)

THANK YOU, Eric; you rock!
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...when we were in California this past August, [ profile] 5rings and I went to the Starry Plough Pub in Berkely for a session.

In my post after we returned, I mentioned a song that Shay Black started the group jamming on that he'd just been sent from Ireland. I do believe that we were there for the first sing-through of it. I remember that I started a harmony and Shay flashed me a grin for doing that and how much fun it was and how much everybody enjoyed it.

A bunch of verses have been added since the first time I heard it live at the Starry Plough (and OH what a nifty pub that is!) And yes, this is the guy from whom I got accolades for singing "Lass of the Low Country" when the did a song part of the session. Glad I didnt' know who he was then; I'd misheard his name as "Jay"...if I'd known he was a member of THE Black family, I'd never have been brave enough to sing it!

(Thanks Mark, for posting this!)
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Ganked from [ profile] billthetailor

This is just too nifty while weird and I wanted to share it, thanks to Bill for posting it.

Bruce's and my thought was "wow, somebody has Waaaay too much time on their hands.

And a "real" post coming up with some news in a mo'.
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This is the newest of the new stuff....

I first heard this song at O'Flaherty Irish music retreat a few weeks ago. When Danny O'Flaherty sang it in class, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. There were only about 10 of us in the class and when he looked at me and said, "You need to do this song; nobody's doing this song." I just sorta melted and said, "Oh, ok." Then he sang it again at the unforgettable song session on Sunday night with all of us harmonizing along. I'd told them about it, but Becky and Nikki looked at me and said, "OH YEAH, we have to do this song!" And so I told Bruce about it, cut the tape so he could hear it, and last night he worked it up. I had no idea when he hollered down from the recording room, "Susi, you're needed!" that this was what he'd been working on. It's now haunting me, not so much an ear worm as a realization of something I need to do.

It was written by J.K. Casey, the author of "By the Rising of the Moon" which was written when he was just 15 years old. He was later incarcerated in an English prison during which he wrote "Hills of Connemara" which expresses so agonizingly beautifully his longing for home. He died at 27 from the effects of the poor treatment he received as an Irish rebel in prison. The thing I really love about this song is that it reflects no bitterness whatsoever, just a longing for home.

And the music was put to it by Danny O'Flaherty; fortunately I managed to record that whole story on my little digital recorder. For anyone who knows Danny or has heard him speak, it's priceless.

But the song...and yes, it WILL be on the new CD. I think we've decided to call the new CD "Castle, Queen's Side" (Bandmates, please correct me if I'm wrong here, ok?

new song )

And it looks like we may also be adding another new song; an SCA song that we first heard at SAPA Character camp last year, called "Vivat the Dream." Nifty sentiments in it; we're in communication with the gal who wrote it and she's interested in persuing it. *chuckle* Seems she didn't expect it to have any application outside the SCA!


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