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Reposting from my darling hubby 'cause I should be sewing.

But he's SO right; you all need to come to OKRF the weekend after Scarby is done!

As per Bruce:

I just had a "V8" moment after reading a friend's post.

I realized that this year there is a magical alignment of planets and other weird coincidence having to do with the calendar.

It seems that our home faire, The Oklahoma Renaissance Festival, runs one week later than Scarborough. For once, Scarby and OKRF don't completely overlap.

This could be a chance, for those who are not totally burnt after 8 grueling weekends of performance (to say naught of rehearsals), to come and enjoy a visit 4 hours to the North, in Muskogee, OK.

We would *LOVE* to see you up here... I mean, *really*. Come play? One Saturday. Air-Conditioned Castle on the grounds. Queen's Gambit in the Pub. In the A/C. Jolly Rogers. Cut, Thrust and Run. Lots more. We'll *make* time and place for a court dance.

What say you?"

Please, pretty please, with sugar on top? AmberBob said that our amazing ED, Donald Ryan (who is on LJ as [ profile] gryphonknyte, or has stated that any Scarborough folk who want to come to OKRF should contact him, for maybe oh, something like guest performer passes, maybe...

It would utterly rock to have a Scarby invasion at OKRF, and then one about a month later at White Hart! Just sayin'....
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Would SOMEBODY please take pictures of the Bruce and Alex doing the speed-jam at the end of the musician's jam at either morning gate or closing gate this weekend, or both? It's utterly amazing to take part in it from right behind them but I'd really love to have someone catch multiple images of these two incredible and talented gentlemen doing what they do best: playing music!

And yet...

May. 21st, 2007 11:38 am
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...there is beauty.

One more moment I don't want to forget; one of those sterling moments.

The place is at the end of the King's Feast, just outside the Castle. I'd just walked out of the bustling, noisy, cheerily-crowded party scene, full of guests still laughing and hugging good-byes. I walked down the little bridge into the velvet dark night and looked up into the sky to see the slivery-pearled moon cozied up next to a bright star in the sky just above the row of shops. I spent that breath in an "ooooohhh, how gorgeous!" Then as my eyes adjusted I heard the piper playing a-top the castle parapet. Then I looked more closely to me and saw Cedric with his fiddle, Bruce with his guitar and Geoff with his whistle standing in a little row. I don't know who started playing first in a waltzing meter but it brought tears to my eyes. All I could add was a gentle one-tap-tap, one-tap-tap on the tamborine to punctuate the lovely instrumental harmonies but it seemed right.

I wanted to go get Bryan to take pictures of it but I couldn't stand to leave. Soon enough, [ profile] itzwicks came out and aimed his camera. I said, "Oh, I was hoping you'd catch this!" and he said, "Well, of course!" *grin* Then [ profile] apocalypticbob entered the spell and started waltzing to the enchanting music.

Yep, it was the perfect ending to the day and the evening. One of those snapshots I want to remember.
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It's SO much nicer to do faire in mid-70's temperatures than in upper-80's to 90's, believe me!yeah, this got long! )
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One remarkable thing that happened this weekend that I forgot to include in my post this morning.

I have remarked that even though we only have three stage shows, we keep so busy that we don't have any break until after Queen's Tea, no, make that after our third show, right? This is why I carry snacks in my basket and why we bring our own sandwich stuff; there is no time to run up the stairs and across the rooftop to munch on the provided stuff. Our schedule looks something like this:

9:27 Morning meeting (yes, it normally *does* start right at 9:27)
9:45 Village meeting
9:55-10:30 Front gate/Opening Gate (musician's jam session in front of new gift shop)
10:30-11:30 Maypole
11:30-12:15 Stage Show - Burns' Stage
12:30-12:45 Royal Parade
1:00-2:00 Stage Show - Burns' Stage
(there's spozed to be a 1/2 hour here for lunch but that's never happened - we rush to the Castle just in time for...)
2:30-2:45 Queen's Tea- Chalice Hall (tea lasts longer than that, of course, that's just when we're scheduled there)
3:00-4:00 Stage Show - Burns' Stage
4:00-5:00 Street (ending up busking at the Crown Pub)
5:30-Close Pub Sing/Gauntlet/Closing

Add in there that usually Bruce and Julia (and Amber if it's not too hot but it has been) also help out at the Maypole at 2:30 which goes right up until our 3:00 stage show but not on Sunday, which is what this post was supposed to be about in the first place.

On Sunday, after we left the Queen's Tea, I wanted a lemonade quite badly. So we turned left around the back of the Castle and, for the very first time during OKRF, we made a circuit of the rest of the circle that comprises OKRF that wasn't while we were walking the parade 'cause that doesn't count at all. During Parade, I'm holding onto the banner plus my parasol, my goblet filled with ice and trying to hand out set cards to get folk to come to our shows...all at the same time; helps to be ambidextrous, I can tell you that! But that's focussed on the people, not on seeing stuff. I really enjoyed walking around with my sweetie and seeing stuff!

As we walked over the bridge to the right of the far end of the jousting field, over the bridge and past the Thieves' Dan, we headed toward the Blacksmith to greet dear Clayton. We received the usual warm and cheerful greeting from the darling man and inquired after his sweet wife to be told that she's down helping out the henna artist. We notice that there is a tall young man at the billows and not to him that he has an apprentice! He's pleased to agree with us and then I move on to the next booth because my eye is drawn to wire-wrapped jewelry. I'm looking at the lovely stuff; glad to see a wire artist at OKRF finally and then I look up and get a big surprise!

The wire-wrap artist is none other than Deanna of who used to have a booth at KCRF down hear the Three Lions Stage years and years ago. She's the artist who made all of the wire-wrapped jewelry that I have except for the crown that I used to wear as Princess Jacquelyn but that's another story.

Turns out that she's back on the circuit now that her kids are grown up...not that she looks old enough to have grown children. I swear that woman doesn't look like she's aged one single little bit in the last 15 years! We hugged delightedly and I introduced Bruce...'fraid I cut him off at the beginning of a flirt with her 'cause I was so excited to see her and to catch up. And of course, I started talking to her about White Hart only to discover that Clayton already had been working on recruiting her! So who knows, now that she's back on the circuit again, she might come to White Hart. She'd like to return to KCRF but she's also at Michigan, for those of you who get to that faire, and it overlaps with KCRF, of course.

And yes, I got her thinking about a Tudor rose design!

Um, yikes?

May. 10th, 2007 09:10 am
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Why is it that Student Day at OKRF always sneaks up on me? I knew about this, reminded myself about it several times and yet this morning when Bruce said, "You know we've gotta get up earlier tomorrow morning 'cause morning meeting's at 8am, right?" that my heart skipped a beat.

Holy cripes! I'd planned on sewing peacefully all day, well, after I went out and planted the sweet potatoes that we bought last night at WallyWorld. Whoops! Today is really my "friday" and I make an airport run tonight to pick up Brother William, so I'd better get running...I have stuff to prepare and food to get ready for the weekend. And maybe get a little bit of sewing done; gods, I hope it doesn't rain!

You know, I think it's the fact that I don't dread Student Days at OKRF the way I do at KCRF, where we call 'em "Little Thieves Day." Jeff and Karen do such a fabulous job of setting expectations right up front with the schools as to their students' behavior that there is traditionally very little problem at all. The kids know that if anybody screws up and steals stuff, they endanger everybody's privilege to come to faire at all. Yes, some things have been taken but usually they get caught and it's taken care of immediately; the kids all get to see what happens and how serious the consequences can be. I have a great deal of respect for the way the Castle handles Student Days; it can help some kids change their lives rather than exascerbate the problems that exist. But then, Jeff has always been about education anyway.

Now sure, the kids in groups have the attention span of gnats on crack but that's to be expected. At least most of them are fairly polite, even if they are loud and abrasive; hello, they're school kids in their own peer groups! But it's nothing like how I dread Kids' Days at other faires, nothing at all.

And then we are done early; no problem. But it is one day less of work for me this week. NO sewing did I get done this week....aarrrrgggh!

Oh, and BTW, as it's been reported elsewhere, if you did that LJ mojo meme around April 11-14, you may wanna go back and delete it since what is there now is an extremely repulsive NWF image. Yes, I looked. But then, that's what we get for taking all these memes and trusting that they're safe, right?

New pics...

May. 8th, 2007 11:17 am
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Dear [ profile] fairyoffire took a bunch of pics at OKRF this weekend, valliantly battling the sun-shadow problems that photographing people who are standing under lattice presents. I have to share...

but I'm nice so I'm putting them behind a cut! )
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Yes, once again I'm stealing this format from the wonderful Scarby folk:
cut for long-assed post )

16) And finally, not to rub it in to those folk who do not, but I am utterly grateful that I have Mondays to relax and recover. Now I"m off to mop the kitchen floor and front hallway (since the dogs were inside all night due to the storm,) do laundry, think of something for supper and maybe get some sewing my cleaned up sewing room!

OH, p.s.... Got a look at the sample idea for the CD cover that Josh is doing for "Fianchetto" and I'm very pleased. We may not have it out until last weekend but we'll get there!
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It was a whirlwind weekend, lots of fun, friends, food, frolic, music and merriment. I met all goals, everyone had a good time, gig well played with mucho compliments from folk that it means the most getting compliment, costume done and worn, and now I'm tired. As Bruce said, "it never ceases to amaze me how much you seem to pile upon yourself.

Off to bed now...

Update and promised recipes tomorrow.

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Along the lines of promoting positive energy and banishing negativity...

If you hear a compliment about somebody or think of something nice, not only tell that person but also kick it upstairs. Pass it along to the Powers That Be 'cause you never know how much good that'll do but I'm betting that there'll be a ripple effect.

1) the boss could probably use some good news, trust me, he's tired of the drama, too.
2) it makes him feel good because he that he has at least two happy people working for him; the one who's been complimented and the one passing along the compliment
3) it makes the first guy feel great 'cause you know this boss is gonna give him an atta-boy
4) it makes you feel good that you've made other people happy
5) it makes the others who said the compliments feel good at saying the compliment in the first place

It's a win-win-win situation and most definitely increases positive energy all around.

Hint: phone call made and I'm pretty sure I know somebody who's gonna get a well-deserved Castletonian pin this weekend.


May. 5th, 2006 06:36 pm
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Ready! Just a few more tidbits of things to do (which always take hours instead of minutes) but I can start to feel the rush. Hopefully the weather forecast is wrong because I am ready for a stellar first weekend of faire. The site looks *awesome* and my mural on the Burns' Stage is done. Well, done as it's going to be for this weekend; the paint didn't dry from yesterday so detail work on wall and mountains had to be done wet-on-wet...which drew a snicker from the adjoining shopkeeper. It's a painting term! Jeez...

Anyway, the crew all looked at it and pronounced it "wonderful" which makes me feel good. One of the guys said, "wow, you put in a lot of time on that!" and then graciously helped me put the tarp over the top of it. I mean, he got up on the top of it when I was trying to do it from the nifty ladder that Brian and Beverly from Aerie Books loaned me. It's fun to be out there with the 'rest of the crafters'...yes, I know I'm a stage show but I have crafter background and you never lost that kinship with them. Nice to feel as though I belong and am accepted; really nice.

Then grocery shopping done and food prep for weekend and now sewing. Hat almost done, skirt re-hung from waistband, beading almost done. MUSt remember Jarel's pants! OH, and the bag for Mary. Piddly shit that takes forever, these last minute details.

But rain or no rain, I have a good feeling about this and am looking forward to the start of this faire more than I have in years. Time will tell if I'm right or not in this preminition; I'd like to be! One way or the other, I feel good and ready and happy. That's a good feeling. I get to work with my Baby and the rest of folk whom I love and what's better than that? I ain't sayin'.... *grin*
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Friday was a 20 hour work day with 3.5 hours sleep; got the sleeves done and a chemise before I crashed. Then up at 7am to get the two costumes to the two clients at the Castle, dress them both, drive home and crash at about 10am. Back up at 1:30ish to shop with Bruce for some gardening/household stuff and then took the cover off the pool, got the onions and tomato plants in, dug up the old tomato cages which were buried halfway to China, dug up some 1-1/2 foot tall maple seedings with which to replace the hated persimmon trees and then crashed early; exhausted and mosquito-bitten and cranky. But my baby made me feel a lot better!

Then up this morning and garb up to head to Site Day at the Castle. Got to see my two clients, Princess and Queen in their costumes, looking resplendant and took down the list of little 'to-dos' that are inevitable after first wearings. Saw the wonderful improvements made to site; beginning of "Hadrian's Wall" in front of Burns' Stage as a wonderful sound barrier. Got permission from Jeff to paint Burns' Stage since it's looking pretty shabby and that's the only way it'll be done. Yes, I know I needed one more thing to do like a hole in the head, but Julia is going to help and that'll be great. Long full day in the heat and getting to see everyone again; lots of new faces and a bit of drama but I think it'll all be good in the end. Lovely to see Chris J. as Charles V and Erin as his ward who'll be a lady in waiting to Lisa. Then home and rewiring for computer upstairs and out to dinner.

And who'd a thunk it; Bruce just told me that our "Pawn to King Four" CD is rated at 7 out of the top 10 of Renaissance festival CDs as reported by Marc Gunn. That pleases us greatly as it's a CD of which we're really quite proud. The next one will be started just as soon as Bruce finishes upgrading the computer on which we're recording. Since we were quite happy with the sound on "OFF the Board" we now feel that our recording skills and the equipment are good enough that we feel ready to head into the next one here at home.

Now, off to bed and some real sleep....
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...time was had by all.

Busy weekend ...but so worthwhile! )


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