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This was in the Dr. Jon email this morning and I just had to share the happiness. SO completely sweet and adorable! It really does remind me of my sweet old Perry-dog and Mason-kitty; they were attached like this. I miss them both but getting to live with them and their amazing love for one another was a precious gift that I was blessed to have.

SO cute!

And thanks again for all the warm birthday wishes; so many of them that I may not have time to respond to them all, but really, I SO appreciate it. The amazing number and warmth of them all have made me truly joyous! The best present I could receive is such great friends!
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...which, of course, I knew. But this is really sad news. And I can't help at all since I'm basically homeless myself, except for the charity of dear friends. It sucks all over.

But if anyone has the money and inclination to help these nice people, please do so.

The Pet Connection is shutting its doors.

Effective immediately, The Pet Connection is closing its adoption center Mondays through Fridays until enough money can be raised to reopen. We will still be open on weekends and adoptions can be done by appointment during the week. In the past three months we have been under extensive scrutiny from several different agencies. We have been inspected by the state veterinary board, the state animal health department, the fire department, and the city because of “anonymous complaints” or “routine inspections”. We may have made someone mad or it may all just be a strange coincidence, but either way, we have needed to use the majority of our time and resources handling these repeated inspections. Lawyer fees and extra staff time have drained our bank account.
We need help to raise enough money to reopen our doors. We want to continue to help the thousands of animals we help each year through our adoption center and clinic. We want to continue to provide assistance to other rescue shelters and rescue groups so that they can help more pets. But we also need to prepare ourselves in case we need to shut our doors forever. As hard as it is, we are currently no longer taking in cats or large dogs to prepare ourselves in case we have to close for good. Many organizations and animals rely on our care.
With enough money we can re-open our doors to the public every day and can begin taking in dogs and cats into our shelter again. This bump in the road only has to be a small set back to the overall good that we provide to this community.
Please contact Melody Kelso and/or Jason Huff for details on how to help and/or for details on an informational meeting that will be held in the next few days to explain the circumstances to those interested. Donations can be made at or by coming to our facility. Jack 105 will be having a live remote at our facility on Saturday from 10A-12N to help raise needed sponsorships. Address: 5918 Broadmoor, Mission. KS 66202.
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Reposting from dear [ profile] chernobylred

To those that care about the homeless pets in Kansas City:

We have had a small tragedy at The Pet Connection. Yesterday, we were the victim of a crime that will have grave costs to our pets or for those that we are not able to rescue. Our trailer and all the supplies for building 8 new dog and cat rooms was stolen. I am so sad, disappointed, and everyone at our facility is feeling a little defeated. Jason Huff and myself got most of the supplies donated and spent 2 days loading it all for TPC so that the cost would be minimal. Replacement value of our loss: $4000. We were going to start construction over Thanksgiving. Jason and I cancelled holiday plans with our families so that we could build these much needed life savers. Our Christmas gift to the homeless pets was an important one. We estimate that these rooms will help us successfully house and rescue 15-40 additional pets each month. Almost 70 percent of the rescued dogs at our facility were scheduled to be euthanized in area shelters simply because of space constraints.

If anyone can send additional funding for this project, we would really appreciate. If everyone we have helped this month, would send $5......that would be about $3000. If everyone on this list sent $5, that would be $35,000. We need help. Please send your pledge today. I know that together, we can make this horrible turn of events seem small.

If we do not receive a rally from our friends, we will not be able to complete the project until much later. I'm turning away about a hundred animals a month, please help me. We need these resources to be available as soon as possible. We needed them yesterday.

Please cross post to anyone that may be able to assist.

Jason Huff
Director of Operations
The Pet Connection
5918 Broadmoor
Mission KS 66202
OPEN HRS: Tues - Sunday 9am-8pm Monday by appt only
Low cost obedience instruction, low cost microchipping
Low cost spay/neuter

[Update: They have something called iGive set up. Go to the main website (linked in the post) and click on the link in News & Events: "The Homeless Pets Have Been Robbed". From there, click the Donate Page link at the bottom of the information.

And to the right of the Donate Page is a PayPal link with a big yellow DONATE button.]

I know these folk; they are good people doing good work and SO don't deserve this!

[Update Two: You guys all UTTERLY RAWK! I've done my little bit as well. Damned right that every little bit helps. I'm both humbled and grateful that you all pitch in when asked. LOVE you all!]
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Be VERY careful of the toys you buy for your pets. Four Paws, Inc. has achieved complete AssHat status in my book.

DO NOT BUY Four Paws toys for your pets.

Warning, this link to this story will make you see red. Ganked from my dear friend [ profile] apocalypticbob
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The hands-down most useful kitchen gadget that Bruce has ever gotten me is this:

The Taylor thermometer with a prod to put into the meat (or whatever) and then a digital scale which powers on or off and has an alarm that may be powered on or off, is the bestest way to test chicken or turkey or leftovers in a cassarole dish (as in right now with the cheesy-chicken-rice thing I made late last week!) No more "gosh, I wonder if this is done or not" quandries.

I'm getting huge amounts of enjoyment out of watching the hummingbirds around this feeder. It is a bit of work but SO worthwhile. The last time I refilled it, on Friday, the damned little black aunts had discovered it and were swarming all over. I took it down, dumped out the old nectar over by the fence and brushed the ants off the feeder the best I could then brought it in and washed the rest of the little bastards off under hot water. I then took the feeder apart and ran it through the dishwasher to sterilize it. Meanwhile, I climbed back out the window using my nifty little kitchen ladder (I know, but it's easier and lots quicker than going around the front of the house and forcing my way through the jungle on that side of the house) and took the talcum powder to the top of the feeder (we have one of these:
and sprinkled some on the tree branch as well to hopefully discourage the ants. So far it seems to be working very well indeed.

The hummingbirds LOVE it and chase each other around it (mean little buggers, they are, too!) There isn't hardly five minutes go by that there isn't one of the waggly-tailed guys or a ruby-breasted one. They flit around or land briefly on a branch or even occasionally fly over to look in the window as if to say, "gee thanks!" Just amazing to watch them; I never seem to get tired of it.

Bruce is out mowing while I catch this up briefly.

OH, one really funny thing; I've noticed that my practicing the bowed psaltry has an effect on the cats. The either love it or hate it, I can't tell which. But they ALL meow as I start to practice; Minko was so loud and obnoxious about it and I thought he wanted out but when I stopped and walked toward the door, he just looked at me and when I started playing again he started ME-ROWing again. I had to put him outside and then Nell took up the accompaniment. Really funny! Most of the stuff I'm practicing is in the key of D, so I don't know if it's the pitch or just the timber of the instrument. 'Cause they don't do that during band practices when we work here. Weird; guess I'll have to practice more and see what happens. 'Course, they don't care much for the bodhran; they just put their ears back and leave.

Silly animals...
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see more dog pictures

see more dog pictures

see more dog pictures

see more dog pictures
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Dear Minko,
Bringing in the half-dead male cardinal first thing Saturday morning wasn't enough, was it? You looked so disgusted when Daddy came out to the kitchen and yelled, "SHIT" and put your now-dead prey outside and then cleaned up all the feathers. This was only after having yelled, "Oh shit" in the living room because Pepper didn't get outside in time.

I did mean it when I told you that I'd much rather you caught moles and mice than song birds. But I really don't want to see them.

And that certainly doesn't mean that I want you to bring them inside to finish playing with them to death in the comfort of the kitchen. No. Thank god I slammed the window shut in time. You gave me such an indignant look. *sigh* Good kitty. Yes, kill moles rather than song birds. BUT PLEASE, not in front of me, ok?


Poor little thing, even though they're such a nuisance in the yard. Poor little brave fella; even after Minko dropped him and he was too stunned to move, he jumped up and raised his little front claws to try to defend himself.

Great, now I'm feeling sorry for moles.
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...example of doings around the house. These conversations happen on a regular basis around here.

(I'm sitting at the kitchen table catching up on email.)

Minko: MAOOOOOOR! (He's standing at the back door looking at me significantly.)

Me: You wanna go out?

Minko: Mrrrr-rowr.

Me: Ok, well, come on then. You gotta go out the front door. I don't wanna rile up the dogs.

Minko: Mrrrp.

(I go the front door, closely followed by Minko. Penny is also looking interested. Bobbi is sitting on the front window sill, looking more concerned as Minko approaches. He doesn't even notice her. I open the front door, letting cold air in.)

Me: Ok, Minko, there you go.

(Minko goes out. Penny is standing at the end of the hallway, looking interested but she's obviously waiting for an engraved personal invitation.)

Me: Penny, would you like to go out, too?

(Penny trots forward, with remnants of last night's gravy still on the bridge of her hose but she got indignant when I tried to wipe it off after supper. She slows down and gingerly steps outside the door. Minko skips forward 'cause OMG there's another cat at the door before he remembers that he's a big tough male cat and not afraid of anything. He covers the lapse in coolness by jumping up onto the trellis wall.)

Me: Tail too...

(Penny pulls her tail out the door and turns to look at me as I shut it.)

Me: You sure you want out?

(Penny blinks at me and moves back toward the door. I re-open the door letting in more cold air. Penny sits down.)

Me: Well, make up your mind, silly girl! (Penny blinks at me. I close the door. She flicks her tail which usually means there's something going on of which she does not approve.)

Me: Do you want back in again? (I open the door. Penny sits back down.)

Me: Ok, I'm closing the door and going away now.

I return to the kitchen where Nell is sitting behind my laptop waiting for birds to fly by.

It's just a normal, peaceful morning in the Cannon household. Breakfast done, up to the sewing room to work on fiddle bags.
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Too lazy (busy) to look up how to link.

So here:

Have a box of kleenex nearby. And put your soda/coffee/wine down.

Nabbed via [ profile] thatliardiego
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Ya just hafta laugh.

Poor Nell know, the one with one brain cell? The one that when you look into her eyes, you see the back of her head?

Yep. Well, I'm cutting stuff out on the dining room table today 'cause it's raining and as usual, I can't work upstairs when the dogs are inside, right?

So I scooched her bed (box lid with a towel inside it) and the cat food bowl to the edge of the table so I'd have a bit more room. This break in the usual routine has her fairly freaked out anyway; I mean, those scissors could be a weapon, right? And the fabric coming at her is really scary!

Apparently I moved the box a little closer to the edge of the table than I thought. She just finally got really brave, despite my bustling around, and decided to go back and lay in her bed. She sorta skidded into it when she, the bed and the towel all went sailing off the edge of the table and landed *plop* on the floor.

Yep, I laughed.


Feb. 12th, 2007 05:26 pm
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Why is it that I come back home after a lovely weekend, only to pick all the stress right back up as if I haven't been gone.

MUST sew, but with this damned weather, I can't keep the dogs outside and so every 1/2 hour I have to go downstairs and check them or the kitchen gets peed on.

I must exercise, sew, work out, practice bodhran, organize stuff for next weekend and try not to worry.

I'm ready for Spring and to have this wedding for the Kid done with. Not necessarily in that order.


Feb. 12th, 2007 10:29 am
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I'm checking my email and Minka-kitty is sitting on Bruce's desk right in front of the monitor. She has been distracted by the cursor and is now hypnotized.

Seriously, she is watching every character go up on the screen as I type and when I move the cursor back and forth, her little head goes back and forth, back and forth.

Really cute.


Jan. 18th, 2007 08:47 am
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Now I am glad that Minko cat is a good hunter. I am glad that he's not able to get songbirds while it's this cold (poor songbirds anyway!) I am glad that he's killing mice.

But I hate having to pick up the remains!

There's the (back) half of a squished mouse right outside the back door.

There's also a dead whole mouse outside the back door.

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Reposting this from [ profile] mistressniniane 'cause it's just too appropriate for those of us with 'fur' children.

Pet Rules )
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The bathroom painting job is done. It is mah-valous, dahling. [ profile] joegoda is a brilliant man. He suggested (read my mind, actually) adding a touch of red, burgundy actually. Just a hint and I LOVE IT. *sigh* Now it makes the walls in here and in the hallway dead boring. No, not right now; 6 other things in front of that. But I wanna.

Bits 'o other news: James Wallis (146 miles without a map; Winchester to Canterbury, the pilgrim’s way) has finished his walk although not, I suspect, his fund-raising for Cancer research through "Cancerbackup". It was amazing reading his blog throughout this process. Go here: Lots of neat stuff, amusing and a real glimpse into this man's heart and wit. And only one typo/wrong word: 'then' when it should've been 'than' but considering his blisters and his sore ankle, I can't be too critical. Bravo!

And I think I'm getting a cold. Bugger. Right when we're finishing recording and the party is this weekend and I have bullionsandbullions of things to do. Bugger! I say it again.

*sigh* I haven't a clue as to what to do for dinner. Nell-kitty just crapped hershey-squirts right in front of the door again but I spoze that's better than the hallway rug in the middle of the night when I'm coming out barefooted. Always think positively, right?

Ok, I think I'm done posting for the day.
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Wow, second weekend in a row at home. Necessary to do Terry's exercise plus last minute plans allowed [ profile] mistressniniane to fly down from St.Louis to record viola parts for our new CD, "En Passant" so we're enjoying her company this weekend. (For those of you on AFR for years; you'd know her as LadyNiniane...yep, samesame.)

The really good news is that when I was introducing her to all the 4-legged family members, we of course went outside to see the dogs. They were doing their usual, laying in the dirt 'bunkers' they'd dug for themselves right next to the house in the shade (on either side of the nice bed that I made that neither of then uses!)

We walked out there and Terry wagged! First time, we have old propellor tail back and that's so cool; he got many a pat and a 'good dog' because that means that his nerves and everything work right down to the end of his spine. Yep, he's gonna make a full recovery, I really think.

Now, off to record and work on the costume guidelines for White Hart and painting the bathroom.



Jul. 28th, 2006 07:53 am
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First, Friday Five )

Next, Friday and that damned trim )

Finally, Other stuff )

Hoo boy...

Apr. 14th, 2006 07:16 am
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It's an entirely unique experience to dart up out of bed at 4am because through your ear plugs you've heard the old dog get up. You know that he's either already peed in the kitchen or it about to, so you dash out as is, nekkid as a jay bird, ear plugs still in and no glasses, of course...

To realize that he's standing right outside the bedroom door, intently sniffing something. And you immediately know what it is; it's cat diahrria. You know this because you've stepped in it...with both feet.

Now to pack to leave at noonish...
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I love 'em; my heart lifts on the rare occasion when I see them. Their color is just so beautiful and their song so cheery and uplifting.

And that's why... )
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I have a pretty princess Penny here at home, sitting on my cutting table grooming herself and purring like mad. It was an expensive venture but they allowed me to divide it into two payments, thank gods. I'm still further impressed with this Veterinary clinic and this Vet.

When I got there, they told me the doctor wanted to talk to me and showed me into one of the exam rooms. Pretty soon, a young lady in a lab coat popped in, left a can of food and a small bowl and said she'd be right back. Turned out to be the assistant (whose name I unfortunately didn't catch.) The doctor popped in and introduced himself, shook my hand and said he'd be right back, that he had six puppies to vaccinate. And sure enough, I could hear a little "yipe!" one after another from next door.

Then the assistant came back in and showed me how to 'force feed' her by watering down some of the canned food, putting it into a syringe with no needle and then squirting it into her mouth a little at a time. I watched and held her as she demonstrated and Penny ate quite willingly. She told me that I could try giving Penny some in a plate but if she didn't eat, that we had to force feed her to get her weight back up.

That accomplished, I settled in to snuggle the princess until the doctor came back in. Some head butts and lots of ear and neck skritches later, Dr. Applebaum came in and told me what was what, explained the medicine and showed me how to tell how jaundiced she is; he's right, the insides of her ears and her gums are lemon yellow, poor little girl. So she has prescription food, an antibiotic and a new enzyme pill to take everyday.

That accomplished, we put her into the carrier and went out to settle the bill. While standing there, I watched the puppies parade out, vaccinations completed. What I saw were the cutest bloodhound puppies ever, brought in by this long-haired older dude and his equally free-spirited looking lady. Nice folks and turns out that she's epileptic so holding a pup and keeping her balance was a challenge. Of course, I oooh'd and aahhh'd and had to pet each one so they asked, "Do you want one?" Riiight; as if! "No," I said, "we have a housefull already and my sweetie would kill me but I'll take one of your cards and see if anybody else does." Gods, they are cute with those long faces and the wrinkled up foreheads, so very solemn and sad looking but sweet and friendly. The guy said, "They're great watch dogs...they'll watch as somebody takes your tv and your sound system. But they'll sure let you know when somebody's coming!" *chuckle* I'll bet...can you imagine a whole brood of bloodhounds braying as a car comes up the driveway?

Anyway...all's well with the world. She meowed at me the whole way home and couldn't wait to get out of the carrier. She came inside and got sniff-greeted by Nell and Minka, just like, "Where have you been?"

So Penny's home and I think she's going to be alright.


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