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I'm just re-looking through the FiveRings pictures taken last year; thinking maybe I could find some good close-up details for [ profile] ladybarnard to use in the banner on the new (and LOVELY) White Hart web-site.

I'm smiling looking at the pictures of first weekend. Sometimes there's a particular kid who just pulls the heartstrings. This one young man is one. SO very serious about chivalry and SO intent on being a knight and believes in each fiber of his heart and soul. A cute pre-teen dressed in a shirt, hand-wrapped kilt and skinny drape and reboks; adorable. He had a blast first weekend and came back again third weekend, if I remember correctly. His mundanely-dressed mother stood at the back, just beaming that we were appreciating her son exactly as he is in this moment of time.

QE makes a Knight )

Distilled down to the very essence, THIS is why I do this...
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It's I have to decide how to pleat it, to sett or to stripe.

And pics of QE and Byron: a love story of a queen and a gallant bear.
cut for the bear truth )
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Here you can see part of the new costume and that the necklace from Sapphire&Sage is lovely but just doesn't work on me.

But more importantly... Puss-in-Ruff )


Feb. 20th, 2007 07:40 pm
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Well, I did it to myself, most assuredly. But I now have one open weekend between now and the middle of July.

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One of the bright ones has left us. Charles Taylor, veteran of 30 years of Renaissance Faires in California, passed away last night after a fight with melanoma and lymph cancer. This has been awhile in coming but is still always a shock when it does. I posted the news last night to 'friends only' and greatly appreciate the support and friendship in the comments. I'm alright but wanted to do a further tribute to him. Read more... )


Dec. 7th, 2006 10:24 am
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Ok, so who switched Oklahoma for North Dakota when I wasn't looking, huh? It's 21 degrees out!
I moved SOUTH; it's not supposed to be this cold! Hello.....!?!

Ok, I feel better now for venting that. But I'm not the only one. Poor Minko does not like this cold at all. He goes to the back door and wants out. I open the door and he shakes a paw and goes out for a minute then wants right back in. So then he goes to the front door and wants out. His logic is inescapable; surely the weather must be different outside the other door!

Yes, it does remind me of Heinlein's book.

But he's also the one scratching the corners of my green leather sofa. He may not survive doing that.

Ok, now that I've said 'ok' three times, I'm off to work in my warm cloak for this weekend. It's spozed to be mid-40's. Which is still warmer than Oklahoma, WTF?

Yes, I've gotten spoiled; what's your point?


Jul. 5th, 2006 09:09 am
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Hiya everybody!
I've been busy-busy so I haven't been around as I usually am and it looks like I'm just not gonna get caught up in reading my flist, especially having just added three or four more friends! whoops...forgot to cut! )
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My dear [ profile] archway just sent me a new icon from this past weekend; can't get much more current than that. (Thanks, love! *smooch*) From the angle, it's obvious that I was speaking with a child. I must say, some of the cutest children and SO polite that I remember seeing anywhere, have attended this faire so far.

I think I got more hugs this past Saturday, with nearly each one asking for permission first, than I've ever gotten in any one faire day before.

Spoke with Di last night; she called all excited that we'd been all over the news; Fox at 9, NBC and CBS at both 6 and 10 with voice-overs and again more today. They showed the web-site on the screen and the hits have increased by a bunch. A local store is selling tickets and they've run out twice. Two newspapers have shown up at site, fortunately the lovely blacksmith from OKRF and his sweet wife who makes baskets and brooms, are staying out on site and gave lovely interviews. Yay! for pro-active and involved vendors. There will apparently be two new local vendors out this weekend; one of stained-glass and one potter...getting new local vendors rocks.

Yes, I still owe my run-down of the weekend; I'll try to do that this afternoon. Still muchly to do. I went to storage yesterday to find the Statue of Liberty stuff but couldn't find the trunk that the wig/crown and torch are in so Bruce and I went back last night. Sure enough, it was all the way to the back on the bottom underneath the china hutch. Yes, it still breaks my heart that my beautiful walnut table, hutch and chairs are sitting in storge but when is there time to do something about them? *sigh*

Now, I'm off to get paint to re-do the pedestal and touch up headpiece and torch and run by Salvation Army to drop off bags of clothes that were still in there.

Not quite zooming....


Mar. 27th, 2006 09:16 am
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I was right....check out the White Hart site this morning. You'll see a familiar face there. Here:

I'm off upstairs to put together this bodice, put the waistband on both skirts and one sleeve all today so I can drive up to KC tomorrow to fit Lisa. Hopefully at the same time I can find a good place to get the crown fixed and remember to pick up my Bernina on the way.

And yeah...a new format just for a bit of change.


Mar. 22nd, 2006 03:02 pm
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Working like mad on the sewing and the recording and trying to get White Hart Faire stuff up and running. The short of it? I need good court folk and characters I can count on. Emails are going out and a few answers are trickeling in.

My current question; anybody have Adrian Gilby's current email address? I really need a good Lord Mayor and he's the best one I know of anywhere. The Lord Mayor will be head of the Villager's Guild and I need to get ahold of him. OH, never mind...I just heard from him. Life is good!

A lot of the rest of you are getting emails, too....I need good rennies who know how to play and who wanna built a new playground.

Oh yes, and it pays....
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I think there may be a nap in my future today. Muchly to do today but despite wonderful pampering by my beloved last night (*Sigh* ...*squish*) I awoke at 3am to referee a dog-growling match and then couldn't get back to sleep. And I'd just gotten nicely back to sleep when the alarm went off, dammit.

What was I thinking about you ask? tomorrow... )
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Yes, it is dreadfully at the last minute...but if you a) miss seeing Queen Elizabeth I and would like to see her once more, b) have never seen her and are curious about her, or c) are looking for something to do at 2pm on Saturday, the 31st, I have just the thing for you.

[ profile] bungorye is giving us all a Holiday Present. He is reprising his one-man show as the Old Lost Knight which is one of the truly most brilliantly written and acted pieces I've ever had the pleasure of seeing. It will be at the Just Off Broadway Theatre.

He has invited Her Royal Majesty (me, just in case anyone was wondering!) to attend as Queen Elizabeth I, which is our great pleasure to do. He has reserved Royal Box which shall be my pleasure to share with a certain Scotsman. We are told that it does hold four, if the circumference of skirts is not too great. We can think of quite a few with whom we'd love to share this wonderful event.

So here's the blurb as recently posted in his LJ:

The Old Lost Knight rides alone
Well, tonight I start a brief run of An Audience in the Tower. I like Sir Richard, and this show will be all the more poignant for me since it is likely the last time I will perform the role for a long time, if ever.

For this run I am reinstating something from the first production at the old Lawrence Arts Center. Audience members who come in Renaissance garb will get the reducd ticket price of $8, and will be permitted to sit in the noble (and possibly even Royal) box seats. That could be fun (it was the first time).

When Jim Stamberger told me in 2004 that the KC Faire would not rehire Commedia Sans Arte but was interested in its members doing scripted shows (hence the birth of that happy, mischievous child The Lord Mayors Company), he asked about my one man show as a possibility. He had never seen it, just heard good things; he still has not seen it. I was unable to tell him that it was too long and far too demanding of an intelligent audience, for what he wanted at Faire. And I know from experience that I cannot perform it more than twice in one day. So much for Faires.

All I wish now is for some old friends of Sir Richard to appreciate his new stories, and a few new friends to hear the old ones.

So here I am...calling all former Court and cast members from KCRF, years 1997-1999! Come, dress in garb and see a wonderful show and recall a few years past when the Elizabethan time period was running full-tilt throughout KCRF.

Elizabeth and her favorite Scotsman will be in the Royal Box to attend the show. (Um, somehow that just didn't come out right...but you know what I mean! I mean we'll be sitting there watching the show...of course!) *ahem* We heartily invite one and all, near and far, to be in attendance for this brilliant, funny, thought-provoking and witty performance. You shan't regret it, I promise you!


Sep. 8th, 2003 03:04 pm
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?? Which Angel Or Demon Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

Lovely weekend, all in all! Cut for length - faire description )


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