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I am SO pissed off right now! This is the second time I have had a major contract taken away from me and the time has come to have it out.

There's a new king at KCRF for this fall. The last guy, another friend, did a wonderful job but he's decided not to come back. I think perhaps that he wasn't quite the right fit. Frankly, he hadn't drunk the kool-aid that the Entertainment Director passes out. This is a mature adult who does his job and does it well but won't bow down to the PTB. Having observed how this has worked for the last decade or so, I really do think this is how it works. His costume was made by another friend; a complete professional who met the deadlines and did a fabulous job. It was gorgeous. Note, this will become a factor in my story later; that the last king's costume was made by a non-kool-aid-drinking, non-cast costumer of the current administration.

The guy who is now King is a really nice guy, he'll do a great job. I've worked with I made his costume last year and he told me, straight out, that he really wanted to be King and was disappointed that he hadn't it through the last casting call. The mayor's costume that I made him was to have a great coat added later to have the costume be "King-worthy", as he put it.

So I pretty much expected this guy to ping me and say, "hey, we need to get started as I'm King now." It would make things sorta tight, schedule-wise, but I could deal with it. And frankly, the money would really come in handy, not to mention the notch in my belt of of making another monarch's costume. But I didn't hear from him at all, which made me start to wonder.

As I'm a fan of direct communication, I decided to ping him on FB, which is how we often communicate. I said, "Hey, congrats! Wanted to tell you how happy I am for you. Do you know what you're doing costume-wise yet? Just trying to organize my Spring schedule. If you want to discuss designs, I'd love to work with you and my schedule is fairly free for the next month or so, if you're wanting to get started right away. If you've made other plans, that's perfectly ok."

I heard back from him fairly quickly:
"Jim already had it setup with Annie for my costume this year. However, Riah might need you. She's hoping to know more after next weekend.
She's going to be Romani, but she's looking to have a leader-type costume made."

Fuming, I sent back:
"I will be happy to talk with Riah about her costume. Counting to 10 here. I obviously need to talk seriously with Jim. I have a problem with him assigning major costuming to someone who can't meet her deadlines and who is allowed to do so and who does sub-standard work. However, this is not *your* problem, sorry to take it out on you. It is mine and I will deal with it. But this makes me very unhappy that he has made a decision like this. This is the second time he has interfered with my income in a major way."

So perhaps I spoke out of line here, as I am wont to do from time to time. And it's all probably going to hit the fan because he and his whole family have drunk the Kool-aid. But I am REALLY PISSED OFF!

This is the same costumer to whom Jim gave about 8 court costumes to do last year, and whose sewing machine broke and who was SO late on deadlines that her clients had to wear old costumes for the HARD DEADLINE of the July 4th parade, when everyone else HAD to have their costumes done, or else risk being fired. This is the same costumer who puts out shoddy looking, costume-rental quality costumes; who works a FULL TIME regular job and does costuming on the side. But she's drunk the Kool-aid and is the costumer that Jim goes to first.

I am LIVID! I said the last time that Jim determined that "only Annie could do Royalty costumes" that I would go toe-to-toe with Jim over this. He has NO CALL to just assign costumes to one person, who is *not* staff, who is not a professional and who does not have the chops to handle doing good royal costumes. She probably doesn't charge enough but it's not as though she depends on costuming for her income. OH, heads are going to roll over this. One of them could me mine, but that this point, I'm not sure I even care.


Jan. 13th, 2010 07:05 pm
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As of this afternoon, I'm now the Vendor Coordinator for Barataria Faire, scheduled for August 7 & 8 in Springfield, Missouri.

We have fabulous nationally-known entertainment booked and an amazing cast, working on an Pirate and Faerie storyline with totally improvised action through the weekennd.

Now looking for equally fabulous vendors to join the team. The site is downtown Springfield with a great track record for attendance and sales figures at events. We've got a great management team, top-notch marketing and we're gearing up for a fabulous festival!

I've Vendor packets ready to send out to anyone who is interested. This *is* a juried event so we're overseeing the merchandise to make sure it is equally top-notch.

Come join us!
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This from [ profile] bessofhardwick

For those who are as of yet unaware, I will be at the Maryland Renaissance Festival on Saturday and Sunday, October 24th and 25th, for closing weekend. I will be doing a book signing of my book, Renaissance Festivals! Merrying the Past and Present. If you have MDRF people on your friends list, please let them know that this is an opportunity to get the first ever full-length scholarly book on festivals in general, but that it also focuses for several chapters on MDRF. And, I will sign all copies with a personal note. Thank you for passing along the information. Any questions, just drop me a line here!!!

(She also mentions Faire a la Carte in one of the chapters, which I found to be very cool!)

Good luck, dear, and I hope you sell LOTS of books! I want mine (soon as I can afford it!) and will get one soon as I see you again!

BTW, I've read a few bits of it, and it fabulous! Scarby-ites will enjoy it a lot!

(Huh, just looked in my pics and it seems that I don't have *anywhere* a pic of QG and Bess together...that's aweful!)
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Well, the RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL AWARDS for 2009 have started.

*ahem* I can't help but notice that most of this stuff seems to go to East Coast faires and groups. I'm just sayin' that I think Midwest folk need to get in on this and be represented, ya know? It's all about the numbers, folks.

Not to mention that, Queen's Gambit didn't get nominated nor did any of the other nifty bands we know and love, like Three Pints Gone or Tullamore. There are lots of wonderful musical groups not on there that should be, and musical solo acts and comedy acts. The same 4-5 acts and shows get nominated over and over again; how about some new blood in there?

So far as categories go, I personally think there need to be more musical categories, in addition to "Best Musical Group" and "Best Musical Soloist" 'cause there is no way that Celtic bands and say, Pirate Bands, should be in the same category; truly like comparing apples and oranges. Also should be a category for "Musical Duo" 'cause I wanna vote for "Ezra and Dilly" but you know I'm voting for Queen's Gambit, right? But maybe that's just me.

Blatant Plug: Please go and vote for Queen's Gambit for "best musical group" and please to vote for "Castle Queen's Side" as best new CD! (Yes, a nomination and a vote is the same thing.)

(Huh, there's a category for "Best Royalty"...that's new. *hint hint*)

Read the rules and go vote...
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This is their take on TamLin....oh wow, this is sexy stuff! Found over at [ profile] shadesong's place.

Gonna hafta buy this CD; can't wait until next May when we get to see Alec.

(Psssst...Eric! This is Alexander James Adams' new group, Tricky Pixie, with S.J. Tucker. Very Hot Stuff; you should see if you could get them for Barataria faire!)

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This was posted to the Whitehart yahoo list by Karen A., of the Brotherhood of Steel. It's too delightfully funny not to share and she's given us permission to do so.

out of the mouth of babes... )

I really agree with Softpaw on this, think we need an actual character by that name. Wish it had come up earlier so it could have been our Town Crier's name....absolutely priceless!
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Reposting from my darling hubby 'cause I should be sewing.

But he's SO right; you all need to come to OKRF the weekend after Scarby is done!

As per Bruce:

I just had a "V8" moment after reading a friend's post.

I realized that this year there is a magical alignment of planets and other weird coincidence having to do with the calendar.

It seems that our home faire, The Oklahoma Renaissance Festival, runs one week later than Scarborough. For once, Scarby and OKRF don't completely overlap.

This could be a chance, for those who are not totally burnt after 8 grueling weekends of performance (to say naught of rehearsals), to come and enjoy a visit 4 hours to the North, in Muskogee, OK.

We would *LOVE* to see you up here... I mean, *really*. Come play? One Saturday. Air-Conditioned Castle on the grounds. Queen's Gambit in the Pub. In the A/C. Jolly Rogers. Cut, Thrust and Run. Lots more. We'll *make* time and place for a court dance.

What say you?"

Please, pretty please, with sugar on top? AmberBob said that our amazing ED, Donald Ryan (who is on LJ as [ profile] gryphonknyte, or has stated that any Scarborough folk who want to come to OKRF should contact him, for maybe oh, something like guest performer passes, maybe...

It would utterly rock to have a Scarby invasion at OKRF, and then one about a month later at White Hart! Just sayin'....
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This is our schedule for this year at OKRF in Muskogee, OK. I want to post it here (and elsewhere) because it's different than in recent years. We'll be at our usual spot, Burns' Stage in the morning but inside the Castle in the AIR CONDITIONING inside the Black Boare Pub, alternating shows with the wonderful Bedlam Bards.

So here's our schedule:

Burn's Stage
11:45 - 12:30 Queen's Gambit Ballads

12:30 - 1:00 Royal Parade

Black Boare Pub
1:00 - 1:45 Queen's Gambit, Ballads
2:45 - 3:30 Queen's Gambit, Ballads
4:15 - 5:15 Queen's Gambit, Ballads & Mayhem

I have no idea what we'll be doing after morning jam, probably busking near the front gate or something but you can't miss us! And with thunderstorms forecast for this weekend, we're especially happy to be inside!

So that means that our last show of the day will very likely feature some of our bawdy songs. But you know us, we aim to do different songs for each show (that is unless Bruce gets one song in his head and we repeat it!)

See you there! All the weekends in May....

Oh yay!

Nov. 11th, 2008 04:55 pm
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More Heartland pictures. Mark did a heroic job in getting them up this quickly!

These are the ones that [ profile] desahra and [ profile] chaoticfayth took with [ profile] 5rings camera!

OMGoodness, all the faces of those precious children while they were being knighted. SO many of them tugged on my heartstrings!
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I just signed the biggest contract of my entire life (excluding the purchase of a house, you understand) with the Sac-Fox Casino in Shawnee, OK to produce the first official event of "Faire a la Carte" which will be a Renaissance Festival on November 8 & 9, 2008.

Details to follow after I dutifully notify the board members and the performers. But I know that some of you were waiting on pins and needles for this news.

First order of business is to send out contracts (ok, FIRST is to assemble a few missing email addresses to which to send the contract) and then the second will be to hire an attorney to make this new business official. We already have the PO box and tomorrow I'll go open a bank account.

To say that I'm excited would be a vast understatement. I went into a room with the General Manager, the Director of Operations and their Marketing Director and kicked butt. After a bit of discussion, clarification and Q & A, the GM read completely through and signed the contract, a copy of which I have in my little pink hand.

Now I'm off to make broccoli beef...
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This is one my best early gags I ever pulled on anybody. And I pulled it on Puke and Snot. Of course, it was "the other guys", the B team that did KCRF for a few years, waaaaay back in the old-school days.

That was before Puke and Snot was even on a stage; they performed out in the streets; yep, the did. And so did Bob the Incredible Juggler and, well, I think there were only about two stages way back thenm if I'm remembering correctly. (And if now, I'm sure that Red will correct me, something on which I count!)

They had in their show (and may still for all I know) a bit where one of them is chewing on a carrot and flips a carrot to the other one, saying "Arm yourself" before they get into the actual sword work. Yes, at one point I could repeat their whole show word for work and to my knowledge, it really hasn't changed much. Last time I saw them, when Mark and I went to the Colorado faire on our motorcycle trip in '03, I could still recite most of it.

Anyway.....I got the crazy idea to pull a trick on them so I went to the grocery store and bought several packages of carrots. Next day, I passed them out to all the performers and a bunch of patrons and said, "show up at 'this' show and watch for the cue."

So that when Puke said to Snot (I think it was...) "Arm yourself" and tossed him a RAINED carrots on them from all sides. *grin* It stopped the show for just a bit while they looked around at all the carrots and laughed.

My shining "Puke and Snot" memory....
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First I read that Snot of "Puke and Snot" has suddenly passed away. (Yes, I corrected it.)

And then I hear of Alex' troubles, reposting from DecemberTyger's post:

Because I know several of you know them but may not know what is going on...

Greetings, all.

I received permission this weekend to tell people what's going on with Alexander James Adams, heir to Heather Alexander.

I'll just lay it out: Alec and Kore are about to lose their beloved - and inspiring - 30 acres. You hear about it all the time at concerts and in songs and patter on CDs. They are facing the F-word: Foreclosure. They have this month (August) to cough up enough money to keep the land and to protect it.

That being the case, this is a *really* good time to buy any of his or Heather's merchandise you have been meaning to buy - in addition to the CDs, there's now a songbook of Heather's stuff. Additionally, he's working on other projects to bring in funds - threatening an "Adopt a Faery" program, among other things. Check the below websites for information. ..

http://www.faerieta leminstrel. com/
http://www.heatherl index.php? section=1

Please pass this word on to those you think might want to know, and to choose now to buy Heather or Alec CDs, and look for a new album, and clever fundraising ideas.
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Ok, can somebody tell me about this event? Who's organizing it; where's the funding coming from; what's the marketing like; what's the setting like; where's the vendor and entertainment list; who's backing it....

Needless to say, I'm more than a tad skeptical about new faires popping up now.


All that is, is a list of names and email addresses, nothing else. The contact name is now going the rounds of email amongst local musicians. NOTHING else. I want some real information.

*scowl* I'm not horribly impressed so far. Show me a decent web-site, at least; pictures of the park, something?

Dammit, that's the weekend that AmberBob and I have scheduled a mutual birthday bash at the MeltingPot. I don't want to change it unless there's a damned good chance of a quality event.
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Just a couple tiny problems; wrong starting time (10am, not 9a,) and they used old pictures, but hey, press is press!



Jun. 23rd, 2008 07:35 pm
rowangolightly: (QE Knighting Byron) another reason we do this.

Lady Val entrances another one.

...and her mother, too.

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Bruce and I did a telephone interview recently with a nice gal, Escarlata Cisneros of the blog It was a lively and fun interview and we've been looking forward to the article. She sent it to us to preview today and after just a couple minor corrections, it's gone live.

Here it is and I have to say I'm very pleased. She really 'caught' us quite well and has a very nice writing style.

Please go and read and support this nice lady. She uses Marc Gunn as her model and her ideal in blogging; I told her that she couldn't have a better ideal!
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I had a very surreal experience this weekend that deserves its own post.

As I walked from unloading our stuff at the stage to the Castle for morning meeting, I had one vendor friend rush up to me, hug me and say, "OMG, you're not dead!" I blinked a bit and said, "Um, no....I'm feeling quite healthy, thanks." She went on to say that she'd heard I'd died. I raised an eyebrow and asked who on earth had told her that. She said, "EB!" I started to simmer because I really hate rumour, everyone knows that about me. I told her, "I think I'll go have a little chat with EB."

After morning meeting, as I walked up to the front area where the morning musician's jam takes place, this little scene was replayed. Vendors came pouring out of shops saying, "OMG, I was told you were dead!" Well, nice to know that I'm well-loved but this is getting a bit ridiculous. Apparently EB called all the vendors he knows, telling them that I had died; we all know how efficiently the tell-a-rennie rumour mill works.

So after the morning jam, I headed around the bend in the road, past the May pole on Somers' Field, past the Clock tower and Turtle Island Boots and stopped in front of EB's booth. He ducked his head around the cotton drape he has up and smiled near-sightedly at me.

I said, "Hey EB, I'm not dead!" He blinked and said, "I see that." By the way he was looking confusedly at me, I was wondering if he'd imbibed too much of some of his own herbal treatments. I said, "How on earth did you get the idea that I had died?" He said, "Well, I was talking to Di (owner of White Hart) and she told me that you'd died." Of course, he didn't call any of the other of our friends or family to check it out; Jenny could've told him immediately that it wasn't true, for instance.

What obviously happened is that he was talking to Di on the phone and she told him that my father had died and he misheard her and thought it was me, and not my father. So he started telling all his vendor friends rather than checking the veracity of it out for himself.

It was truly one of the more surreal experiences I've ever had. So weird to be walking around faire, having people scream and run over to hug me, some of them almost in tears! Nice to be loved but definitely peculiar to be thought dead!

At morning meeting, Bruce started to take me up front to say, "She's not dead!" but I wouldn't let him. I just was not in a mood to be on display and wanted that rumour to die rather than be spotlighted.

'Course, everytime I passed by EB the rest of the weekend, he hollered out, "I'm glad it's not true!" *eyeroll* Yeah, me too...
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I NEARLY FORGOT to relate one of the neatest memories of this weekend...after closing on Sunday, Bruce and I were walking toward the keep.

We stopped to watch Queen Margaret (aka Janna, the ED) have a final interaction with this adorable young fairy in pink and lime green I'd seen several times throughout the day. She'd had an amazing day, was smiling and just not really quite ready for the day to end; she had to say good bye to the lovely blonde queen who'd been so kind to her. Her mother standing nearby, watching foldly.

My in-faith sister gestured to us, including us in the interaction and I said, "Oh, yes I remember this little fairy princess dancing at the afternoon court dance" ....adorable! With one last hug and smile, Queen Maggie said, "And will you come back and see me again and again and again?" The little fairy jumped up and down and giggled and said most sincerely, "OH yes!" then she and her mother headed hand-in-hand toward the front gate.

Janna and I smiled at one another as we moved to walk side-by-side with Bruce on my left and her handsome escort on her right, toward the Keep and then we said simultaneously as if rehearsed, "And THAT is why we do this...." then chuckled at the shared-brain thought and moved on.

*sigh* Yeah, that's why we do this...
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Woot! Queen's Gambit is going to be on TV doing a promo for Norman Medieval Faire.

Now it's 6-frikkin'-am in the morning and will show at 6:20 on channel 9, KWTV.

The bit that Bruce forgot to tell me until late last night was that the reason she chose us in particular is that "their costumes are colorful and beautiful and they are great entertainers."

Well, doesn't that just make my day!


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