Feb. 14th, 2010 10:10 am
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Awwwww, this is one of the neatest tributes I've ever seen for a deceased friend.

My old friend, Steve W. who played Thomas Aquarius at both Scarby and KCRF (old-timers will remember the delighful lunatic who would water the entire parade with a pair of silver pitchers. He would run himself ragged to keep everyone watered all the time.

He has written a definition "Pulling a Bert" for the Scarby performer who left us not long ago. And for anyone who knew Bert, this is the absolutely perfect tribute I can think of.

The reason I'm re-posting this from FaceBook, is that the more people who go and vote "thumbs up" for it, the more likely it is to get accepted into the Urban Dictionary.

Here's the listing: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pulling+a+bert

1. Pulling a Bert

buy pulling a bert mugs, tshirts and magnets
1. Innocently doing something incredibly painful in a funny way. 2. Doing something outrageously extraordinary with simple things.
Pulling a Bert is riding a bicycle down a hill thru a stack of burning hay bales for charity.

When one slips off a roof while roofing and somehow manages to stop the fall by accidentally nailing one's hand to the roof you are Pulling a Bert.

Only one who is capable of Pulling a Bert would consider Walk UPSIDE DOWN along a suspended beam by repeated sequential lacing and unlacing of combat boots that are nailed along the underside of the beam.

A friend of mine pulled a Bert, he was in a hurry while building a house and nailed his foot to the floor while installing the hardwood floor.

In an effort to surprise a recently found friend one could Pull a Bert by hiding in the overhead bin of airplane and popping out to surprise passengers.

One way to Pull a Bert is to jump of out a second story window with nothing but an umbrella.

I'm going to pull a bert and hand people a beer from INSIDE the fridge.
Our contractor pulled a bert when he cut a hole in a 2nd story floor to install a spiral staircase, while standing in the center of the circle he was cutting.

One of the few guys who could regularly make you watch something and go "OW" while laughing your arse off, and then you'd have to go and see if he was alright.

Please help make this tribute a reality!
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Reposting from my darling hubby 'cause I should be sewing.

But he's SO right; you all need to come to OKRF the weekend after Scarby is done!

As per Bruce:

I just had a "V8" moment after reading a friend's post.

I realized that this year there is a magical alignment of planets and other weird coincidence having to do with the calendar.

It seems that our home faire, The Oklahoma Renaissance Festival, runs one week later than Scarborough. For once, Scarby and OKRF don't completely overlap.

This could be a chance, for those who are not totally burnt after 8 grueling weekends of performance (to say naught of rehearsals), to come and enjoy a visit 4 hours to the North, in Muskogee, OK.

We would *LOVE* to see you up here... I mean, *really*. Come play? One Saturday. Air-Conditioned Castle on the grounds. Queen's Gambit in the Pub. In the A/C. Jolly Rogers. Cut, Thrust and Run. Lots more. We'll *make* time and place for a court dance.

What say you?"

Please, pretty please, with sugar on top? AmberBob said that our amazing ED, Donald Ryan (who is on LJ as [livejournal.com profile] gryphonknyte, or donryan@me.com) has stated that any Scarborough folk who want to come to OKRF should contact him, for maybe oh, something like guest performer passes, maybe...

It would utterly rock to have a Scarby invasion at OKRF, and then one about a month later at White Hart! Just sayin'....
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One of the AWESOME moments of SAPA Character Camp this year that I neglected to post but which still fills my heart with squeeeee:

At the end of the wrap-up session, in which Coop was so generous as to allow me to participate, Bruce called for "one more song" which I think everyone could predict.

As he started "Parting Glass" everyone reached out for everyone else until we were in a double-circle hug and singing gloriously.

My mental image is being between Novie/Capn Latimer and Matthew/Owain Fysher and looking at my Beloved and Band-mate and other well-loved friends. Then when it came to the second verse, I stuck my arm up, the one that wasn't clutching Novie, and conducted that awesome group in the harmony verse.

Ye gods, that was intense! I could feel everyone watching and in accord with that song and with one another.

Man, oh man....talk about Golden Moments!

Edit: Not to mention (how could I have forgotten?) that I discovered Benedictine Brandy this weekend...as Susan (the ArchDuchess) said, "pressed from the thighs of Benedictines..." Ye GAWDS, is that stuff smooth!
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'Cause I can't say it any better than she has already...


Go. Read. Look. Help get this thing printed and out there.

And yes, I'm in there too, in my ren-undies...

new. frilly. blue. lace. silk. corset. cleavage.


Oh NO!

May. 11th, 2006 03:55 pm
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Ronn and Carrie, Donk and Fidget from Scarborough, have had an appartment fire and have lost everything.

As seen on Kimdot's LJ:

Carrie: 12/14 pants Large shirts shoes 5/6
Ronn: 35 or 36 waist and 30 length Large shirts shoes 7

They have also lost her sewing machine, both computers, furniture,
kitchenware, towels, sheets, pictures, knick knacks, any art Carrie ever
did, electronics, an extensive dvd collection, etc. Basically if you
could put it in your home, they have lost it.

I have offered my back-up Bernina (although it looks like someone may have beaten me to it) and want to see what else we can find to send back with Matt when he goes back to Dallas after the weekend. They are dear folk whose lovely hand-fasting Bruce and I attended the second weekend of Scarby, and now this. My heart goes out to them.

Yes, these guys:

If nothing else, please pray or send good thoughts or whatever your impulse and practice is to do to help. Ye gods, we complain about stuff but then somebody really has challenges, you know?


May. 10th, 2006 01:37 pm
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Now, this is the one I really wanted to be in on...


And then there's the girls... (aren't they beautiful?...ornery, but who'd want 'em to be any different?)


The man just takes breath-taking picture after breath-taking picture:

I mean, look at the light in this one....
and shadow in this one...
and how succintly he captures character...
and expression...
*giggle*...yeah, expression...
and um...religious fervor?

and this about says it all...

The man is an amazing artist with his camera.

Thank you, Paul


May. 1st, 2006 10:18 pm
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Wonder what these two are plotting...



Apr. 18th, 2006 10:23 am
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So this'll be quick.

First, cheeptrims.com is CRACK! *sigh*

Second, I hereby announce that I am coming back down to Scarborough Faire the weekend of April 29 & 30 to play in noble garb and will be playing Lady Suffolk. Yep, Bill offered me that as an incentive and he was correct, it was irresistable. And yes, Mary Tudor is the only female Tudor I haven't yet played; I need to read up! We've been talking about doing that for about 3 years now and I think it'll be a blast. He's going to send me information so I won't make a fool of my self. *grin* Guess I'm gonna have two new daughters, too! And yes, Lady Suffolk is going to be just as much of a flirt as is her dear husband, so everybody watch out! *grin* Afterall, she is Henry's sister...

Third, Paul took what may be the cutest pic ever of Amber. [livejournal.com profile] mikeoquinn just sent it and I decided to post it here.

Now back to work...
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We're home...tired but happy after weekend one of Scarborough. 'cause it god long anyway )
How could I have forgotten this one? )
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It seems as though Queen's Gambit WILL be performing at Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival did I get that right? for a limited run afterall...

Bruce just received an email from Coy offering us the first two weekends; apparently a performance group dropped and "we were the first on the list for a partial" to quote the email.

So....there you are. And there we are!
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Finally doing this one. ..looking around for a book... )

And now for one more tidbit from the weekend's game of "Between the Sheets" wherein upon a turn of the card, both of us won or lost, depending on pov )

*chuckle* Aye, it's a right amusing game!
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I've been up for awhile, puttering around and cleaning up stuff...although there wasn't as big a mess as there could've been around here for having been gone all weekend with no one stopping in to check on things.

The weekend of Character Camp was awesome! I'll do a WIL post later so I can remember all the details but I just wanted to note right off that 1) these are amazing folk and 2)the value of doing something like this can't be over-rated. I learned so much about the character of Rowan; how she plays, how she's regarded by others, what she's like inside her political head and how she and theBruce function 'on the road' together.

On top of this, those wonderful SAPA folk are so warm and friendly and so incredible at creating a credible community of personalities in alignment with accurate history that it simply makes me proud.

It was a simply awesome experience all around and I'm tremendously glad and grateful that we were involved.

Thank to everyone who made it such a wonderful weekend!


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