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...not being around.

But (thanks to Google ads, which rock my socks on a regular basis) I discovered this nifty, thought-provoking article by a fellow gardener, George Ball, Chairman of Burpee Co. (one of the gardening catalogs that I devour.) This is taken from the Philadelphia Inquirer (my birth town, btw) and is very worthwhile to read.

A celebration of drudgery )

Amen. I wholeheartedly agree. The "sweet spot of drudgery..." I LOVE that!

I'll take it one step further; you either glorify your work and yourself with your good attitude or you poison it and yourself with a bad attitude. The choice is up to you.

When I think kindly or lovingly about the individual for whom I'm doing something, I firmly believe that it imbues that object with virtue, good-will, magick...whatever you want to call it, whether that be sewing, cooking, gardening, bookwork, car mechanics or even, dare I say it, sex.

The effect is further magnified because when I'm thinking positively or happily about whatever I'm working at, it's good for me too. I mean this literally; mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically. I think I can change myself at the cellular level by using positive energy on a daily basis. Change your mind and you can change the world. If you read "the Secret" or any other work about the power of positive thinking, it simply makes sense that whatever energy you use in your tasks is magnified. YOU get to choose whether that energy, times one or three or whatever, is positive and helpful and energizing and nourishing or whether it is negative, unhappy, sour and unhealthy.

I believe that it is impossible to separate out your energy from your work. We experience feelings all the time; we CHOOSE our feelings all the time, if we're adult and choose to behave as adults. Whatever emotions we choose to invest in our work and our relationships, even (especially!) ourselves, we build our world to resemble.

If we give good value in our work, no matter how mundane or drudgery-seeming, we get more than good value back.

Your choice, your work, your life.

And mine too...this is as much to remind myself of these principles as it is to preach to anyone else.

Choose LOVE.

I have another one of these on forgiveness but that's for another time really soon. It's been percolating for a couple years now, oh more than that, really.
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cut for courtesy )

And I may add to this later. Right now I have a garden to go dig about in.
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You may now refer to me as...


You sure you're ready?


Reverand Rowan.

Yep, I did it. I'm now legal to marry, bless and bury. Registered with the State and all.

Don't wanna so much do any of the latter but I definitely have one marriage to perform this summer and maybe two others on the way at some point.
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I'm fulfilling a promise here. I've tried other more subtle ways to go about this but no one seems willing to answer my emails.

I need to find a Druid either local to the Springfield MO area or willing to travel there on or about March 31st for a memorial ceremony for a dear friend and her recently departed husband.

Comments are screened.
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This is the post that has been brewing since Christmas Day. read on if you want to... )
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Not what I'd expected... who knew! )

All true, each in its own way...well, except for that "great understanding of science and math" stuff; not so much!

But I have finally found the Tarot cards that I want...Di had them and showed them to me; very wise woman she is. These really speak to me; I'll have to get them sometime. These:


May. 18th, 2006 08:26 am
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This is a prayer for balance that I found while reading last night. Simple but lovely. I think I'm going to type it up and post it near my computer upstairs. And I'm not even cutting there! *grin*

Come to me Air, so fresh and so clean,
Grant mental power - keep my thoughts sharp and keen.
Bring creativity - bring clarity, too.
Lend your positive aspects to all that I do.

Come to me Water, so flowing and free,
Lend compassion and love and gentility.
Grand understanding and tempers, please sooth
And life's little problems, please help me to smooth.

Come to me Fire, so warm and so bright.
As I walk through this life, my pathway, please light.
Please help me to live and to love with pure zest
Standing up for the Truth when I'm put to the test.

Come to me Earth, so rich and so moist,
Bestow, please, your gifts of serene peace and joy.
Grant your stability and ethical ways,
So I may help others, the rest of my days.

Akasha, please come, and work with these four
And Balance their aspects within me once more.
Transform my life, for You hold the key
To changing me into that which I should be.

Elements of all that live and shall be,
Please spin your spell in pure harmony -
Weaving the threads of my life with ease,
And stitching its fabric with Blessed Be's.

Isn't that lovely? It's by Dorothy Morrison...seemed so very, very appropriate for me with the 'thread' and 'stitching' references in there. I'm feeling very blessed and peaceful this morning; so happy that I'm nearly tearful from simple joy. I'm full to nearly-bursting with Light; battery recharged and ready to go! It's a wonderful feeling...
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..and I'm not depressed or grumpy. Contemplative, most certainly )
Hafta work at the store tomorrow again - no Friday in which to accomplish all those pre-faire things that need doing! And still have lyrics to learn. Yikes!
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So I'm not SuperWoman afterall! The cold I've been avoiding with vitamin C, echinacea/golden seal and forging ahead with work, fencing and my social life has caught up with me. But, dammit, I am not going to succumb to it!

Work first.... Chimps n' Gorillas 'n politics, oh, my! )

Then on the personal side - well, my life is certainly not dull.Iffen ya don't wanna know - don't read on!!! )


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