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EDIT: I have removed the items that have sold to make it easier to view what remains. Thanks and please pass along the word that the sale is going on! AND THERE IS MORE COMING. I still have more jewelry to photograph and haven't even started on the costumes yet.

This is gonna be huge: my apologies up front here for the length of this post. I just couldn't think of a better way to do this or to keep track of it (with the accompanying spreadsheet so I can track sales, receipts and shipping. If someone has a better idea, please speak up. I also apologize for the quality of some of the images; they were the best I could do in a hurry yesterday. If someone wants to see the stuff in person, please PM me and we can make arrangements for local friends. (Edit: I've decided to do this in two posts as this is so huge, perhaps that will be more manageable. This is the first 18 of some 40 items. The two crowns are at the end. No real order to this but what I grabbed to photograph.)

Business details: Items listed here are by the photograph numbers. Payment can be cash, checks (if I know you well) or PayPal to this email:
I must charge shipping for out of town sales and *will* insure them; the buyer's preference on shipping method but my default will be USPS. There will not be any added "handling charge" as padded envelopes are free from the Post Office. If I deliver the items to folk in town, I might need to add a fuel charge since gas is that expensive right now. And of course, I'll be happy to answer any questions about any item.

NOTE: Please (oh please!) put the item number and item in the body of the comment so I know which item you're looking at. Thanks.

Oh, and the pricing is negotiable; if you really love something, ask me and we'll discuss it. Best way I can think to do it is to comment with the number and title of the piece you wish to buy. I'll hold it for 24 hours awaiting payment. However, if multiple people want to purchase an item, I'll open bidding on that item within the comment line.

Pretty much everybody knows that I've performed at renfaires for 30+ years and have acquired lots of stuff during that time, too much jewelry, too many costumes and props, collected over the years. Not everybody knows that I have as great an addiction to jewelry as I do to fabric. This is really top-notch quality, tasteful stuff at really great prices; I've collected some gorgeous things and remember, it's not too early to do holiday shopping!

This is time-consuming stuff; I spent all of Friday afternoon and evening taking pics and editing them, then writing the descriptions and now most of Saturday evening adding the pics to this post. I really would like for this to pay off, trim my overage of stuff and for my friends to get lovely things in return.

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Boycott this restaurant? You damn betcha I will! Chauvinistic, asshatish behavior on a public city street is ridiculous and cannot be tolerated!
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I quote and copy bits from [ profile] ysabetwordsmith quite frequently on here, and here I am doing it again. How much more rich my life has been since I've gotten to know this amazing woman!

This is the best article I've read lately on how to combat loneliness, how to learn to become more emotionally self-sustaining, some really good basic tips for folks who may not have learned about self-care and socializing from their family while growing up.


Really apropos for this time of year.

Oh, and she's also the one who pointed me toward the Crowdsource Tarot, too.

SO nifty!

Nov. 24th, 2009 08:02 am
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Ganked from [ profile] hypatia42

Something cool that Xerox is doing!

If you go to this web site, you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq . You can't pick out who gets it, but it will go to some member of the armed services.

How AMAZING it would be if we could get everyone we know to send one!!! This is a great site. Please send a card. It is FREE and it only takes a second.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if the soldiers received a bunch of these? Whether you are for or against the war, our guys and gals over there need to know we are behind them...

I sent one and felt SO good about it!
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I'm selling stuff to raise money for the move and to get settled in KC, right?

Well, my dear friends, [ profile] apocalypticbob and [ profile] ladyniniane decided to go from recent history and start an auction for me. They say that it just makes sense for me to list the stuff that I'm selling on there, so I will.

I'll post the link here, as I put 'em up, but run the item's sale from over there, which is: [ profile] rescue_rowan.

To say that I'm humbled and grateful is a vast understatement.

Things I'm going to list:
Fabric (duh!) including cotton ginghams, 2 sheer beaded lace "apron" panels, some costumes, some more books, an offer to do a faux finish painting job on someone's room, and yes, some more books. And some fabric.

Starting with this one:

And if you don't mind, please spread the news of this sale; the more I can raise before I move, the easier the move and getting re-established in the KC area will end up being, since I'm pretty much starting over from scratch.

But I have my brains, my health, my abilities, my creativity and my good attitude! And my friends! Super, fabulous friends and FoC!
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Oh, this is SO cool!

September 22, 2009

Help Historic Trees
Do you know of a tree that is exceptional in some way? Maybe one that has stood in your town square for generations, or one that's made the perfect backdrop for family photos through the years?

Now you can give that tree the recognition it deserves. In July, American Forests launched a Historic Tree Register, and they need your help to get the nation's most memorable trees into the spotlight.

You can nominate a tree that has historical significance, or a tree that's special to you personally. Trees that are selected for the register may be propagated and sold by American Forests, so that special tree can live on and bring joy to others.

Trees do so much for us. This is a cool opportunity to do something for them.
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One of the KCRF vendors, Moon Marble, is up for an award as "One of the 8 wonders of Kansas".

Now, Bruce of Moon Marble is a nifty guy and if you haven't stopped by his booth near the front gate (just past Spangler Art), you've really missed out. He has an amazing marble store and plant in erm, Bonner Springs, I think, which is really very cool.

Go here,, and vote for him, please...and 7 others as well. You're really spozed to be a KS citizen but I just entered where I USED to live in KS and voted anyway.

He deserves it!

While I'm at it, the Kansas Sampler is a pretty nifty store as well.



Jul. 3rd, 2008 11:57 am
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I awoke to thunder and a brief rain but now it's a bright, sunshiny (hot humid) day. If there's time, I've a swim in my near future.

There are blueberry almond (almost typed almost, damn you BilltheTailor!) steusel scones baking in the oven.

I washed a small apple along with the laundry this morning.

These three items brought to you by a peaceful Rowan this morning, erm, afternoon.
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We have a simply awesome wood crafter at WH, Hilton Handicrafts, and so I'm wanting to get him a pattern for the folding sort of throne chair that I've seen several places, most recently at Scarby, in fact, I sat in one during Chess Match last year when I visited as Mary Rose.

There used to be a vendor of them whom I met at Scarlet's but the web-site is no longer up.

Anybody know about what I'm talking? That slatted, curved chair with the leather sling seat which folds up....I SO wanna take this guy a pattern so he can give me an idea of what the costs would be to make one or several.

Thanks in advance...
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Yes, this is a real home and not gorgeous artwork of a hobbit-hole. Amazing!

Of course, it'd have to be adapted to be bigger, have the capacity for more power and be combined with stone...but, boy would I love to build something like this!

Seen over at [ profile] julesong

Also: *ping* [ profile] juliegocrazy! Call me, ok? I need to talk with you about Pi's costume. With a little hard work, we can finish it so she can wear it on Sunday.
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Double batch of banana bread dough will not fit into either of my glass bowls; the popcorn bowl had to be pressed into duty.

*whine* I reallyreallyreally want a Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer (cobalt blue if we're being picky) 'cause mixing that banana bread dough was really too much for my poor old ancient electric hand mixer.

But there's one loaf each of plain, one with pecans and one with pecans, coconut and chocolate chips in the oven now.

One important note: having a habit of shaking out old gardening shoes before putting them on is a GOOD thing...especially with a history of seeing an occasional brown recluse around the house. *shudder*

And I don't think I'm gonna get a new bodice done for this weekend but I'm still gonna try.

Ohhhh Capi!

Apr. 2nd, 2008 08:16 am
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Dear [ profile] capi,
I don't really know how to tell you this, but our horoscope doesn't match. I think I realized it when I saw the shrunken head in your closet and I saw you sit on my John F. Kennedy-statue. I'm sure you're ashamed enough to understand that Extreme Home Makeover sucks. I'm returning your memories from the military service to you, but I'll keep our collection of butterflies as a memory. You should also know that I never will forget my new life as a clone.

Good luck on your short-term leave from jail,

*giggle*" )
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First it's da Kidling's birthday. Happy Birthday, Amber!

Second, I really don't care for April 1st as in April Foole's Day. No, I don't. This doesn't mean that I don't have a good sense of humor. It simply means that this is a form of puerile humor that leaves me cold.

I used to be married to a clown. You have NO IDEA how many stupid, moronic, sophomoric jokes I was the butt of during the 14 years of the relationship. Salt in the sugar, vaseline on the toilet seat, rubber band over the handle of the kitchen sink sprayer so when I turned on the faucet I got sprayed, egg in the bottom of a shoe (oh YES, that one went over really well...he had it dumped onto his desk!) and many, many others.

He never, even at the age of 40, stopped doing the 'opening the door against his foot but acting like it hit him in the nose' trick. ha. ha. ha. /sarcasm. So that once when he really did hit himself in the face with the door, I burst out laughing so hard I damnear peed my pants. Really.

We are NOT amused. Don't....just, please don't. This is simply fair warning.


Mar. 24th, 2008 07:04 pm
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Missed the anniversary!

March 22, '04 was when I completed moving out of KC and moved in with Bruce.

Wow...four years. What a lot has happened since then. And yes, what a difference 4 years makes.

So many friends I've made since then, can't imagine being without now. And yet, retained so many dear friends from up there, too.

Sometimes I feel like a whole different person. I'm so much more ME than I was, like I've finally grown up into myself in many ways.

I'm so grateful...

Seems like all I've done was grouse lately but I really am happier than I've ever been in my whole life.
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Ya know the saying about, "if it's too good to be true, it probably is" that my father always told me? I think this is one of those.

This site made me guffaw right out loud.

I just wonder what their "100% results" cost per minute!

Really, some things I simply can't take seriously. And yes, this was a google ad.
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Just found this via Berkie sending me a wonderful pic of Mike, here:

In addition, there are wonderful pics of many of our friends who were up to visit first weekend; folk from Scarborough, from White Hart and from Colorado. Cute, cute one of 'Pippi Longstockings' take during a Whirly Jig show...


Sep. 18th, 2007 04:55 pm
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Taking a break after I managed to throw some dirt into my own eye. OWOWOW! Yes, it's ok. I ran in and rinsed it out and my contact and it's alright but OW.

So I'm headed back out for more battling with Bermuda. No, I don't think I'll win, but it's a worthy battle and at least I'll get my iris bulbs planted. I disturbed two nice big earthworms and moved them gently to the part I'd already dug but unfortunately, chopped another in half. Yes, I apologized to it. Yes, I'm a sap but I don't care.

One more thing, I wish everybody had at least one icon that was them; their real face so I could tell if I know folk or not. My memory for putting names to faces or descriptions to people SUCKS so yeah, it would help for a real pic of a real face....but some folk like to hide. Some folk have good reason for it but some don't and that makes me suspicious. I'm just sayin...I'm more careful about friending folk than I used to be.

EDIT: Dear, Silly people, I mean the ones I don't KNOW or haven't already seen pics of their faces. *LOL* You guys crack me up!
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I quote Marc Gunn who posted:

"It is time once again for the 3rd Annual Renaissance Festival Awards. You can now vote for your favorite Renaissance Festivals, performers, vendors, and much, much more. Just go to . And yes, you may tell your friends and fans to go there and vote for you or your favorite Ren Fest entertainers and businesses.

The Renaissance Festival Awards are brought to courtesy of the Renaissance Festival Podcast, a biweekly podcast of Renaissance Festival music and entertainment."

Go and vote for your favorite shows, bands *ahem*, renaissance faires *ahem again* since I think there's a listing for 'new renaissance faires' and WH got 3rd in that category...and all that stuff. Subtle, ain't I?

Remember, only one voting session per email addy, per internet addy.

And for this weekend;
There's a chill in the air, remember to bring cloaks and shawls and stuff to KCRF this weekend!

The wedding post is >< this close to being done, but I have sewing to finish and packing to do!

See those of you who'll be at KCRF this weekend!
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Love you all and appreciate the compliment to my cooking, but I'm being inundated with requests for this recipe exchange thing. So my choice is not to play any of them; sorry.

I've got to get the thank you notes done and out.
I need to clean my house.
I MUST get the new sewing business samples started.
I need to get the older machine out and finish garments I've promised, if it works.

And I'm other than reading a bit and trying to get some of the images organized (if I can get my farking laptop go be online which is being a daily occurrence) I'm going to lay pretty low here for awhile.

Hugs, and hopes nobody minds too much. I need some recovery time here! KCRF is wearing me out more than usual this year.


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