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Ya know, it's a real shame when we're both too tired and too busy to properly celebrate but...

Today marks the first anniversary of [ profile] thebruce's and my wedding.

It's been an "interesting" year in many ways, my love, but I don't regret a thing and I love you more than ever. We've come a long way, haven't we? Here's to many more years of living, learning and loving together!

PS: This doesn't get you off the hook for a proper anniversary celebration, ya know! But I'm patient...

[[[UPDATE: I just answered the doorbell to find a nice lady holding a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers! Picture when I find the camera...

Yep, he's a good boy and I think I'll keep him!]]]
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[ profile] billthetailor worked very hard videoing our wedding on Labor Day weekend. He asked for and received our permission to make the video available to those who wish to own a copy of it.

Here's what he posted yesterday:

The video from Susi and Bruce's wedding on Labor Day weekend is edited, burned to DVD and ready to go!

MPAA Rating: PG-13*
Format: 16:9 Widescreen

Special Features: pre-ceremony music and scenes; theatrical trailer.

For more information about how to get yours, visit Map's Edge Media. (here:

* yeah, I'm kidding about that part.

So t-shirts or mugs but wedding video if you wish! I'm gonna get a couple copies, for my sister and for his mother. He's offering it for $10 which includes shipping and handling. *giggle* I can't wait until John A. sees the theatrical trailer...
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At long last...actually, what's been taking me so long is wading through and labeling all the images. That, and the need to actually work on stuff rather than spend all day on LiveJournal.

DA OFFICIAL WEDDING POST..need I warn this'll be long? )

*whew* That took me long enough. I'm gonna stop right there for now and do the reception post later. But this needed to get done!

Thanks so all who contributed images for this, most particularly [ profile] 5rings and [ profile] fairyoffire!

And once again, many thanks to all the dear friends who made this amazing, unforgettable day possible. It was a more wonderful wedding and perfect day than I could ever have imagined. Thanks to Dear Star and dear John who conspired to make the service fun, memorable and exactly right. Thanks to our dear loved ones, AmberBob & Mark & Amber & Eric who were our attendants; to darling Jenny who came to the wedding afterall to our great delight. And thanks to our many friends and loved ones who wished us well even though they could not be there with us in person. Believe me, we felt the love throughout the whole weekend and even now still.

I'm the luckiest woman alive, truly I am.

EDIT: And for those who simply can't get enough, dearling [ profile] billthetailor worked hard videotaping the whole thing, including reception. I know he and [ profile] 5rings are going to incorporate some of the images into it, as well. I'll let him post about how that will eventually be made available. I can't WAIT to see it!


Sep. 6th, 2007 01:17 pm
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...looking through the multitude of pictures we've received so far, working on the wedding post. Have a coupla new wedding icons, too. Many thanks to fairyoffire and 5rings!

But I've got work to do today and a short week. So please forgive me if I postpone the actual descriptive post until next week, ok? I want to make it nice with portions of the service and all, in the proper order. Plus I'm still receiving and sorting through images. Thanks.

But to tide anxious folk over until then, here's a few images.

cut 'cause I care! )

Yeah, that's brief and I left out a whole lot but there ya go for this week.

Now I hafta go make a whistle case, start on supper, shop and tend the garden.

One pic...

Sep. 5th, 2007 01:23 pm
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Here's one picture of the wedding...thanks to [ profile] alrescate

Many more to come, once folk start sending them our way.

Oh yes, and a new icon...whilst opening a lovely surprise present, thanks to [ profile] fairyoffire


Sep. 4th, 2007 07:12 pm
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....and Married! I'm still getting used to being Mrs. and I know that'll take awhile.

WONDERFUL weekend with many thanks to go out. And OMG tired!

I'll do a decent post later (read; tomorrow) but right now I need to finish my "thank you's" list so no cards get lost or separated or before I sleep on it and forget any that need to be made.

Just this; we have the most AWESOME friends in the whole world and we're incredibly grateful!

Love you all....
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Those who are local and coming to the wedding.

Just heard from wedding coordinator (waves!) and it is recommended that everyone who can bring a lawn chair to the wedding. Apparently we are beyond capacity for available seating; pretty much the benches from within the Chapel.

That is all...


Aug. 31st, 2007 07:24 am
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Silly Wizard*...

Your instincts are smarter than you are, you should remember that. When you start this kilt thinking, "Gee, it's gonna take 32 pleats!" IT'S GONNA TAKE 32 PLEATS, YA BLINKIN' IJJIT!

So I'm doing two more pleats. Not enough tartan for a drape, unfortunately. But there is enough for a hat.

And yes, ladies, this has deep pleats so the swish is going to be considerable. *sigh* Tried it on this morning onto a man freshly outa the shower; that'll make your morning even if you don't have the time to appreciate it properly. Gotta say, my sweetie's got the finest arse in 10 counties!

And so we're off, dearlings....what's done is what's gonna be done. From here on out (after the two pleats) I'm enjoying the day, being a musician at faire and yeah, getting married on biggie! ;>

SO we'll see you all either at the Faire, at the wedding or when we return sometime on Tuesday!

Be nice to one another!


*Yer old if you catch that reference!
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Anybody who's going to be at KCRF this weekend know how to string pearls with a center medallion? I have all the beads, the crimp beads, the design I want them in, the clasp (either claw clasp or hook and eye) to end with and the accuwire. I even have a nice set of mini-pliers and tools to work with. What I don't have is the experience or expertise at tying the knots so that the beads cover the knots and look nice.

I'm spending too much time on this when I need to be stitching pleats in Bruce's kilt.

If not, I'll get by but I just thought I'd ask; under the principle of "ya don't get what ya don't ask for."

And on a SQUEEish note, just spoke with oldest Kidling but one. Looks like the two elder of Bruce's daughters will be coming to the wedding! I'm SO happy about this...didn't want them to have any reason to feel like I'm feeling about my family. But that's not the point; they understand how busy we've been and what horrible procrastinators we are and don't hold it against us!

*bouncebounce* I'm SO Happy!

(Are y'all getting tired of hearing about this wedding? Well, tough....I'm HAPPY!)


Aug. 28th, 2007 09:56 am
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I cannot solve everyone's problems. I have enough to do right on front of me. I must focus on my to do list and let everyone else work out their own issues for the rest of the week.

I'm fine...but stepping back. I will not allow stress to ruin the rest of my week. I should be able to enjoy this time and prepare for our joyful day and for the huge weekend coming up. This is me preaching to myself since it is my nature to nurture and wanna fix everyone else's stuff. I simply cannot spend my time that way this week.


YE GODS! And then the phone rings and it's Merle, Dad's wife, wanting to talk. Apparently the card they sent us came back, guess she copied the address down wrong. And since she's deaf and arthritic, you can imagine me trying to spell out the numbers and letters ten times each....

Ok, the crinoline is almost done....other people's problems and stresses are THEIR's. I will not let this affect me.

So there.
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This is one of those random ideas that I haven't got time to work in, if anyone wishes to take it on and make it happen: anybody out there who has a good snapshot of QE holding Lady Val from this season of White Hart or one of these images would work well, too...

We're doing an option for wedding gifting to the Royal Gauntlet Birds of Prey, right? I'm thinking an image with appropriate blurb beneath about the Royal Gauntlet Birds & Bob on a nice presentation adhered to poster board. Have something like that on a nice easel with a basket beneath for gifts of cash or checks at the wedding and then moved to the reception.

I put it as an option on the gifting on the web-site but doesn't look as though anybody's done anything, so I thought this would give an additional option for gifts to happen. Everyone will see Lady Val fly in the rings during the wedding; that might inspire a few folk to donate; it'd be a lovely thing to have an convenient and easy way for them to do so.

If it doesn't happen, it's not a big deal but it's one of those "you don't get what you don't ask for" deals....and I know Bob would not ask to do something like this; this is my own idea and such a worthwhile cause.

Today's goal? Totally finishing the wedding dress. I'm within one yard of finishing stitching the lace around the hem.

Oh, and the van's back and repaired so I'm no longer car-less. Yay!
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Since it's a much better idea than thinking of things that make me know, energy begets energy, right? So I'm going to list things that are making me smile, in no particular order.

1) Having a wonderful, pretty well-organized and peaceful workspace in which to create beautiful things
2) Classical music to work by
3) Loving he most amazing, sexy, thoughtful, brilliant and patient man whom at the moment, I think is downstairs taking a nap whom I am going to be married to in 8 days.
4) Hsving the skill to dye fabric gorgeous colors with amazing results; having the skill to dye piping to match the tiny satiny-thread leaves in the brocade I dyed navy blue. It's sorta a pale beigy-ecru-y color and I hit it dead on; mixed tan with a bit of dark green and some of the navy dye. This pleases me greatly; it's exactly the color I wanted it to be.
5) Having wonderful friends, a couple of whom are coming over to help me tomorrow; we'll get a lot done and have a good time all the while. Bruce is cooking!

I haven't said this lately and it bears repeating....

I LOVE my life! Yes, it gets busy and stressful and all that...but I DO love my life! I have exciting work to look forward to and friends at faire I'm looking forward to seeing and LOTS of friends who're coming to the wedding that I'm looking forward to seeing!

Now, back to work! Will reprint the to-do list soon.
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There is one detail that I simply do not know how I'm going to deal with. The broom.

Before the hand-fasting last year, I asked Wabi (the wonderful basket-maker and henna artist who is married to Clayton, the wonderful blacksmith at both OKRF and White Hart) if she would make me a broom. She did; it's handmade and lovingly woven with gemstones inlaid in the handle and she was very proud of it.

It got lost in the mail. We used Charles' and Di's broom that Di generously brought up for the hand-fasting, decorated with flowers.

Wabi got the broom back, it was delivered to her in April. It was broken. At OKRF she told me and said, "If you still want it, I'll see if I can repair it." I said, "OF COURSE, I still want it!" But she forgot to bring it to White Hart. *sigh* I said I'd come and see her to pick it up; believe they live near Muskogee somewhere.

I don't have time to go see her or to pick it up. It breaks my heart, but I just don't. I don't know quite how I'll get all this sewing done; when you accomplish miracles routinely, the people around you come to expect it and to think nothing of it and expect more. Yes, I've done this to myself.

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It's I have to decide how to pleat it, to sett or to stripe.

And pics of QE and Byron: a love story of a queen and a gallant bear.
cut for the bear truth )


Aug. 3rd, 2007 08:56 am
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SO much to do and here I am tinkering around on setting up a wedding wish list and updating (or trying to) my gift list on Amazon. Put the link on my user info page, or at least I think I did. Damned thing won't let me re-prioritize! But when folk say, "what do you want for your birthday (Yule, Christmas, Hanuka, Wedding...insert event here)?" my mind goes completely blank. Hence an wish list.

Yes, I'm a Leo; means I love prezzies. I do. I'm also a disgustingly practical creature, being an Aquarius and a Scorpio so what do I want most? things and kitchen things and organizational things rather than clothes or jewelry or kitschy stuff. Pretty much stuff that I'd never buy for myself. What do I want most on the whole list? A cobalt blue KitchenAid mixer. Yep, I can get all horny over a kitchenaid, I can. Silly me. Ah well.... On the other hand, a simple rose or handful of wild flowers makes be deliriously happy, too.

Well, enough of that for now. Gotta go finish Jenny's bodice and wait for Bruce's kilt fabric to arrive today. Had to fax a form for the Homeland Security Department to FedEx before they can deliver it. Made me a tad nervous coming to the notice of Homeland Security, doncha know.

But it should arrive today; hopefully in time enough for me to prep the pleats to I can take it with me to sew on during the trip. Yep, I must...only 4 weeks until the wedding.

So you won't see me around here much in the next week. Ye gods, only 9 days before my birthday, too. Nervous about getting older? Naw, not really; don't feel it, act it or look it so why should it bother me? Oh yeah, and remifeminin is once more helping with the hot flashes...woo hoo.
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It seems that most of the reasonably-priced hotel rooms near the festival site are already booked up for Labor Day weekend....color me surprised.

I've put up some of the nearby hotels and motels on "accommodations" on our wedding web-site here:

We have a GREAT many wedding guests coming in from out of town. Frankly, I think JS is about to get a surprise as to how much his attendance will jump for first weekend. Some of these folk are needing places to stay. If they're friends of mine, you know they'd be good house guests; courteous and fun.

If you live in KC or Lawrence or nearby KCRF and have room for fun house guests on Labor Day weekend, the first weekend of faire, would you please comment here? I'm screening all comments so that any private information will remain so.

Also, if you need a place to stay that weekend, would you also comment here.

And if somebody can think of a better way to do this so I'm not adding to my monumental list of stuff to do, PLEASE speak up!

No, I'm not panicking, what makes you think that?


Jul. 31st, 2007 02:20 pm
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Invitations are in full-production mode.

I've updated the web-site briefly cause this stuff has got to get done. We made the decision awhile back that we really don't need gifts; but we acknowledge that folk want to do this more often than not. So we decided to go with requesting charitable donations for the Royal Gauntlet Bird of Prey and Animal Rehabilitation Center.

It's a wonderful alternative to buying us more stuff. OTOH, we do need some things (what home-owner does not?) so for those who really want to gift us with something, I've also registered at Lowe's. Now, they don't have a computerized registration which really sucks. So gift certificates would be the way to go, hands down.

That's about all I'm doing; it's not like we don't already have a houseful of stuff. Sure, we need sheets and yes, I'll probably link the wishlist in there but right now, the invitations have GOT to get out today.

Four and a half weeks and I'm going to be gone all next gods!

Yes, I AM breathing.
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Alrighty, the wedding invitations go out today. Or tomorrow morning at the very latest.

I'm putting all the addresses on our weddingannouncer site and checking them twice. There's a few I have found that I don't have OR I don't have a 'real' last name for some folk...ah well. And I need Bruce's help for the addresses for his family members that I don't have yet. Poor baby, he's still not feeling well but he's on his way home after going to the doctor so that's good.

So, most of them are being done with clear labels; I lost way too much time dealing with farking printers (and of course, today the Brother isn't wanting to print again!) But the important thing is that they get out!

Then I've found that the wedding web-site has this deal where it assigns pin numbers to each guest listed for RSVPing and it won't let you do it another way. Here:
I'm circumventing their procedure by just writing the pin number on the invitations. The only real reason for RSVPing here is so that we make sure we're going to have enough food at the reception.

So this post has two purposes:
1) When you receive your invitation, please use the pin code that I'm writing by the web-site addy to RSVP acceptance or regrets.

2) If you wish to come to the wedding and I DO NOT have your address, please email it to me today or don't bitch about not having gotten an invitation.

Boy, is it a full moon today!
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...what sympathy, physical & tangible assistance, pats on the back and the support of friends will do for one's mood.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

OH, and the Brother just printed a receipt when I asked it to...I just about fainted! Yes, this means that the tartan has finally been ordered with express delivery so it should be here next week, I think.
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Can I say how DONE I am with Printers?

[ profile] joegoda came over for dinner last night; we had a lovely time and a wonderful chat. He began helping me with this printing invitations problem; got the computer program problem solved but then the printer continued to fubar. We ended up printing one at a time and got about a dozen more out. But at the rate it was crumpling envelopes (catching the flap in the printer) I can't afford to lose too many more envelopes. We worked until well after 11pm by the time I decided to give it up.

SO hand-addressing the other half is my decision.

BUT NOW, I can't even print off the list....GORRAM-it!

So I'm trying not to throw the Lexmark out the farking window. I'm going to go get the ink cartridge that I need for the Brother and see if I can make it work. I CAN"T be without a printer and I MUST get these invitations done!

We're at FIVE weeks now...

::breathe, breathe::


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