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Apr. 16th, 2009 10:38 am
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The sun is out, BrokenTail is on her way to the Vet; something bit her on the left side of the face and poor baby is swollen and in pain but thank gods, Amber's off work today and can deal with it. With 7 cats you'd think I wouldn't worry as much but they're all my babies and I love them all (although sometimes I want to drop-kick Nell when she bullies the others!)

White Hart Renaissance Festival is 72 days away. (Yes, I know, I'm trying not to hyperventilate!) And you can help!
First, go to the web-site: http://www.whitehart-faire.com/ and click and read and help put it on Google...I went to google White Hart and it's not even in the listings! The web-site has been newly revamped by our own Master Potter Robert, who is on here as Mudfire. He's done a lovely job and we're all quite pleased. And thanks to Mistress Adrienne for her fine work on it in the past.

Second, talk it up; this is a lovely faire with wonderful people and a gorgeous, wooded site and we need people to know that it is going on and growing strong in our 4th year.

Third; make plans to come SEE White Hart, visit and take part and watch and help this lovely faire bloom and grow beyond it's infancy. It's the perfect place to come and have a weekend back in Elizabethan times.

Now I'm off to get ready for this weekend's trip to Springfield for Academy and then Tuesday's trip to KC, rapidly followed by next weekend's housefull of guests and ConEstoga. Me busy? Whatever made you think that?
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Just a couple tiny problems; wrong starting time (10am, not 9a,) and they used old pictures, but hey, press is press!



Jun. 23rd, 2008 07:35 pm
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...is another reason we do this.

Lady Val entrances another one.

...and her mother, too.


Jun. 23rd, 2008 11:12 am
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I get the occasional email from 101 Cookbooks; nifty stuff.

This morning's entry, I just had to share:

Blackberry Limeade Recipe )

It's labor intensive but would be SO good. OH MY, and then I found THIS on her site!
Guilt free (nearly) Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie recipe )

If somebody made this for the White Hart booth, they'd sell out in a hart-beat! Oh yeah, for those who don't know, we're having a during-the-faire bake sale booth. Everyone, vendors included, are contributing treats; home-made, pre-packaged and LABELED with ingredients (we don't want to kill each other nor our patrons, do we?? And it would be good to have clearly marked those with healthier options such as 'no salt' or 'suger-free'! This was [livejournal.com profile] ladybarnard's brilliant idea and it's going to be manned wenched by the very capable [livejournal.com profile] mistresangelfur! In fact, I should simply re-post what she wrote:

"IF you were at morning meeting Sunday (and you should have been) it was announced that we will be having a bakery booth (bake sale) to benefit the Faire. Please bake bake bake this week to donate to the cause. If you can individually wrap and label the items (what it is, if it is sugar free, gluten free, nut free {for those with allergies} that would be incredibly helpful.

We are also looking for donations of staple items: cups for COFFEE ( I will provide powdered creamer and sugar packets) and lemonade, cling wrap, extra tables. I am also searching for a large 32 cup coffee maker one of the stainless steel ones and a large pump thermos that we can have in the booth as the maker will be elsewhere.

This is a benefit for White Hart any and all donations will be used to benefit the Faire. Tangeable items like the thermos and coffeemaker and tables will be returned last day.
If you have any other suggestions let me know and I will be happy to see what I can do.

Much Love
Ketherynne Farnham"
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This is one of those random ideas that I haven't got time to work in, if anyone wishes to take it on and make it happen: anybody out there who has a good snapshot of QE holding Lady Val from this season of White Hart or one of these images would work well, too...

We're doing an option for wedding gifting to the Royal Gauntlet Birds of Prey, right? I'm thinking an image with appropriate blurb beneath about the Royal Gauntlet Birds & Bob on a nice presentation adhered to poster board. Have something like that on a nice easel with a basket beneath for gifts of cash or checks at the wedding and then moved to the reception.

I put it as an option on the gifting on the web-site but doesn't look as though anybody's done anything, so I thought this would give an additional option for gifts to happen. Everyone will see Lady Val fly in the rings during the wedding; that might inspire a few folk to donate; it'd be a lovely thing to have an convenient and easy way for them to do so.

If it doesn't happen, it's not a big deal but it's one of those "you don't get what you don't ask for" deals....and I know Bob would not ask to do something like this; this is my own idea and such a worthwhile cause.

Today's goal? Totally finishing the wedding dress. I'm within one yard of finishing stitching the lace around the hem.

Oh, and the van's back and repaired so I'm no longer car-less. Yay!

I forgot...

Jul. 9th, 2007 04:12 pm
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One highly emotional and memorable event this weekend was the release of Tristan, the Red-tailed Hawk by Bob Aanonsen with Master William's help.

It was at the end of their afternoon show. Izzey made it part of my schedule so as many of the Court as wished to, could attend. We jewelry shopped over at StormWatch (yeah, I know, what a sacrifice, right?) until the crowd was moving over to the Joust Field for the release. I tried to sneak but Bob saw me and said, "Make way for the Queen" and called for someone to make ready the chairs under the Royal pavilion there. I said, "I was trying to sneak in!" and made my guard, John, snort (which became my daily goal) and all those around me chuckle.

I sat down and invited my Mistress of Misrule, Izzey, to sit next to me. Then we sat and watched as raptly as everyone else, while Master Sir Robert explained about Tristan, told the story and held her so that the jesses could be cut. Then Brother William was handed the magnificent bird, being firmly held at the sides, whereupon he blessed Ther as we all sniffed and cried and then he released the wild creature into her own element; the wind. She flew strongly and swiftly South and we all felt our hearts go with her. I thought, "Ok, Charles, now she's there for you to go flying with."

It was amazing and I'll never forget it. I'm honored to have been able to view it and take even the smallest part in this great work.

Oh, and here's an image of Charles with Lady Val on his arm from last year.

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There's been a request for a TV interview in Springfield....tomorrow morning, 6:30 am. She wants to talk about costuming. But we DID ask for ways to increase attendance this weekend!

Bruce is on the road for work today. And the car is in the shop to fix the window. Oy.

I'm now as busy as a one-armed paper hanger.

I'm offa the computer...call me only if its an emergency!
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Here's the image of the kitten-in-the-ruff....cuteness! The little neighbor-girl (Tommy T's daughter) is bringing all four kittens out to the faire on Saturday; there'll be a cuteness overload!

Well, I have just two days to do a whole week's worth of work so I'm getting offa here and to it.

PLEASE, if you have any thoughts of coming to visit White Hart, this is the last weekend you can do so for this year. It's a simply wonderful little faire, gorgeous and fairly primitive with a few quaint shops having been built and the rest in tents. The grounds are lushly green with huge oaks, black walnut and hickory trees. We're situated on the top of a hill so that the amazing breeze that seems to run across that hill nearly constantly is a wonderful blessing in the July heat. I won't fool you, it is hot but there's plenty of shade and the company is refreshing!

There's both court dancing with Sir Christopher Hatton and village dancing in the center of the circle in the morning. The court dances are taught in the afternoon so that patrons who wish to join in may learn the steps before the later afternoon dance. We're building our own jousting company, who this year are showing their skills in gaming upon horseback, giving horrible punishment to rings, quintain and cabbages. We've wonderful vendors with a wide variety of goods, something for everyone, and demonstrations of hand-throwing pottery, bread baking and weaving. We've managed to attract the best Pub Mistress in the mid-west, our own dear Cat who used to preside over the Pub at KC. We've wonderful stage shows such as Dr. Dumpe, Cedric the Bard, the Lord Mayor's Company, Commedia Sans Arts and our very own Queen's Gambit. Occasionally the Queen herself deigns to sing a ballad or two with the handsome Scotsman and his band. There's the wonderful Red Moon Tribe of gypsy dancers with live drumming and some lovely scenery for both genders of patrons; believe me, the Court ladies end up staring when the handsome gypsy man is up dancing with the girls!

We feature the Royal Gauntlet Bird of Prey show twice daily where patrons may closely view birds including a baby owl, and may even be able to fly Lady Val, the noble red-tailed hawk. There's a daily Children's Knighting and rumour has it that there'll be one more Knight of the Blue Garter made this weekend. We close the day with a final show on the main stage, comprised of short bits by all of our stage shows with the final company song of, "Bring on the Starlight" and then we march behind the Piper to the front gate for the Last Huzzah!

So come to the faire!

(Yes, this is me pimping....COME TO THE FAIRE!)
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Here you can see part of the new costume and that the necklace from Sapphire&Sage is lovely but just doesn't work on me.

But more importantly... Puss-in-Ruff )
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Well, actually everybody but I know how much Capi loves to see pictures of faire and stuff.

You wanna see pictures? Here:

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Who knew that writing a wedding ceremony would be this time-consuming?

It IS my first one and the faire's first one and it is a lot of fun. But dayum, it's taking time to do!

Yes, I have lots of resource material from which to draw. Yes, I could just do an outline and wing it. But I donwanna.

I want this one to be right.
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What to say? I'm tired, I'm contented and as someone said, "Well, it didn't suck!" *chuckle*

No, it most definitely didn't suck. I'll TRY to keep this brief...Ok, STOP guffawing! )
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Busy, wonderful, productive weekend. There were a few fleeting frustrations and stresses but overall it was an incredible time. Introducing old and hew friends, throwing surprise parties that actually are a surprise and exchanging new ways of doing things combined with well-proven traditions is a wonderful thing especially when you're blessed with such wonderful people.

I must say that I've never seen a group of folk throw themselves so willingly into such a wide array of work. Learning new dances, getting costumes approved and working hard on the site went nearly flawlessly. I have to say what a shock it is that when I say, "Ok folks, 5 minutes and we'll begin" walking into the room at the end of that five minutes and seeing everyone sitting down, quiet and ready to be attentive can make me nearly speechless. Indeed, this is a special place and group of folk.

Mid-day on Saturday a dark, threatening storm coming in fast while some were learning a dance, others going to get lumber and still more working on site produces something that resembles a kicked ant hill. Then throw in too many wet dogs inside one small house and you have pandemonium. We survived it, though. Funny how the weather around this place kicks up an occasional quick storm or rain but then it blows over quickly and sunny skies with fluffy clouds ensue...good choice for a faire site, I would say. And yes, the pre-purchase research did include such detailed analysis.

There's still much to accomplish, of course, but with such willing, talented and resourceful souls involved, both locally and from afar, I have absolutely no doubt that we'll have a wonderful faire.

Twelve days and counting until opening....
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Does anybody in the midwest know of anybody from whom we could borrow or rent inexpensively an RV for the run of White Hart? It doesn't need to be huge but it does need to be in good working order and have bathroom, AC...stuff like that. We'd need it the last couple weekends of June and the first two of July near Springfield, MO.

We really want and need to be on-site but I absolutely cannot camp out and perform as Queen. No, no, not at all....

Also needed is a period-looking tent or pavillion or two. We didn't have the necessary fundage to order during the down time and now that fundage is available there isn't enough time to have the tent ordered and delivered before faire starts.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Feb. 20th, 2007 07:40 pm
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Well, I did it to myself, most assuredly. But I now have one open weekend between now and the middle of July.

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First, hippo birdie two ewes to [livejournal.com profile] geezerlee and woot on the university news.

Second, got up to fix Bruce's breakfast and lunch and check email and LJ...feeling sleepy so I'm off for a nap. CANNOT get sick. Throat is not any worse, at least, even after we worked out "Irish Eyes are Smiling" last night. Yep, gonna do some of the schmultzy stuff for the St. Patrick's Day gig...

Here's hoping my throat feels all better this afternoon. I really don't have time to be sick.

Oh yes, and Bruce and I are definitely coming back up to White Hart this weekend; he's doing site stuff and I'm getting together with folk about costuming.
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Well, friends, it begins...
We've begun both the organization for this year's faire and the site clean-up. The schedule for Auditions, Academies and Workshops should be posted by tomorrow at the latest.

The decision to divide the Entertainment job has been made to everyone's satisfaction. Chris J. will be Director of Street and Stage and I'll be Director of Guilds. Each Guild Master will choose an Adjunct to assist in the paperwork and details, much more information to follow on this. Guilds will primarily contain all actors and characters but everyone will have a place to 'belong.' (I've had the miserable experience of feeling like, "hey, we're a stage show, so we don't belong anywhere" and that, quite frankly, sucks!)

Much more information and a few surprises will be unfolded in the very near future (as in this week) so stay tuned for more!
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One of the bright ones has left us. Charles Taylor, veteran of 30 years of Renaissance Faires in California, passed away last night after a fight with melanoma and lymph cancer. This has been awhile in coming but is still always a shock when it does. I posted the news last night to 'friends only' and greatly appreciate the support and friendship in the comments. I'm alright but wanted to do a further tribute to him. Read more... )
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Love you all, love this meme...but rushing around like crazy getting ready to go to Springfield, Mo this afternoon (actually nearer to Hwys 38-DD, truth be told!) for the White Hart costume workshop and now auditions as well over the weekend.

This won't be the only auditions nor the only costume workshop, just in case anyone is wondering.

But now I gotta get off the computer and zooming! Well, ok, not the frantic zooming that Bruce and Amber both dread but busy prep so I won't have to frantically zoom, you see? *g*

Gotta go pack and all that stuff. So the schmoodlies will have to wait until I get back from the weekend.



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