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Name:Susi Matthews
Birthdate:Aug 12
Location:Kansas City, Missouri, United States of America
I am a performer, entertainer, a Midwesterner at heart and a Yankee by birth and inclination. I'm a warrior, performer, musician, singer, lover, artist, healer, friend, witch, cook, priestess and energy worker. I'm strong and I'm a survivor; gods know, I've proven that often enough. I'm a double preachers' kid which explains quite a bit.

I've done Renaissance Festivals going on 35 years now; having done everything from lady-in-waiting to queen to fighting wench and musician in a Celtic band called "Queen's Gambit" and back to queen for awhile and now just sewing costumes for them. Performing at faires has helped make me who I am more than any other single thing. I have been a designer and seamstress for 40 years. I still sew for a living; bridal, historical costuming and home decor; everything BUT alterations. Web-site is STILL in production.

I'm committed to living right out loud and with intention. I'm normally loving and happy and positive but I also have a temper and I can bite with very little warning. I am a Leo afterall, with Capricorn Moon and Scorpio Rising. I'm candid and open and try very hard to say exactly what I mean; you want an opinion, be prepared for it to be an honest one. I have no patience for liars or control freaks; for those who are closed-minded, narcissistic or arrogant; those who wallow or those who deceive, manipulate or play head games. DO NOT tell me what you think I want to here; I want the complete truth every time. Other than that, I'm Mary-fucking-Poppins most of the time...a menopausal Mary Poppins which should scare some folk.

When I was figuring out who I wanted to be when I grew up, at about 40, none of this info was available. Individuals are either poly or not, period. Poly-amory is not for MOST folk, even some of those who practice it, and I don't proselytize, but rather attempt to educate. I wish everyone to have a healthy relationship, no matter what variety it might be. Knowledge is good; self-knowledge is better. This is a wonderful web-site for anyone who is in a relationship of any kind, even (especially!) just with themselves! These are the best poly web-sites I've found, to which I refer everyone who has questions:
Also, read "The Ethical Slut" and "Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Sex"...two life-changing books for me.

That's probably about enough. Oh, yes...I have a huge flist and friend most folk but I won't put up with whining, gossip, petty drama or long posts without a courtesy cut. Most of my posts are 'friends only' because I'm so very candid about my life. If you wanna read about me, cool, but if you piss me off, you're gone. Ok? Ok...

One more thing: about this adult filter that LJ has automagically instituted; a bit too close to book-burning and thought police to me. I'd much prefer if parents would parent and adults would act as such. I reserve the right to say FUCK and if anybody wants to get their panties in a wad about it, they can go ahead and censor me. I decided not set this journal to the "adult" setting but we'll see how this goes. I DO NOT support the new ability LJ has given people to "flag" posts based on whether they think content is appropriate or not. So there. NOTE: I have a real "thing" about anybody curtailing freedom of speech, whether it's on a blog or written or spoken. As Americans, free speech is guaran-goddamn-teed by the Constitution and if anybody says, "You can't blog and work here" well, then, I likely won't be working there for long. Nobody screws with or betrays me or my friends more than once. You really don't want a menopausal red-headed Leo on the rampage directed at your ass do you? I'll answer that for you; no, you don't. Ok, now I'll go back to being fucking Mary Poppins again. Have a nice day!

LOVE this quote:
"Do not do unto others as you expect they should do unto you. Their tastes may not be the same." -- George Bernard Shaw

Of course, since I'm a Leo, I love adore presents (and am adding stuff I'll need after the move:

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I am one of them!
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