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This was in the Dr. Jon email this morning and I just had to share the happiness. SO completely sweet and adorable! It really does remind me of my sweet old Perry-dog and Mason-kitty; they were attached like this. I miss them both but getting to live with them and their amazing love for one another was a precious gift that I was blessed to have.

SO cute!

And thanks again for all the warm birthday wishes; so many of them that I may not have time to respond to them all, but really, I SO appreciate it. The amazing number and warmth of them all have made me truly joyous! The best present I could receive is such great friends!
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Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [ profile] ladybarnard

May your day be joyous, my dear!



Aug. 25th, 2007 10:36 am
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And how could I forget my dear old (old in terms of duration, not decrepitude!) friend's birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, darling [ profile] motherpockets!

What can I many memories, fun and tearful and joyous. You rock my world, you really do!

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MANY happy returns to the amazing [ profile] apocalypticbob!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY,'re the mostest!

See you tomorrow and we'll do a final fitting and give you post-birthday hugs in person!



Aug. 3rd, 2007 08:56 am
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SO much to do and here I am tinkering around on setting up a wedding wish list and updating (or trying to) my gift list on Amazon. Put the link on my user info page, or at least I think I did. Damned thing won't let me re-prioritize! But when folk say, "what do you want for your birthday (Yule, Christmas, Hanuka, Wedding...insert event here)?" my mind goes completely blank. Hence an wish list.

Yes, I'm a Leo; means I love prezzies. I do. I'm also a disgustingly practical creature, being an Aquarius and a Scorpio so what do I want most? things and kitchen things and organizational things rather than clothes or jewelry or kitschy stuff. Pretty much stuff that I'd never buy for myself. What do I want most on the whole list? A cobalt blue KitchenAid mixer. Yep, I can get all horny over a kitchenaid, I can. Silly me. Ah well.... On the other hand, a simple rose or handful of wild flowers makes be deliriously happy, too.

Well, enough of that for now. Gotta go finish Jenny's bodice and wait for Bruce's kilt fabric to arrive today. Had to fax a form for the Homeland Security Department to FedEx before they can deliver it. Made me a tad nervous coming to the notice of Homeland Security, doncha know.

But it should arrive today; hopefully in time enough for me to prep the pleats to I can take it with me to sew on during the trip. Yep, I must...only 4 weeks until the wedding.

So you won't see me around here much in the next week. Ye gods, only 9 days before my birthday, too. Nervous about getting older? Naw, not really; don't feel it, act it or look it so why should it bother me? Oh yeah, and remifeminin is once more helping with the hot flashes...woo hoo.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to two very dear friends!

[ profile] hobbitsfeet who turns a whopping 21 today! WOOT! Happy birthday, sweetie...


[ profile] mistressniniane who is a wondermous lady I'm delighted to have gotten to know much better in the last year or so. Tickled that she's part of the band... we gotta get a picture to reflect that before it shrinks again!

Love you both!
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Busy, busy getting ready for Norman but can't let this one go by....


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First, hippo birdie two ewes to [ profile] geezerlee and woot on the university news.

Second, got up to fix Bruce's breakfast and lunch and check email and LJ...feeling sleepy so I'm off for a nap. CANNOT get sick. Throat is not any worse, at least, even after we worked out "Irish Eyes are Smiling" last night. Yep, gonna do some of the schmultzy stuff for the St. Patrick's Day gig...

Here's hoping my throat feels all better this afternoon. I really don't have time to be sick.

Oh yes, and Bruce and I are definitely coming back up to White Hart this weekend; he's doing site stuff and I'm getting together with folk about costuming.


Aug. 30th, 2006 09:55 am
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First of all, Happy Birthday to the amazing, lovely and talented [ profile] bronxelf_ag001!

She's one of those people I respect and admire while realizing that she and I, as my sister used to say, "couldn't hardly be more different" from one another.

And that's very very cool with me!

Hope it's a wonderful day for you, dear!


Aug. 22nd, 2006 07:41 am
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And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to dear [ profile] mmslapointe and to [ profile] ladyh!

May you have wonderful natal days and many, many more!



Aug. 10th, 2006 07:48 am
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Happy Birthday to two people, first to [ profile] jmthane who is a dear friend, and then to [ profile] ani_moore who is a friend of several friends of mine.

I won't subject the usual "oh gods, she's singing that awful song again" and we'll just leave it at that, shall we?

Fellow Leos....ROAR!!!!
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Feeling better; nothing like receiving an early Birthday present, hugs and kisses to help one's mood.

I'm not going to do the interview thingie that's going around, sorry, but with my flist I could be at it forever when I need to be sewing and stuff.

But I thought that since I have lots of new friends who may wonder about stuff, if anybody has questions, anything at all, just fire away and post 'em here in the comments.

I'll either answer them candidly or tell you 'moyb', ok? But chances are that I'll answer them...


Jul. 18th, 2006 11:32 am
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...Birthday and Great Felicitaitons to both my dear [ profile] thebb73 and to Brie, the adorable little girl of dear [ profile] bountifulpots and [ profile] theslice! Tis an auspicious day, indeed!

*hugs* all around!


Jun. 10th, 2006 06:49 pm
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First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved, [ profile] thebruce!

Interesting weekend so far, lots of happenings and a few mishappenings but mostly a good time except that I officially hang up my navagator's hat. But that's not what this is about....

We stopped by the very end (we didn't know it ended on Saturday at 5pm) of the KC Scottish Highland Games and met/re-met Bob Reeder who is a Celtic legend around here. The fun and big news for us is that he invited us to play in with him tomorrow afternoon.

So Bruce and I will be playing at O'Malley's tomorrow afternoon...of course, one half of Queen's Gambit and very un-officially and probably just a couple of songs. But it is our first time up on O'Malley's stage. We don't know when but it'll be sometime between 3pm and 9pm.

Oh yeah, and [ profile] copperdragonfly...we wanna come get you tomorrow to go but it turns out that we don't have your phone number! So email me at the addy on my user page and I'll call you!

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Three people I love dearly share a birthday...

Happiest of birthdays to dear [ profile] smokin_man who is such an amazing, darling man and incredible character actor, dear [ profile] gem_handler who has become such a beloved friend in a really short period of time, and finally to the fantabulous [ profile] starwyse who is just about my olde...erm, no, my friend of longest duration (how's that?) and who is simply beyond description as a stellar human being.

May you each have fabulous natal days and know that I love each of you beyond words!

OH, yes...

May. 19th, 2006 10:44 am
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Happy birthday, to my beloved [ profile] 5rings! May you be over the 'plague' and well enough to celebrate this illustrious day properly as it should be celebrated, my dear!

::throws confetti::

(Ok, it ain't fancy, but I'm working really, really hard!)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my kids (even though she has perfectly wonderful parents whom I also love dearly), the wonderful and amazing [personal profile] bountifulpots[profile] [profile]

I've known her literally all of her life and watched her grow up from an adorable kidling to an amazing woman!

Love ya, kiddo!!! May you have a terrific day!

Oh yes...

Apr. 19th, 2006 07:51 am
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And a very happy birthday wish to the lovely and sweet (but not TOO sweet!) and spicy [ profile] txwhiterose
...another of the wonderful Scarby folk whom I haven't friended, I really donno why...

I'm VERY excited about getting to come back down to play in nobles; I have SO been jonesing to do that!
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First, it is gorgeous outside and I just picked daffodils from in front of the house. They smell heavenly. No, I know winter's not over but this is just delightful.

And second, wishing the best of HAPPY BIRTHDAY greetings to my dear friend, [ profile] billthetailor
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Now, it's well known about me... )

Oh yes, and BTW...Happy Birthday to dear [ profile] elisedevescy


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