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But that's ok; I haven't got much else to do right now anyway.

This client who is the mother of one of this year's Renfaire clients, the oh-so-handsome young man who had to drop out of cast because he couldn't make site day. Anyway, she is a delight and has expressed joy at finding a seamstress to work with. She understands (finally) that I don't do alterations but she has a wonderful sense of style and has garments in mind that she wants made. Plus older garments of her mother's that she wants me to recreate. She's tall and gorgeous and a twin; got to meet the other one today, for whom she had me make jammies out of the bamboo velvet velour and then 2 pairs for herself. This is the stuff I've been grousing about on Facebook. It's harder to work on than regular velvet due to being stretchy, so applying non-bias organza around the neck edge as seam binding to finish it is a nightmare but I am just that damned good. She understands enough about sewing to appreciate the difficulty and time it takes.
She's also the first person to actually buy one of my necklace/earrings sets; the one that I mentioned "if it came in silver, I'd want it", well she did.

I have a promising first date tomorrow evening with a very nice man named Gary. He lives in Parkville and works with the School district there. He's a widower and has 4 children with one teenager still living at home. Ages from 15 to 39 or as he described it, "from diapers to Depends." He has hobbies of oil painting and making stained glass, a good sense of humor and a wonderful communicating style; displays a good and not creepy interest in what I'm doing but doesn't email every single day (doesn't cling as the last one did!) He emailed me yesterday with the greeting "Happy Eve of first date" which I told him I thought was both clever and amusing. So wish me luck.

Now I have to go get ready for the great maybe-shows-up, maybe-not, ooops, now I'm in basic training, out of town client. This is WHY I loathe out of town clients and swear I'm not doing this any more! This is the steam punk Little Red (brown) Riding hood one and I'm SO sick of it. Ah well, to finish it soon, I hope.

Getting the new-to-me car back again tomorrow, now with safer tires and wheels! And then I must get it licensed legally; I didn't realize the tag was expired until the tow guy pointed it out. I DO NOT need a ticket on top of everything else. I'm going to have to find out where to go and what I need to take with me (other than the title) because I have no fucking clue. I also need to get my own license updated (birth certificate, old passport, old license) so I might as well do it all at once. OH, and I MUST get to the bank tomorrow to make a big deposit. This car shenanigans have kept me from getting there.

Tonight I'm feeling very hopeful for the next year. I'll take it. No matter the losses and bad events of this year, I'd much rather look into the coming year with hope and anticipation. Hell, if this date goes well, I may even have a date for NYE which would really be a kick; rushing things a lot, but a kick.

And above all, I am incredibly grateful for my lovely friends.


Nov. 25th, 2012 12:09 pm
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Some better this morning; I just checked the bank accounts and the one PayPal amount made it into my business account this morning. PLUS the two over-drafts that were in "pending" did NOT go through as overdrafts because I covered them both times by shifting around what little I had in the two accounts to cover them. SO relieved!

I got paid for the Trebs blouse at yesterday's rehearsal so that'll go into the bank tomorrow first thing. Then a dear friend hired me long distance to make a veil for her and got the payment sent by PayPal which transfer will show up in the account in another day or two.

With a whole lot of hard work this week, I should be able to pay rent. That will still leave an overage in both water and gas that I have to come up with right away but at least I can now put a bit of gas in the car and buy tuna for the cats. I've been feeding them chicken because that's what I have in the freezer.

It amazes me how shameful it is, in this country, and at this time of year, to be poor. It's really depressing too, seeing people spend SO much money on trivial stuff when others are struggling just to keep fed and housed and have heat and water and electricity. There's such a huge imbalance in this country and while I don't have any answers, I certainly see the inequity. I also see how easy it would be to get angry and to be jealous and for that to turn into a canker and get really poisonous. Fortunately, that's not my nature. On my better days, it's my nature to count my blessings. This is turning out to be one of those days, because due to wonderful friends and a lot of hard work, my recent desperation is looking to be done for now.

Here's a blessing:
A very nifty site of teaching crafts so that the teachers get paid and people get to learn stuff. This is a form of education I really like. It's something I'd love to take part in, if I can figure out how. It's another one of those things that takes money and time that I just don't have right now because of scrambling so hard just to survive.

One last thing; this damned respiratory stuff is still hanging on. This has now been since before HALLOWEEN! The time I took off to try to get over it is now biting me in the arse 'cause I still feel ill but now HAVE to work and no time to go to a free clinic to get examined. I'm doing the cider and I think that's helping it not get worse but it's not kicking it. Some how mid-last week, the gunk re-attached itself to my nasal passages and throat. I'm SO ready to be done with this. I may try Elderberry since someone at TM rehearsal recommended it. And I need to get some Echinacea and Golden Seal but until this PayPal cleared, I couldn't even afford that.

Still, lots to feel thankful for. I have a wonderful relationship, if a bit strained right now to our mutual stress. I have two sweet kitties, both of whom slept with me last night; a small thing but something that adds lots of bliss to my nights. I had enough food for breakfast this morning and now, enough cash to get a few more groceries. Really, if I start with breakfast, I'm good for just one other meal in the day which is how things usually work for me. I have LOTS of work and now will just pray for lots of energy to get stuff completed QUICKLY.

And as always, I'm immensely grateful for my friends.


Nov. 25th, 2010 11:17 am
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Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Yesterday I:
soaked beans and baked chicken for soup
finished & delivered drapes
made & delivered pumpkin bread
put chicken tortilla soup into crockpot
Josie took me out for late lunch at Boston Market, after which we,
shopped at Lowes and finished winterizing Pam & Wayne's windows
made lemon curd
made zucchini bread
made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
...collapsed in bed

This morning I:
made breakfast for Josie before she got on the road
made rolls and cranberry sauce to take to dinner at friends

Bath and then to Jeannie D's house.

I am thankful for:
it being a year later
friends, new and old, who love me just as I am
talents and abilities allowing to (barely!) make a living
a nice apartment that I love, wonderful management who are lovely
new opportunities that have lots of promise
new guys to meet who are interested in dating me
a wonderful cat who loves me
my health, my sanity and my vitality
a choir concert coming up that will get great
knitting circle gals (even though I don't knit...yet) who are lots of fun

Things to which to look forward...

Life is what you make of it, folks, no matter what the circumstances. Glory in the good stuff, work through and put behind you the bad stuff. Gods know, if I can do it, anybody can.
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I'm selling stuff to raise money for the move and to get settled in KC, right?

Well, my dear friends, [ profile] apocalypticbob and [ profile] ladyniniane decided to go from recent history and start an auction for me. They say that it just makes sense for me to list the stuff that I'm selling on there, so I will.

I'll post the link here, as I put 'em up, but run the item's sale from over there, which is: [ profile] rescue_rowan.

To say that I'm humbled and grateful is a vast understatement.

Things I'm going to list:
Fabric (duh!) including cotton ginghams, 2 sheer beaded lace "apron" panels, some costumes, some more books, an offer to do a faux finish painting job on someone's room, and yes, some more books. And some fabric.

Starting with this one:

And if you don't mind, please spread the news of this sale; the more I can raise before I move, the easier the move and getting re-established in the KC area will end up being, since I'm pretty much starting over from scratch.

But I have my brains, my health, my abilities, my creativity and my good attitude! And my friends! Super, fabulous friends and FoC!


Nov. 19th, 2009 05:54 pm
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...of gratitude, this time.

Second post of the "attitude of gratitude" stuff that I've kinda been avoiding.

Today, I'm so immensely grateful for my friends, I can hardly stand it. So I think I'll sit down.


Thanks you guys.
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Ok, I'm sure everybody but me has already heard this true story. )


And I know damned well that there are many equally warm-hearted people on my flist and amongst my friends and family of choice.
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Today's gratitude:

Yesterday Bruce worked from home so while he sat at the computer and worked, I worked on QG stuff and made apple butter. We had a fire burning (first of the season) and it was a blissful day. Lunch was late just because time got away and supper was late because apple butter, once begun, must be finished. Got 6 pints and think I'll do more today 'cause I like it just a bit more tart than this batch turned out and I have apples left over!

This morning I got my usual email from "the Maine Adventure Sales Blog" to which I subscribed after [ profile] singedcat described with horror how some young vandals had cut the mooring rope and the lovely ship had been damaged. I watched as Captains Jon and Annie worked with typical Yankee stoicism and patience, to fix their beloved ship, the Schooner "J&E Riggin" on which Susan used to work and where she and her nifty fiance got married this summer.

Something I don't think anyone knows about me is that I *love* the water, even though I'm a Fire sign; not so much being *in* it but upon it. There's nothing I'd enjoy more (ok, maybe a trip to Ireland in the company of Danny O'Flaherty, yes!) than taking a trip on the lovely J&E Riggin, sailing around the coast of Maine and getting a small taste of nautical life. As much as I'd like sailing, I'd also enjoy getting to know Jon and Annie and getting to experience her amazing cooking. I drool over her recipes and can imagine what it's like, figuring how to cook on board the schooner in a tiny room with no electricity. But oh, does she do so much more than merely "cope"!

This morning I received the 2008 photo collection that they do every Fall. Here:
OH man, does that make me wistful! Oh, that I had a big chunk of change (with everything else accomplished and paid for) so that we could take a sailing trip.

But in the meantime, we can enjoy vicariously.

Today, I work on more lists, receipts and accounting stuff...not quite so much fun but hey, at least now I have the time to do it!
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PollyAnna here:

No really! I just emailed back a friend who's having difficulties and was so struck by that being my first email of the year that I decided to re-post it here. Her question was: "You're the most positive woman I know. How do you do it?"

How do I do it, remain positive? I literally refuse to let negativity in;
(ED: ok sure, there are times, but between Bruce and me, we don't let it stay!)
It's difficult to explain to someone else how to do it. Focus on
what good there is in your life. FIND good things to appreciate, focus on those things and find more positive stuff to appreciate.

I do know this, beyond the shadow of a doubt:
The words that you say and the thoughts in your mind, literally create
your reality; the universe replicates the conditions you 'ask' for...if you ask (however it is stated) for shit, you'll get shit. If you ask for and expect to receive glory, you'll get glory. No matter the current circumstances of your life (anyone's life!) it can always get better or worse, based SOLELY upon your own attitude.

Example? My mother was born without a left hip socket and yet she became a
highly skilled organist, playing a humongous church organ in a 6000 seat
auditorium that only a half dozen people anywhere were allowed to play. This is an amazing accomplishment for a woman who could not rotate her left foot from side to side which is necessary in order to manipulate the foot pedals, which play the bass line of the music. How did she adapt, get through school with her music degree and earn that position? Sheer grit, stubbornness and will; she re-wrote ALL the music she played so that everything could be
played with her hands and not using her feet. If you did not know of her handicap and how she'd worked around it, you'd never know because you couldn't tell it by the music.

She taught my sister and I how to roller skate, jump rope, ride a
bicycle and play hopscotch even though she could not do those things
herself. I don't know how she did it but she did it.

That's the example with which I was brought up. She said, "Mary Sue,
(yes, that's my given name) there's no such thing as a brick wall.
Find a way around it, over it, under it, dismantle it...something. If
you say you can't, you're absolutely yright."

So yeah...Happy New Year!

May you all replicate the glory you wish for in your own lives!
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Thought I'd try that "first sentence from first posts of each month" thing. and it's back here... )

Well, that was fun...what a year it's been! Many wonderful things, much progress and change. There've been some sad things as well. There's been growth and development and...well, security. Sometimes having things staid and tranquil and domestic are the best of times.

What a year it has been! Despite challenges, perhaps because of many of them, I'm the happiest I've ever been and I'm immensely grateful for all the love in my life. I have amazing friends, amazing Loves, the best hubby in the world, work I love to do, new challenges and goals to look forward to accomplishing. AND I'm going to try to manage my time better so it means I'm going to spend less time on LJ...sorry, but I must.

The band is going well, although we MUST get together to rehearse. We did our first Con! One new faire adding to the schedule, another to revive and rest of the schedule, well, we'll be busy! So what's new. Health is good and hopefully getting better; some weight to shake off and exercise to re-start. But my mood is good; hopeful and forward-looking.

I wish for you all, peace and harmony and joy and...all the things you wish to have in your life.

Blessed Be...
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ganked from Brother William:

Ganked from a fine lady - Thanks, Nurianna;

"My Wish for You in 2008

May peace break into your house and may thieves come to steal your debts.
May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet of $100 bills.
May love stick to your face like Vaseline and may laughter assault your lips!
May your clothes smell of success like smoking tires,
may happiness slap you across the face,
and may your tears be that of joy.
May the problems you had forget your home address! In simple words ............

May 2008 be the best year of your life!!!"

Oh yes...

Dec. 26th, 2007 12:36 pm
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*reaching for a hanky*

Watch either the short or the long clip. And then please pass this along, ok?

As it says, it's not about politics, it's about gratitude for service and sacrifice.

Truly a wonderful idea...
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This one is ganked from AmberBob:

Go to this link:

before December 31st 2007, and leave a comment. Preferably a nice one. Can be as simple as hello and thank you.

If the gentleman who owns the blog gets 500 comments from 500 different people by the end of December, he will donate $1000.00 to the Children's Cancer Research Fund.

Thank you for reading this and considering doing so, and please pass the link on to as many people as possible.

I did it, lovely if a lot of others would too...

And this one I ganked from the delightful Marrus, true story which is sure to make you grab for a henkie.

Happy Yule, indeed...
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...things in life you have to appreciate, you know?

Like seeing a brown spot on the bedroom carpet, leaning down cautiously and realizing that it's just a leaf. And not something else that is also brown but much less pleasant to have to pick up.

Yeah, ya find gratitude in the little stuff!

Oh yeah! And just added [ profile] hypatia42!

*waves to da Amy*
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Since it's a much better idea than thinking of things that make me know, energy begets energy, right? So I'm going to list things that are making me smile, in no particular order.

1) Having a wonderful, pretty well-organized and peaceful workspace in which to create beautiful things
2) Classical music to work by
3) Loving he most amazing, sexy, thoughtful, brilliant and patient man whom at the moment, I think is downstairs taking a nap whom I am going to be married to in 8 days.
4) Hsving the skill to dye fabric gorgeous colors with amazing results; having the skill to dye piping to match the tiny satiny-thread leaves in the brocade I dyed navy blue. It's sorta a pale beigy-ecru-y color and I hit it dead on; mixed tan with a bit of dark green and some of the navy dye. This pleases me greatly; it's exactly the color I wanted it to be.
5) Having wonderful friends, a couple of whom are coming over to help me tomorrow; we'll get a lot done and have a good time all the while. Bruce is cooking!

I haven't said this lately and it bears repeating....

I LOVE my life! Yes, it gets busy and stressful and all that...but I DO love my life! I have exciting work to look forward to and friends at faire I'm looking forward to seeing and LOTS of friends who're coming to the wedding that I'm looking forward to seeing!

Now, back to work! Will reprint the to-do list soon.
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...what sympathy, physical & tangible assistance, pats on the back and the support of friends will do for one's mood.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

OH, and the Brother just printed a receipt when I asked it to...I just about fainted! Yes, this means that the tartan has finally been ordered with express delivery so it should be here next week, I think.


Jun. 14th, 2007 06:24 pm
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...'cause that's how I seem to be doing everything these days!

I just wanted to share that I'm in an "attitude of gratitude" space today. I think going out and working in the garden this morning has something to do with it. Nothing like digging in the dirt and nurturing growing things whilst taking out one's aggressions by pulling weeds to put things into perspective. I think that's why I garden, really, in addition to being able to feed us with things I've grown and how much better it tastes homegrown; the grounding. Important for a fire/air/water sign, yep, grounding.

What I really wanted to say here is that never in my life have I had such an amazing collection of friends, loves and happy work to do. Yes, I'm crazy busy but I'm doing what I love in the company with people I love; what's better than that? I have excellent good health, all things considered and enough energy to do what I wish, and I never, ever take that for granted.

Life is very, very good indeed. Now I just need to hear some good news of [ profile] archway to make my happiness complete. She's been on my mind a great deal today.

Oh yes, and [ profile] the_jenny_of_oz dear, I found something in the laundry that you'll want back; obviously got mixed up in the suitcases. *giggle*

Sometimes ya just gotta say what's on your mind, ya know? And that's what is on mine right now.

If I could bottle this feeling, I'd be a millionaire!
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...that I needed to come in from the garden and post these thoughts right now.

Never doubt... )


Mar. 22nd, 2007 09:45 am
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...came in from picking flowers to press for the wedding invitations. OMG, grape hyacinth and pale violets all over the place. I didn't know we had that many grape hyacinth in the front yard, it's all over the place. And the pale lavendar violets are all over the back yard; I found ONE dark purple voilet plant and my heart literally leapt for a that feeling; that small leap of felicity.

Gonna go press them now before they wilt. But when that's done I've got to post the story of me and mom and why violets are so special to me. I need to get that memory of mom down while it's welling up in my heart and mind.

And then I'll go practice bowed psaltry and bodhran.
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Very Happy Anniversary to dear friends [ profile] 5rings and [ profile] tensegrity.

How do you describe such wonderful friends as this? Fun, amazing, smart, loving, talented, brilliant, amazing folk that they are. And they've helped me move a grand total of three times which I think just about says it all!
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Momentous day...not only is it officially Spring but it's also an anniversary.

My sweetheart actually was the one who remembered it. Last evening he said, "Hey, isn't it an anniversary tomorrow?" I stopped and thought but came up blank. He grinned and said, "You moved down here four years ago tomorrow." I had to go and kiss him.

Yep, what a difference four years makes!

So many of you I didn't know way back then, or didn't know as well as I know now. Yeah, it's a real soap opera-worthy story and we've come such a long way since then.

Spring and the anniversary of moving! *happy sigh* I think I'll go out and pick some more grape hyacinth to dry for the wedding invitations.

...other stuff to say but this post needs to stand alone...


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