Dec. 28th, 2016

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But that's ok; I haven't got much else to do right now anyway.

This client who is the mother of one of this year's Renfaire clients, the oh-so-handsome young man who had to drop out of cast because he couldn't make site day. Anyway, she is a delight and has expressed joy at finding a seamstress to work with. She understands (finally) that I don't do alterations but she has a wonderful sense of style and has garments in mind that she wants made. Plus older garments of her mother's that she wants me to recreate. She's tall and gorgeous and a twin; got to meet the other one today, for whom she had me make jammies out of the bamboo velvet velour and then 2 pairs for herself. This is the stuff I've been grousing about on Facebook. It's harder to work on than regular velvet due to being stretchy, so applying non-bias organza around the neck edge as seam binding to finish it is a nightmare but I am just that damned good. She understands enough about sewing to appreciate the difficulty and time it takes.
She's also the first person to actually buy one of my necklace/earrings sets; the one that I mentioned "if it came in silver, I'd want it", well she did.

I have a promising first date tomorrow evening with a very nice man named Gary. He lives in Parkville and works with the School district there. He's a widower and has 4 children with one teenager still living at home. Ages from 15 to 39 or as he described it, "from diapers to Depends." He has hobbies of oil painting and making stained glass, a good sense of humor and a wonderful communicating style; displays a good and not creepy interest in what I'm doing but doesn't email every single day (doesn't cling as the last one did!) He emailed me yesterday with the greeting "Happy Eve of first date" which I told him I thought was both clever and amusing. So wish me luck.

Now I have to go get ready for the great maybe-shows-up, maybe-not, ooops, now I'm in basic training, out of town client. This is WHY I loathe out of town clients and swear I'm not doing this any more! This is the steam punk Little Red (brown) Riding hood one and I'm SO sick of it. Ah well, to finish it soon, I hope.

Getting the new-to-me car back again tomorrow, now with safer tires and wheels! And then I must get it licensed legally; I didn't realize the tag was expired until the tow guy pointed it out. I DO NOT need a ticket on top of everything else. I'm going to have to find out where to go and what I need to take with me (other than the title) because I have no fucking clue. I also need to get my own license updated (birth certificate, old passport, old license) so I might as well do it all at once. OH, and I MUST get to the bank tomorrow to make a big deposit. This car shenanigans have kept me from getting there.

Tonight I'm feeling very hopeful for the next year. I'll take it. No matter the losses and bad events of this year, I'd much rather look into the coming year with hope and anticipation. Hell, if this date goes well, I may even have a date for NYE which would really be a kick; rushing things a lot, but a kick.

And above all, I am incredibly grateful for my lovely friends.


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