Aug. 16th, 2007 06:42 pm
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Sorry, not following along with the crowd doing the sexual purity meme that is currently around here. I decided to play along until I got to the "Fucking Sick" part if it where I saw "practicing polyamory" listed. The meme ceased being amusing right there.

I have a thing about blindly following labels, even as unconsciously or 'innocently' as in a meme. It goes all the way back to "pollock" jokes and fat jokes and even blonde jokes. It goes all the way up to kids today saying, "Oh, that's so gay!" to mean something stupid or unfashionable.

Prejudice is prejudice, folks. Yes, maybe I'm touchy because I am poly. But what if it put being bald or being overweight or liking to game under that category. It makes a statement that anyone who practices polyamory is a depraved person. If you actually have that opinion, fine; you are entitled to your own opinion. But if you don't, whether you are poly or not, and you let that question pass you by without a blink, you are allowing bigotry.

Ultrasensitive? Maybe...but then, I've always called people on fat jokes and loser jokes and 'retarded' jokes and race and gender jokes all my life and I'm not about to stop now.

It's not that far away from "towel-head" or "nigger" or "kike" or any of the other pejorative labels we'd be aghast to hear today. It's not that horribly far away from a gang of drunks beating up on the 'limp-wristed' fella from school.

The only way to fight prejudice is to call it and not put up with it, no matter where you find it.

Prejudice is prejudice; bigotry is bigotry.


Feb. 28th, 2007 11:49 am
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Ok, maybe I belong to too many LJ groups now.

But here's a hint to everybody with the daily questions on the various "help me" groups. I know it's fun to post the "oh crap, I screwed up, help me out of having to make a trivial adult decision myownself" stuff but HELLO, common sense has to come into this somewhere.

If you: opened a can or jar of something and left it out...out of the freezer or out of the fridge or in the fridge for five days or out on the deck....whether it's meat or juice or veggies or cat food...

It if looks ok, smells ok, you stick your pinkie in it and lick it and it tastes's probably ok.

If it looks odd, smells odd, if you're stupid enough to taste it anyway and it tastes odd, THROW IT OUT!

I can only read so many of those before I want to yell, "OK, WHATTHEHELL did you do before there was LJ, people, and don't you have anyone to whom to ask these question with a speck of common sense, huh? DON'T YOU HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO WITH YOUR TIME THAN TO ASK STUPID QUESTIONS?"


Feb. 15th, 2007 07:42 am
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Different things get to different people, I know this. But one of the best ways to just set me right off is to mislead or deceive. Relationship problems, you think? No, it's FABRIC.

I just opened my Hancock email to see "Dynasty Linen Fabric" featured at $4.99, available in 18 colors and I'm thinking "WOW, how cool is that, my folk can get linen on sale without having to group order" so I rush over and click.

But look a little more closely and you see:

Dynasty Linen Fabric
Content: 65% Polyester/55% Rayon

It isn't linen AT ALL, and not even mostly a natural fiber!

The last I knew the industry had to label more clearly than that, you know, "Linen-like" or some other euphamism. But just plain LINEN and not a speck of linen in it anywhere.

I'd write a nasty letter or email if I thought it would do any good.

Fuckers. I'll continue to order my REAL linen on-line, thankyouverymuch.


Jan. 17th, 2007 02:13 pm
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Ok, weather, gorramit! I no longer live in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Michigan or Illinios; all those places where I'm used to having protracted winter weather! I moved away; I moved South where winters are supposed to be mild. I LIVE IN THE FREAKING SOUTH, DAMMIT! Would you stop it, already, please?

It's snowing. We have 4 inches of ice, not, since it came down as sleet and not snow in the first place. I still have 1 solid inch of ice on the right side of the van and on the back and cannot get in the big doors regardless of Bruce spending an hour out there with a freaking propane heater getting enough ice off it so I could at least drive it!

We have a solid sheet of ice on the street out front that nobody has sanded, gods forbid that this part of town should be able to get anywhere without slip sliding around.

Yes, we have power and I'm suitably grateful, infinitely grateful and I know there are lots out there who still don't have their's back yet.



May. 9th, 2006 07:24 pm
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Who in the nine hells thinks it's ok to call me during my dinner and try to read at me from the bible?

Me: Hello

Her: HI, I'm ....from .....Bible College. We're calling to encourage bible reading. May I read you a brief passage? (and then starts right into it..where upon I say,

Me; No.

Her: Pardon?

Me. No, it's not ok if you read me a bible passage. *click*

And yes, I hung up on her before I outed myself and said things that would probably get a cross burned on our front lawn.

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I'm not saying this to piss anybody off or hurt any feelings, but I just gotta say this before it gets any further. Please leave this issue alone. )

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Jul. 9th, 2003 12:05 am
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Well, here we go! I've been intending to do this for a long time, what with Wendy, Josie and Bruce referring to it; not to mention my friend, Mark (which reminds me to tell him that I'm finally on!) The challenge for me here Read on at your own risk; rant follows! )


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