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Oct. 19th, 2007 11:48 am
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It's FRIDAY? How'd it get to be Friday! *facepalm* Think I missed the trash pickup. Not good.

I have too much to do this week for it to be Friday!

*sigh* Guess I'll just skip ahead to the grocery shopping for the weekend (why is is that anytime I start to type a word starting with "we" it wants to come out as 'wedding'?) and then on to the baking I wanna do.

Need to spend some time in the garden, too, while it's so gorgeous and sunny. PERFECT autumn day; crystal clear, crisp with stunning amethyst blue skye.

And my poor baby threw his back out so he's walking around crooked. Hope it gets better soon. But at least it seems to happen less frequently than it used to.

Zoom....I'm off to DO stuff!
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Love you all and appreciate the compliment to my cooking, but I'm being inundated with requests for this recipe exchange thing. So my choice is not to play any of them; sorry.

I've got to get the thank you notes done and out.
I need to clean my house.
I MUST get the new sewing business samples started.
I need to get the older machine out and finish garments I've promised, if it works.

And I'm tired....so other than reading a bit and trying to get some of the images organized (if I can get my farking laptop go be online which is being a daily occurrence) I'm going to lay pretty low here for awhile.

Hugs, and hopes nobody minds too much. I need some recovery time here! KCRF is wearing me out more than usual this year.


Sep. 6th, 2007 01:17 pm
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...looking through the multitude of pictures we've received so far, working on the wedding post. Have a coupla new wedding icons, too. Many thanks to fairyoffire and 5rings!

But I've got work to do today and a short week. So please forgive me if I postpone the actual descriptive post until next week, ok? I want to make it nice with portions of the service and all, in the proper order. Plus I'm still receiving and sorting through images. Thanks.

But to tide anxious folk over until then, here's a few images.

cut 'cause I care! )

Yeah, that's brief and I left out a whole lot but there ya go for this week.

Now I hafta go make a whistle case, start on supper, shop and tend the garden.
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This is one of those random ideas that I haven't got time to work in, if anyone wishes to take it on and make it happen: anybody out there who has a good snapshot of QE holding Lady Val from this season of White Hart or one of these images would work well, too...

We're doing an option for wedding gifting to the Royal Gauntlet Birds of Prey, right? I'm thinking an image with appropriate blurb beneath about the Royal Gauntlet Birds & Bob on a nice presentation adhered to poster board. Have something like that on a nice easel with a basket beneath for gifts of cash or checks at the wedding and then moved to the reception.

I put it as an option on the gifting on the web-site but doesn't look as though anybody's done anything, so I thought this would give an additional option for gifts to happen. Everyone will see Lady Val fly in the rings during the wedding; that might inspire a few folk to donate; it'd be a lovely thing to have an convenient and easy way for them to do so.

If it doesn't happen, it's not a big deal but it's one of those "you don't get what you don't ask for" deals....and I know Bob would not ask to do something like this; this is my own idea and such a worthwhile cause.

Today's goal? Totally finishing the wedding dress. I'm within one yard of finishing stitching the lace around the hem.

Oh, and the van's back and repaired so I'm no longer car-less. Yay!

Well, poo!

Jun. 7th, 2007 03:51 pm
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Ok, for any body trying to call me...

The house phone doesn't seem to be ringing although I can call out.

My cell phone is out of units and we forgot to take care of that last night.

So it looks as though email or IM is the only way to contact me at the moment.

The good news is I'm busily sewing anyway. TMy underskirt is done enough to bring including hem trim since a few of the gals offerred to do beading on it. And I've figured out samples so they'll know how I want it. Now I'm grommeting Julie's bodice and finishing the shoulder petals. Will have enough to try on the guards for fit but they won't be wearable this weekend.

And here's the classic procrastinator's question; anybody have about 5/8 yard of coutil I could buyu from them really quick-like? As in, I could get it early next week? Yeah, I'm horrible. But jeez...this is nuts! I spent way more of this week running the Kidling around getting her car purchase stuff done. So yeah....


May. 29th, 2007 10:00 am
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Love you all; tired and OMG to-do list.

There's no way I'm gonna catch up on LJ and get everything done in the two days that remain for me this week before (I think) I go up to work on White Hart stuff.

If there's anything critical that I've missed, please email me, ok?

I have two days to:
catch up on laundry, house-cleaning and the garden
Julie's bodice to finish
Robin-Pi's bodice to prepare for fitting
two Guard's costumes to cut out and prepare for fitting
start on my costume
pack all the sewing stuff I'll need
pack all the work stuff Bruce will need

And I'm tired....good mood and happy and all, but OMG tired. Long post wrapping up on this OKRF season in the works. If anybody else (*smooches to Alrescate for sending hers already*) has pics they want me to include in this post, send 'em on up!

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Bruce finished the mastering of the CD this morning and took it to Russ to duplicate; I'll pick them up about 1pm today. The packaging will be finished designing and start printing tonight.

Anybody wanna come over tomorrow day or evening and help assemble 100 CDs? These first 100 will be collectors items since they're being done by hand and will not be shrink-wrapped.

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Aug. 9th, 2006 10:15 am
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The kitchen is mostly clean; nice for all that this is the long-delayed "spring" cleaning. My spices are organized to where I can find and use them, finally! Though I still really, really want some sort of spice cabinet; I think the individual racks that I can mount inside the door would be best. But ye gods, before I sorted them...they filled the whole of the top of the dining room table! Nobody in the world needs four bottles of lemon flavoring, three of almond and of mint, not to mention four bottles of mustard seed in the house of somebody who abhors mustard! ::dusts hands off:: Well, I took care of that. I mean, come on, if you can't *smell* a spice, it just isn't good for anything anymore.

So today I finish the cushions for the front patio chairs and re-cover the back of the game chair in the front hallway. Then I hopefully can work on the costume guidelines for White Hart and maybe even get some other sewing done. This is, if Amber will do the rest of the kitchen. *sigh* How much can one person sleep in? Ah well...it's her break before school starts. But I really need help around here so we can get all this done.

Tomorrow I start cooking and baking, no, tomorrow is Thursday...make that Friday.

But now I'm off to take the decorative nails offa the game-chair. Just sharpened and thinned down my dandilion picker to do that...nothin' makes ya feel quite so butch as using a bench grinder, ya know... Yes, I was careful and wore gloves and safety glasses.

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My dear [livejournal.com profile] archway just sent me a new icon from this past weekend; can't get much more current than that. (Thanks, love! *smooch*) From the angle, it's obvious that I was speaking with a child. I must say, some of the cutest children and SO polite that I remember seeing anywhere, have attended this faire so far.

I think I got more hugs this past Saturday, with nearly each one asking for permission first, than I've ever gotten in any one faire day before.

Spoke with Di last night; she called all excited that we'd been all over the news; Fox at 9, NBC and CBS at both 6 and 10 with voice-overs and again more today. They showed the web-site on the screen and the hits have increased by a bunch. A local store is selling tickets and they've run out twice. Two newspapers have shown up at site, fortunately the lovely blacksmith from OKRF and his sweet wife who makes baskets and brooms, are staying out on site and gave lovely interviews. Yay! for pro-active and involved vendors. There will apparently be two new local vendors out this weekend; one of stained-glass and one potter...getting new local vendors rocks.

Yes, I still owe my run-down of the weekend; I'll try to do that this afternoon. Still muchly to do. I went to storage yesterday to find the Statue of Liberty stuff but couldn't find the trunk that the wig/crown and torch are in so Bruce and I went back last night. Sure enough, it was all the way to the back on the bottom underneath the china hutch. Yes, it still breaks my heart that my beautiful walnut table, hutch and chairs are sitting in storge but when is there time to do something about them? *sigh*

Now, I'm off to get paint to re-do the pedestal and touch up headpiece and torch and run by Salvation Army to drop off bags of clothes that were still in there.

Not quite zooming....


Jul. 30th, 2003 12:29 pm
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Lovely to be working at home today and lots to do! To Do list )

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