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Wow, it's white out there. "Bird TV" aka the sunflower feeder, thistle sock and suet feeders are a busy place this morning. Schroedie's sitting there on her perch at nose level to the window sill, watching intently, eyes and ears flicking in time with the birds; harried fluttering.

It's so cute.

It's SO white out there! The sleet we had moistened everything so that the snow stuck to everything. There's a stack of 3" of snow in top of the seed feeder; I've never seen that happen so this last to be exceptionally wet snow. A branch fell from the tree right out front which provides an additional perch for them and there are tiny birdie foot prints all over my front porch. When I go to refill the feeders today, which I am certain I will have to do, I'm tempted to sprinkle some on the porch railing so they have some additional perches. There's a sheet of ice over *everything*, well, actually under this layer and on top of the first snow that fell last week. Very glad I parked my car in the basement/garage. There is NO traffic on my road out front; I see one set of tire tracks.

Penny's still in bed; so cute that I took pictures. I've taken lots of pictures of the birds and of Schroedie stealtf-watching them and maybe today I'll get them moved to the computer and edited. It's a lazy day but I need to sew since I got stood up for my $300 delivery yesterday. I was concerned for her driving, true, since she lives in Manhattan but I'm still annoyed that she didn't even bother to text or call me to tell me she wasn't coming on her way out of town. I'll be glad to have this jacket done. Working with someone where the fittings are each a month apart becomes wearing after awhile. I just want this damned thing done.

So I'm gonna go eat toasted cinnamon raisin oatmeal almond bread (used some of the almond flour that Honey Dawson gave me awhile back and it is really good) and drink some coffee with whipped cream in it since Aldi didn't have any half and half. I may even make some of my oniony-hashbrowns from the potatoes out in the laundry chill-room.

It's so QUIET, no traffic from the highway. Oh, except for the gun shot I heard about 8am, making me worry for the neighborhood deer. Yes, I like this neighborhood but I have long suspected that there are a couple of Bubba Redneck neighbors living on large lots who really think they live in the country.

It'll be a good day to get stuff done around stave off the cabin fever.


May. 12th, 2009 01:53 pm
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Well, at least I got SOME weeding done in between thunderstorms.

The gulleys between my rows had nearly filled up. I raked them so that the drainage will continue. Strawberry plants are doing great; asparagus is doing better than I'd hoped but the peas I started inside aren't doing too well. I haven't checked the ones I planted along the fence because I didn't make it over that far.

The goal this week is to re-clear the part that had been hand tilled and plant several rows of corn and some green beans. I'm still hoping today to get the potatoes in that I started inside. Then I'll pile more dirt on them as they grow up. I need to find something other than tires to contain them in; my garden isn't big enough to put a bunch of tires. Any suggestions?

Funny, I don't mind getting rained on when I'm working in the yard, just when I'm costumed or made up. I'm a cat; I don't like getting wet unless it's my idea! But I did come inside when the thunder and lightning started up, especially as I was holding a metal gardening tool.

Huh, now it's stopped again. But I'm hungry, time for lunch.
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We're under severe thunderstorm warnings here, so I'm going to turn off the computer for awhile.

Of course, I'm going to keep sewing...

Reminds me a lot of KCRF when I was QE and there was a thunderstorm. The Jousters wouldn't joust (of course!) and the Royal Guard would put down their big lightning rods halberds; but Queenie is still walking around in 6" of pointy gold on the top of her head and gold is an EXcellent conductor!

See ya after the storm!

[Edit; wasn't much, we're fine. But I understand there are grass fires around OKC: you guys over there ok? Huh? Please check in...]
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Hiya, everybody!

Yes, we are still driving to Kansas City tonight.

Yes, we are still having the Kansas City CD Release Party at Crescent Springs in old Overland Park tomorrow from 2 - 4:30pm.

Yes, we are driving back to Tulsa in the morning and ARE having our Tulsa CD Release Party at Borders Books on 21st street from 2 - 4:30pm.

A little snow can't stop us, and we hope it won't stop you either.

A spice-almond-rum cake is in the oven now as well as ham/boursin cheese/pepperjelly roll-ups (like sausage cookies but different; recipe later, right now I don't have time) and spinach-artichoke dip and hummus (if I can find it in the store when I get up there...the dried Fantasticks brand IS!)

Nikki's bringing oatmeal/butterscotch cookies and a fruit torte so yum! These are for the KC party since at Borders, we're in the Coffee shop and I think they'd object if we brought our own food!

For further clarity: YES, everybody is invited and welcome! And here's the addresses:

Sat. March 28th 2 - 4:30 p.m.
Crescent Springs
7317 W. 80th St.
Overland Park, KS

Sun. March 29th 2-4 p.m.
Borders Bookstore
2740 E. 21st St.
Tulsa, OK
Please come and join us in the fun at either location, or both, if you're crazy enough! Lots of fun and music and friends.

And yes, we'll drive carefully!



Mar. 12th, 2009 09:53 am
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Holy Crap, it's snowing!

::shakes head::

Goofy weather; the hedge is coming out green, the daffodils are blooming, the apple trees are in full flower and it's SNOWING!

Welcome to Oklahoma!
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I'm looking for pictures of Queen's Gambit to use on the inside of the cover and on the back of the new CD.

First, I need a picture of Queen's Gambit at Heartland with me as QE; none of the ones on the 5Rings site have all five of us. I have to re-find the disc that Fugli sent us because I think there might be one or two on there; I remember seeing a couple of them, one from a stage show where I joined QG during a show and then at least one from the Sunday, at Pub Sing! Has to be from Sunday 'cause Becky wasn't with us on Saturday due to school commitments.

And then I need a good picture of the five of us as we usually are; DJ's joined us recently enough that there aren't that many of us. Another reason to get some good shots taken at Character Camp this weekend and then at Scarlet's next weekend.

Anybody, at all....Bueller?

Oh yeah, and that storm's blowing in. Here's hoping it won't be THAT cold this weekend. But I'm packing all my silk long-johns just in case.

ok, putting the images behind a cut )
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I KNOW you're enjoying the rain. I'm happy for you....all of you.

Last night you were trying really hard to do a nice three part chorus. So the 3rd was a bit off and the 5th, well, he went somewhere...I hope not in pieces thanks to Minko. At least I didn't find any pieces left on the front stoop.

But this morning FINALLY you managed a really in tune 1st and 3rd interval after trying ALL NIGHT to get it in tune. See, I know you were practicing all night because I could HEAR you all night, even with ear plugs in, thankyouverymuch.

Now you're at it again and you've lost ground, so to speak. You're really really out of tune. One of you is at the 4th but the other one is, well, on a half tone? Pul-lease....

Here's a suggestion; quit while you're not ahead? *sigh* No, I didn't really think that was an option.

The tree frog outside the kitchen window has a nice solo low that I can't hear it in the bedroom. I wish you'd take a clue from him.


Mar. 31st, 2008 11:32 am
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For those who may be concerned, yes, we're under a severe thunderstorm warning. Yes, the conditions are perfect for the formation of circling cloud systems (weather-speak, oh, isn't that sexy!) and we've had a couple tiny power-blips; nothing to even make the stove or microwave start blinking yet.

But all the animals are in, tv's on to the weather station and I've lots of candles around in case the power does go out. Bruce says there's a helluva storm going on where he is too, Mannford, west of Tulsa. It's pounding both to the north and south of Tulsa, moving north east.

But as my dear brother, Seymoure often says, "It's ok so far!"
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Well, no Callanetics today and boy, do I feel it. The lack of endorphins has me feeing tomorrow, you betcha I'm exercising first thing in the morning!

But at least today saw the accomplishment of one more legal step; I now have my military ID so I'm legally a military wife. Oh, poo...still need to call and see what the hold up is in the insurance. They sent a form saying, "we're canceling the request for insurance due to lack of vital information" but didn't say WHAT vital information they're lacking; no, that would be too easy, wouldn't it? *eyeroll*

I even sewed today; finished another nifty whistle bag. Yes,'s purple, red and gold and GORGEOUS! I'm very happy with it, not to photograph it for the site. I'm getting quicker with them which is part of the whole point.

And finally, as promised...precious Piewacket pictures!
right back here 'cause I'm nice! )

Only thing I'd change is the weather, dammit. Too cloudy to see the lunar eclipse but boy, can I feel it!
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Is everybody ok in Springfield, MO?

I know [ profile] alrescate has been heard from; [ profile] ladybarnard posted recently. So has anybody heard from [ profile] juliegocrazy or [ profile] ericcaptdrake, [ profile] zianuray and [ profile] softpaw?

*stopping a moment to be smug that I did all those user names from memory*

We're under a tornado warning here, too, but it just blew over with some thunder and lightning and a bit of rain.

Lemme hear from friends, please?

[Edit: [ profile] chaoticfayth posted a bit ago, so I guess they're ok!]

I'm off to bed...


Dec. 14th, 2007 06:33 pm
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Hurray! Oh, thank every deity I can imagine!

The lights are on; the heat is on, the oven light is blinking at me! I've never been so happy to flip a switch and be answered with LIGHT!

Yay! *sigh* Life is good, I can go back to being spoiled.


Dec. 12th, 2007 10:14 pm
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Yes, that's a 'whee' with an accompanying finger-pop in the cheek. My top three feelings right now are (not necessarily in this order) tired, cold and hormonal. Ask a hormonal woman how good her sense of humor is and you're liable to get popped one and not in a good way.

Today this "spoiled" woman has:
1)gotten up in the cold and dark and nearly simultaneously fixed a complete breakfast, fed the dogs, the cats, put them out, let them in.
2)dragged all the downed limbs in the back yard to the burn pile so the dogs could get into their house
3)showered in the cold bathroom, dressed and left for Valliant,
4)mailed the Christmas cards
5)came back to the house to retrieve wallet and cell phone
6)drove the hightop van in the rain 3 hours, met Joe at his job, helped him load the generator into the van
7)drove back, far as McAlester and tried to find wide wick (unsuccessfully) at WalMart, Lowes and never did find Atwoods, freaked 'cause it was starting to get dark, temps drop and still raining so
8)headed back home, slipping a bit and made it here about 5, just in time to be disappointed that the power wasn't back on
10)relit all candles and lamps
11)greeted Bruce home from work
12)cheered when he started it
13)cleaned out refrigerator, only had to throw away leftovers, freezer part of 'frig
14)cleaned up kitchen, washed dishes
15)checked freezer, everything was fine
16)loaded stuff from cooler back into 'frig
17)cleaned out stuff from old freezer which needed tossing anyway
18)damnear herneated myself drying to lift the full trash can
19)cleaned up floor
20)did one load of laundry
21)hung up laundry in garage
22)cleaned litter boxes and shit from upstairs floor
23)collapsed on sofa to be immediately 'catted' - I had Bobbi, then BrokenTail, then Minka and finally Minko surrounding me on the sofa, keeping me warm, yeah that't it...and yes, pictures were taken

Finally we went to grab some supper and more gas for the generator. Yes, we're damned lucky to have one and that we didn't lose anything of any substance. But I'm still cold, tired and reallyreally tired of this. Yes, please, I want my life back now, ok?

22)sat down on s


Jan. 17th, 2007 02:13 pm
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Ok, weather, gorramit! I no longer live in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Michigan or Illinios; all those places where I'm used to having protracted winter weather! I moved away; I moved South where winters are supposed to be mild. I LIVE IN THE FREAKING SOUTH, DAMMIT! Would you stop it, already, please?

It's snowing. We have 4 inches of ice, not, since it came down as sleet and not snow in the first place. I still have 1 solid inch of ice on the right side of the van and on the back and cannot get in the big doors regardless of Bruce spending an hour out there with a freaking propane heater getting enough ice off it so I could at least drive it!

We have a solid sheet of ice on the street out front that nobody has sanded, gods forbid that this part of town should be able to get anywhere without slip sliding around.

Yes, we have power and I'm suitably grateful, infinitely grateful and I know there are lots out there who still don't have their's back yet.



Dec. 7th, 2006 10:24 am
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Ok, so who switched Oklahoma for North Dakota when I wasn't looking, huh? It's 21 degrees out!
I moved SOUTH; it's not supposed to be this cold! Hello.....!?!

Ok, I feel better now for venting that. But I'm not the only one. Poor Minko does not like this cold at all. He goes to the back door and wants out. I open the door and he shakes a paw and goes out for a minute then wants right back in. So then he goes to the front door and wants out. His logic is inescapable; surely the weather must be different outside the other door!

Yes, it does remind me of Heinlein's book.

But he's also the one scratching the corners of my green leather sofa. He may not survive doing that.

Ok, now that I've said 'ok' three times, I'm off to work in my warm cloak for this weekend. It's spozed to be mid-40's. Which is still warmer than Oklahoma, WTF?

Yes, I've gotten spoiled; what's your point?


Aug. 21st, 2006 12:15 pm
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We're getting a helluva blow here....

I'd say we're in for a storm.


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