Oct. 19th, 2009 03:00 pm
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I have been convinced for years that lawn chemicals were what killed my beloved Perry-dog; lymph cancer was the disease but lawn chemicals were the cause of the disease. In talking with the vet who did the chemotherapy for Perry back then, he said that cancer in dogs was up by 200% from 10 years before and he was also convinced that lawn chemicals were the major culprit.

I've wanted to switch to natural products for bug and weed control, and have been overjoyed that my hubby has seen the good results that Diatomacious Earth has in controlling pests around the house and on the pets.

But here is something else that I want to try, and want to bring to the attention of others who might, like me, wish to poison our earth, our homes, our pets and ourselves a bit less.

This looks like one good, fairly cost effective way to do just that.

Once again, google ads comes through.


May. 12th, 2009 01:53 pm
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Well, at least I got SOME weeding done in between thunderstorms.

The gulleys between my rows had nearly filled up. I raked them so that the drainage will continue. Strawberry plants are doing great; asparagus is doing better than I'd hoped but the peas I started inside aren't doing too well. I haven't checked the ones I planted along the fence because I didn't make it over that far.

The goal this week is to re-clear the part that had been hand tilled and plant several rows of corn and some green beans. I'm still hoping today to get the potatoes in that I started inside. Then I'll pile more dirt on them as they grow up. I need to find something other than tires to contain them in; my garden isn't big enough to put a bunch of tires. Any suggestions?

Funny, I don't mind getting rained on when I'm working in the yard, just when I'm costumed or made up. I'm a cat; I don't like getting wet unless it's my idea! But I did come inside when the thunder and lightning started up, especially as I was holding a metal gardening tool.

Huh, now it's stopped again. But I'm hungry, time for lunch.
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Having finally found my dandilion puller on Friday, I went to evict the dandilions from the garden and back yard, only to discover that a lot of those little yellow flowers were NOT dandilions at all but were attached to what looks like very low-growing strawberry plants.

So it seems that we have strawberry plants spreading in the back yard that have yellow flowers; never heard of that before. I googled and found that there are strawberry plants with pink flowers so we'll see what happens. Wild strawberries, yum! Who knows if they'll produce anything but it'll be interesting to watch.

And second, does anybody know anything about the nifty-looking Irish pub called Granny's Attic in Tahlequah? It's a lovely building just a block from the college campus. It is clean and bright but not open. I've been by there 3 or 4 times and the lights are on and the place is clean and stocked and looks completely ready for business. It's just not open. We didn't take the time to try to find someone to ask about it; wanted to head home after Wharrgarbl, but every time I drive by the place, I get curiouser and curiouser. The website shows an impressive line-up for two months, presumably from last year but there is no year listed, somewhere in google reviews I found a listing for a concert with the Elders in 2009 but nothing on the web-site. The owner is listed as Sam Egan but the email doesn't go through. It would be an awesome venue for Queen's Gambit but not if the place isn't open...

Now I'm off to Sertomas to get the CDs shrink-wrapped. BOY, can I feel the digging I did in the garden yesterday and the late night since Bruce had a nap but I didn't. Tired; but muchly to do.


Nov. 20th, 2007 11:10 am
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it's all in the numbers )

Yeah, that's pretty much me, not at great depth though, and it does note the 'down' side in this meme which is proper.


So it's official; I have a bit of a cold. Boo. Stayed in bed this morning and just now got up. Ye gods, it's after 11 and I must eat something or crash pretty soon. Not good.

Then I just have to get the energy from somewhere to plant the rest of the iris bulbs today 'cause tomorrow the temperature is supposed to plummet.

The green tomatoes lined up along the windowsill are starting to ripen. Hey Mother, did you get all the tomatoes I sent to you? Prolly not yet. LOTS of green tomatoes! Nell is sitting amongst them like the delicate little flower that she is NOT; poor stupid Nell.

I HATE having a sore throat; makes me a big baby.

But last night we watched "Done the Impossible" that Bruce bought at the Shindig; great! Nice to see our dear friends the Bedlam Bards and hear their music, watch the excellent story of how "Serenity" got made and how the amazing fan base came together. At one point, Bruce said, "Hey, isn't that the Brobs?" And I said, "No, that's probably Emerald Rose" but I was wrong and happy to be so. But we also enjoyed the music of Emerald Rose and the other folk who were inspired to write and perform Firefly-inspired music.

SO, if you have not watched Firefly and Serenity, what's stopping you? Yeah, it becomes a cause. *chuckle* Thanks, of course, to Itzwicks who got us hooked!

Think I wanna watch Firefly again today....


Oct. 2nd, 2007 02:59 pm
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Ok, this was so damned cute I just hafta post it.

I just came inside after shoveling dirt and then planting some of the iris bulbs. Penny was out there 'helping' me and came in when I did. She just walked over in front of my keyboard, head-butted my chin and then started licking my cheek.

Yeah, this is definitely my baby now!

Thanks to Br. William; here's a pic of her loafing on the back of the loveseat.

Now I gotta go get some kitty litter and some potting soil. I think we need to turn over the compost heap and let it sit some more before I take anything more out of it.


Jun. 14th, 2007 06:24 pm
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...'cause that's how I seem to be doing everything these days!

I just wanted to share that I'm in an "attitude of gratitude" space today. I think going out and working in the garden this morning has something to do with it. Nothing like digging in the dirt and nurturing growing things whilst taking out one's aggressions by pulling weeds to put things into perspective. I think that's why I garden, really, in addition to being able to feed us with things I've grown and how much better it tastes homegrown; the grounding. Important for a fire/air/water sign, yep, grounding.

What I really wanted to say here is that never in my life have I had such an amazing collection of friends, loves and happy work to do. Yes, I'm crazy busy but I'm doing what I love in the company with people I love; what's better than that? I have excellent good health, all things considered and enough energy to do what I wish, and I never, ever take that for granted.

Life is very, very good indeed. Now I just need to hear some good news of [ profile] archway to make my happiness complete. She's been on my mind a great deal today.

Oh yes, and [ profile] the_jenny_of_oz dear, I found something in the laundry that you'll want back; obviously got mixed up in the suitcases. *giggle*

Sometimes ya just gotta say what's on your mind, ya know? And that's what is on mine right now.

If I could bottle this feeling, I'd be a millionaire!
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...before I'm out to the garden briefly to stake up two tomato plants and shake my head at the weeds:

Glad I got a hold of Red's wife about Bruce's tartan (wonderful woman but ye gods can she talk!) cause looks like the other site I was looking at has discontinued it; or at least that's what it said the other day. Here's the real deal:
Except she can order it from House of Edgar which is who weaves it.

Other thing? Remember that sprouting grapefruit seed that I found in my breakfast a couple of weeks ago and's growing!

Yep, that makes me happy!

Ok, off to the garden and then upstairs for another marathon sewing day.


May. 9th, 2007 09:23 am
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I'm taking full advantage of the fact that although it is supposed to rain all week, it did not last night and it is not this morning. Surely, it'll be muddy but I'm gonna go play in my garden!

But first, I wanted to share a funny that I got via email this morning, you know, one of those friends who sends the "you're my friend and you can prove it by sending this to all your friends and back to me" stuff which I simply delete. *sigh* Absolute sweetheart of a lady but eventually I'll have to gently tell her to please not send those; my friendship doesn't require that sort of proof. Hey, at least she doesn't send the ones with the threats of bad luck at the end!

But this one made me laugh right out loud several times. It reminded my of my ex's nephew, Talley, who once put toast with peanut butter inside the VCR and who also, after showing the hammer to his Mommy and inquisitively saying, "AHbubrumowuba?" to her and getting an absent, "Yes dear" took a hammer to the glass-top coffee table. He'd be about 15 now, I guess.

Anyway....things you find out by having sons )
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Lots to do today/this week but feeling up to it. This cinches it, not that there was any doubt.

Daily Tarot & Horoscope )

"...pooped by evening." *lol* Ya think?
lawn and garden )

Then once it starts rain, hopefully I'll go to work cleaning out the sewing room. Yep, not gonna make that 10 day guideline for the sewing room but ah well...things have to be flexible! Plus I need to get stuff ready for Norman Medievel Faire this weekend. Must finish the new bodice, breaking the curse of "once it's worn it never gets completed"! Gotta Dryel Bruce's doublet and kilt and need to clean boots and shoes.

Everybody's coming down to the Faire, right? Next to the last chance to see Queen's Gambit in this current incarnation!

{ED. Started raining sooner than I'd hoped. I only got a little more cultivated to what dear Br.William had hand-tilled. Yep, the tiller is a goner; we have a perfectly good engine but not a working tiller body so it's hand-tilling or nothing at this point to get the garden in. I wanted to get into shape!

But an hour's work on the garden is a good bit of work. Breakfast and flower pressing and then we'll see what the dogs let me get done before they start wrecking the house. *sigh* I love our animals. But hey, I think I stopped Bobbie from getting into the fireplace, pissing in there and then tracking ash all over the house. Yes, I LOVE the animals (repeating that so I don't kill them!)

Oh, and a perfect icon that I nabbed from [ profile] apocalypticbob which I don't even think she's used yet. Sorry? But once Bruce guffawed at it, I couldn't help but steal's too perfect.
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And then to prove me wrong, I get this in the cover of an email this morning:

cut for image )
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One of the nifty holiday gifts I received was from my future sis-in-law, Barbara. It is the Reader's Digest "1001 Hints and Tips for your Garden" and boy, is it a nifty book! I've learned all sorts of things and thought I'd share just a few (also posting to help me remember better, too!)

stuff I'm gonna use lots )


Jul. 28th, 2006 07:53 am
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First, Friday Five )

Next, Friday and that damned trim )

Finally, Other stuff )
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Busy, busy...

I'm sewing, prepping the Statue of Liberty stuff for the gig in KC tomorrow, packing for the weekend since I won't be going straight to Hartville for the faire and still putting up green beans, another dozen or so pints last evening. Bless Bruce's heart for chipping in to help with everything so willingly!

Yesterday I repainted the Liberty headpiece/coronet, torch and tablet, washed the costume and found fabric to drape the pedestal. (BountifulPots, did I leave the green statue box with you? I need to pick that stuff up from you, I'd completely forgotten about it!)

Images from White Hart are starting to come in, so I've decided to put together a Yahoo group for the White Hart faire;

It will be open membership/open posting unless and until there are problems; I will be monitoring it but I don't want to have to approve all messages. I'm busy enough as it is!

So everybody who is interested....there ya go, come and join in. That's also the place to send any pictures that you've taken of the faire!
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Since I did a gardening update.gardening and stuff )
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...of the day is:

Just how many mosquito bites can Rowan get on her ass while weeding in the garden last night?

Answer: too many to count.

And yes, that is with using Skin-so-soft. Trying it again this morning and they now seem to be focussing on my upper left arm.

I really wish that mosquitoes didn't love me so much!


Jun. 2nd, 2006 10:08 am
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Busy as snot finishing these costumes for the Saturday wedding. But two cool things;
We're going to the Miro String Quartet concert at the Tulsa PAC on Sunday afternoon.

They're wonderful musicians and good friends as well, since they were one of the quartets I shuttled around and took care of and wined and dined for a whole week back when I worked for Cynthia Siebert at the Friends of Chamber Music in Kansas City. Pretty sucky job in some ways, but very cool getting to meet all those world class musicians like Andras Schiff, and Anonymous 4 and all those string quartets. They were at one of the week long seminar things we did with our partner audiences back in the 'bad-old-days' for me personally but some good memories anyway.

I hope there's a bit of meeet-and-greet afterwards, I'd love to chat with them again for a second since so much has changed since I saw them last. Sandy and I spent lots of time talking and Daniel is an absolute hoot; they're all great folk and amazing musicians.

It'll be the first time I've had a chance to attend any classical music event since I've lived in Tulsa; shocking compared to all the ones I used to attend in KC. But hey, I've got a life now and a busy one at that; I ain't complaining one bit! Come to think of it, the last classical concert I attended was the night before I left KC, Anonymous 4 on their farewell tour, if I'm not mistaken; with my darling and now we're going to this one together. It's string music, I know he'll have a 'fiddle-gasm' or two...guaranteed. One of the pieces is Schubert's "Death and the Maiden" ...yep, good stuff.

And second, Bruce just registered us for O'Flaherty Irish Music Retreat. It's always a wonderfully fun time and well worth the money, in fact, very reasonable considering the intensity of the classes and the top-notch instructors who are world-class performers. Last year rocked, er, celtec!

The work is coming along, but too damned much of it in too little time, as usual. I haven't even been able to get out into the garden to weed but I must next week. The weeds are choking the corn, I have blossoms on both potatoes and beans and I have little yellow squashes already.
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It's already hot but that's seasonal for this time of year!

The garden is doing well and just for the record:
first planting of corn is 6-8" tall, second batch 2", time to plant third batch
peas are about 12" and starting to cling to the back fence
tomatoes are well above the second rung of their cages and starting to bloom
bean plants (lots and lots of bean plants) are 10-12" tall and starting to bloom
potatoes, intentional & voluntary, are frikkin' huge and hopefully sprouting spuds beneath
bell peppers didn't come up so I gotta buy a package of seeds and replant
zucchini and yellow squash are doing well after initial drying of leaves (still need to look that up to see what's bothering them)

and the marigolds are starting to bloom. Anybody need marigold seeds? I have a ton!

The herb garden is doing well; more parsley to pick and dry. I must water it more.

The apples are getting huge on the tree in the middle of the garden; yes, not a good place for an apple tree but the garden got bigger and overtook it.

There's still a plot in the middle of the garden that didn't get planted and is sprouting nothing but weeds. I wish I had a little Mantis tiller that could go right down the center of the rows so I wouldn't have to weed that part by hand, but oh'll have to wait a while anyway. I have sewing to finish.

Now, love you all but I'm getting away from the time-sucking computer!


May. 17th, 2006 07:32 am
rowangolightly: (Happy Trio - Queen's Gambit) an hour's gardening, weeding and planting the rest of the potatoes to re-establish one's peace of mind.

Course, in the "two steps up and one back" department, yesterday I discovered that I'm growing two warts on the inside of the end of my left index finger. Great.

I was sewing in my sleep last night, too bad that doesn't translate into real work done. So I guess I'll get right at it today.

Oh, and had a phone interview yesterday with a nice newspaper writer we spoke with on Sunday out at faire, who's seen me at KCRF for years and QG at KCRF, Norman and OKRF. Nice gal with an SCA background, a real Renfaire fan; it was a lovely talk. After I answered her 'million dollar question' (which I honestly don't recall, you wind me up and I pretty much talk on topic) she said, "Oh, you're good at this!" *chuckle* I thanked her and said, "well, after 28 years if I'm not, there's something wrong, isn't there?" I told her about White Hart and she's going to do an interview with them as well; nice bit of free promo there for them which pleases me!

But I forgot to ask her when it was coming out and if we can get a copy so I'll call her back at some point.

OH yes, and at the Gypsy last evening when we dropped by after dinner, there was a 'new Celtic band' that played for open mike night consisting of 3, count them, three fiddler girls. I'll admit that we got a tad excited. One of them was good, the other two less so and the performance was very unequal but the last thing they played was 'Cooley's' which surprised us both. Of course, we went and introduced ourselves and they'd heard of Queen's Gambit. Turns out the 'good' one is a Suzuki teacher out of B.A and the one I spoke to last October when Bruce was emailing all the Suzuki teachers in Tulsa. She's too busy with solo weekend gigs, isn't interested in being in a band but would be interested in being paid to do individual gigs and recording sessions with us...ah, no thanks. But she does have a student who's really interestsed in Celtic music, dedicated to it and has an ear...and who is 14. *sigh* Doesn't it always happen that way? The fiddlers we hear of and the only ones who are available are 14 or 15. Ah well....


Apr. 25th, 2006 04:32 pm
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The garden is 80% planted.

I forked up the edge of the fence where I wanted to put the peas and then did three rows of corn. Then I took a break, and hand-tilled three more rows and then two more and planted three rows (two packeges) of beans, a hill each of zucchini and yellow squash, most of the potatoes that I had cut up and sprouting, and some bell pepper seeds.


I'll find a different icon for gardening later.


Nov. 16th, 2005 08:43 am
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Three things and then I'm off to work:

It's frikkin' cold! The moon was gorgeous last night and this morning is bright and beautiful but as I look outside to the garden I can see thet the peppers, broccoli, cauliflower and tomato plants are hanging, all wilty and dejected-looking. Yep, the gardening is definitely over for this year.

I realized in the middle of the night that I've got to whip together this costume for Boare's Head on Saturday. What I wore last year won't zip. Dammit.

And finally, the dogs don't like it when I go up to sew and it's a problem. It's too cold for me to feel anything but horribly mean leaving them outside but then they come upstairs which isn't good. Pepper should *not* be climbing those wooden stairs and it's worse going down them. That makes it awfully hard for me to focus on my work. But I must. And then there's all the house-cleaning that must be done, too. Think I'm gotta have to get some help to get this all done. *sigh*

And I've got a monster headache poised right at the back of my neck, waiting to pounce.


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